View Full Version : Dwarf Army 1500

08-05-2008, 13:24
Your imput is most wanted and apreciated

Shield and hand weapon
Rune of Stone
Rune of Resitance
Rune of Cleaving
Rune of Fury

10 Thunderers

10 Quarelers

24 Warrirors
Standard, Musician, Shields and hand weapon (thane here)

20 ironbreakers
Champion, Standard, Musician
Master rune of Grugni

20 Longbeards
Champion, Standard, Musician

Organ Gun

Bolt Thrower X2
Engineer X2

My idea is to have a strong center of troops potected under the umbrela of the Ironbreakers and reroll for leadership from the Long beards. Shooting will be provided from a firebase built around the organ gun and bolt throwers.