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18-03-2005, 14:16
Mercenary Captain; Brigor Dusthelm
Enchanted Shield, Barded Warhorse, Lance, Heavy Armour.
82 Points (goes with Egon's Gallopers)

Paymaster; Duheim Hellsword
Barded Warhorse, Lance, Heavy Armour, Great Weapon.
77 Points (goes with Eliz's Chargers)

5 Light Cavalry; Egon's Gallopers (EG)
Shields, Musician, Champion.
95 Points

5 Light Cavalry; Eliz's Chargers (EC)
Shields, Musician, Champion.
95 Points

5 Light Cavalry; Hellheim's Yeomen (HY)
Bows, Spears.
80 Points

23 Pikemen; Elon's Wall (EW)
Heavy Armour, Full Command.
283 Points

20 Pikemen; Tangraz's Blockade (TB)
Heavy Armour, Full Command.
250 Points

6 Ogres; Guthelm's Gorecrushers (GG)
Two Hand Weapons, Full Command, Light Armour.
294 Points

1256 Points total.


(I'm fighting Vampire Counts or Skaven, so no saying "you need this against those Chaos Knights," it won't help, ;))
Let the Pikemen get charged and hope they pass their Leadership Test, if against Skaven hope I don't get outnumbered and kill lots of them, they'll do some damage to the skelies while the rest of the force becomes a hammer smashing the anvil. The Light Cavalry with Bows and Spears will go ahead first and slow down the enemy, that way I might get the charge (and attacking with 3 Ranks, not 4....).

Hopefully, my Pike Anvil and Cavalry and Ogre Hammers will crush the Skaven or Vampire Counts under foot.

P.S., I've had help on another Forum about the list, the Black Tavern, PM me if you want the Link.

Thanks, Darmort

20-03-2005, 15:13
I like this list. I always wondered where all of the DOW players were :D I was interested in doing the army for some time until i thought up the ingenious idea to do a goblin wolf rider army that was inspired by Brettonians (don't ask).... anyways. I always like pikemen in general. they are a good solid unit with a fair points cost. And I can't find fault in your light cavalry troops. But I was curious as to where that Mercenray captain was going. Hopefully not in one of the light cavalry units since that would slow them down and not allow them to use thier fast cavalry ability. I was also curious (this is just against skaven, being a skaven player myself I realize threats and scoff at things that won't touch my horde) Why the ogres? In general I have found that even against lowly clanrats the only time you ever win combat is when you double charge. I can see their usefullness against skellies (the whole fear cancelling out thing) but against clanrats don't expect to win combat just because the unit is bigger, ogres for some reson never seem to be able to overcome combat resolution. Other than those two things I really like this list, the only other thing i might advise is that against both armies you might want scroll caddies. Skaven have some of the meanest magic imaginable and the counts if fielded right have a magic phase that can turn a game. But that's just what I think.

20-03-2005, 15:16
BTW..... I forgot to mention that I really like your names for your characters and units alike. They are really imaginative and I believe that naming characters and units in general makes the gaming experience more fun, and immerses the player more into the game.

21-03-2005, 17:21
Ah, noticed the Ogre Vs Skaven thing, did you?
Well let me explain it, the Ogres, beng on the Flank of my army, are going to Flank Charging Enemy Units that are fighting the Pikemen, the same with some of the Fast Cavalry, and the Heros.
Also, Ogres are Fear Causing, so they have a chance to break Skaven when they Charge, ;)
Also, as you said, cancels out the Fear from Undead, and they have an okay Leadership already if they face a Black Couch I'll hopefully pass Leadership, if not, I hope my Captain's in range.

And personally, I always try to have named Units unless I can help it (like making the list at the last second).

Thanks for that,

21-03-2005, 18:16
Id your fighting undead you want at least ne mage or they will just walk all over you. Trust me, I know :mad:

22-03-2005, 20:03
Well, I have to say that I fully think that ogres are 100% usable against the undead, they'll be able to pound skellies like there is no tomorrow and they'll also be immune to perhaps the nastiest part of any undead army, the fear.

But against skaven I think you are making a serious mistake by leaving the ogres in, especially against a magic heavy skaven army. I play skaven myself and I am kind of surprised but I've found that ogres really aren't all they are cracked up to be. I'm more afraid of a small unit of fast cavalry than the big barreling ogres. ( nice job on including the light cav. ) In response to my advice you said:

"Well let me explain it, the Ogres, beng on the Flank of my army, are going to Flank Charging Enemy Units that are fighting the Pikemen, the same with some of the Fast Cavalry, and the Heros.
Also, Ogres are Fear Causing, so they have a chance to break Skaven when they Charge"

Don't count on getting a flank charge against the skaven unless either you are playing a really horrible player or they want you to get the flank (it's wonderful to sacrifice slaves, letting your opponent think he's whooping up on something important) because odds are they are going to greatly outnumber you. I'm not saying it's impossible, just unlikely.
Also, with the skaven being such a numbers army don't count on breaking them when you charge unless you are charging a highly damaged unit (well, don't expect it to flee due to fear). Remember, the whole they run away in fear thing only applies if you outnumber them, and skaven leadership isn't too bad as long as they still have numbers in the unit. Just things to keep in mind.

I suggest you spend those points you get from cashing in the ogres on some wizards, against skaven you will definitely be glad you did. I decimate ogres in the magic phase because I have loads of fun with warp lightning cranked all the way up to the second power level. The way the flesh sizzles, there is nothing quite like it. They drop like flies. So, better your 10 point models than you 35 point models. also, with mages in you could potentially prevent a lot of that damage.

Anyways, I'm just saying, ogres are not the way to go against skaven. There are too many great generic choices in the Dogs of war list to waste points on ogres when you could potentially buy things that are actually goin to give you a fighting chance at winning the game.

But that's just me.

22-03-2005, 21:34
Remember those skellies may get pounded but they're gonna last for most of the game, since you have no magic he can just do a quick 3+ invocation every now and again to replenish some losses.
Result: Ogres spend most of game in combat with one pretty pants unit.

The only things that are definate in warhammer is 2+ armour saves cause lots of 1s and a leval 2 mage will earn his points back!

22-03-2005, 21:42
That's a good point too. I seriously think the ogre idea needs to be rethought to make room for some wizards. Especially since the two armies you are playing against will dominate if allowed to cast unchecked in the magic phase.