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08-05-2008, 15:24

Vampire lord – 395
Dark acolyte, master of black arts, lord of dead, skull staff, flayed hauberk, biting blade
For spamming skeletons and can do a bit of combat when all else fails.

Vampire – 195
Hand of dust, walking death, avatar of death
This guy goes in the grave guard regiment to keep them at full strength and to make them harder in combat, I also want to try out the hand of dust.

Vampire – 195
Dark acolyte, lord of dead, book of arkhan, black periapt
This guy is to give me more spells and more skelly spamming, want to try and get as many bound items as possible into the list really as I will be playing dwarfs next Wednesday.

Necromancer – 110
Sceptre de noirot, vanhells, raise dead.
At this point I ran out of vampire models and wanted more magic.

16 skeletons full com, banner of dead legion – 173
16 skeletons full com – 148
Both of these units are for combat and I can raise more to make the banner even better.

Corpse cart – 100
Unholy lodestone
Normally it would have balefire but against dwarfs the would be more useful I think

10 dire wolves – doom wolf - 98
pts spare and i like the new models

26 zombies musician and banner – 116
I needed another core choice and I don’t currently have any ghouls.

19 grave guard
Great weapons, full com – 277
I really like the models and they staying and are very hard when used with the vamp with the hand of dust near the corpse cart with ASF

8 black knights – 192
I just like the conversions that I have done for them, this is the most likely unit to go but I don’t have that any more painted.

When I get more money I would be replacing the skeletons with ghouls because the models look soo much better now and they harder,

P11 +(1 periapt)
Not too sure that these are all correct
I know that my opponent will have 50!!! Thunders that he won and a big unit of iron breakers and longbeards, but I don’t think that he has any rune smiths, if he does he normally have a spell eater rune so not many spells scrolls

So people of warseer could you give some advice about how I should start of my vamps and any good tactics against dwarfs?

08-05-2008, 15:37
"Vampire – 195
Dark acolyte, lord of dead, book of arkhan, black periapt"

Since you already have one vampire for spell spam this is the wrong set up. The pool dice will already be used by the other guys so you only have your own dice to work with. I'd rather take MoTBA and have 3 tries at 4+ (3X1/2=1.5) than 2 tries at 3+ (2X2/3=1.3). You can't make the unit bigger, but you just use him first.

"Necromancer – 110
Sceptre de noirot, vanhells, raise dead.
At this point I ran out of vampire models and wanted more magic."

Either get another vampire or specialize. Go with vanhels or raising zombies, not both.

"8 black knights – 192
I just like the conversions that I have done for them, this is the most likely unit to go but I don’t have that any more painted."

Drop 1 knight to give them barding. You'll want that better save against dwarf shooting and combat.

Since you are limited by models I can't really say much about anything else.

08-05-2008, 16:30
so what would be a better set up for vamp 2? i was thinking of switching him for a wight king with bsb , sword of kings and hauberk (i wouold give the lord the crown of the damned if i did this). the necro is there to raise stuff, i only bought vanhells so that i would allwasys have it even if i did not roll it. if i was to take out the black knights what would be a better replacement? i also spoke to my mate and i can borrow some stuff and represent any unit i want.

thanks for the quick comment

08-05-2008, 16:35
Second vampire should have master of black arts. Items are up to you but they look fine.

Don't drop the knights, just drop 1 to free up the points to give the rest barding.

If you can use other models I would switch to ghouls (better suited to survive the dwarf shooting), turn the zombies into another ghoul unit, and against dwarfs etheral units are king so you might actually want to drop the grave guard and a bit more to get a big unit of wraiths.

08-05-2008, 17:47
what about konrad i he looks quite hard would stupidity be much of a problem?
how about a bsb on skel steed? would make the BK harder.
what would be the best tactic against dwarfs?

08-05-2008, 18:17
"book of arkhan, black periapt" arnet they both arcane items? (of which you can only have one!)

greetings Badger

08-05-2008, 19:10
ah gd spot, i got use to playing dwarfs. i'll come up with a new list in a sek

08-05-2008, 19:24
vlad von carstein - 490.
just got the model of my mate, looks awsum and is very hard to kill, and you save a bunch of pts when you use him:cheese:

vampire - 180
book of arkhan, lord of dead, dark acolyte
vamp with the most red book in all undead, there to cast spells and to ensure that i got the danse

vampire - 170
hand of dust, avatar of death
just to kill stuff made for combat

vampire - 175
talisman of the lycni, flayed hauberk, sword of might (would sword of battle or striking be best?), lord of night, walking death
this guy runs (quickly) along with the dogs and increases the unit size, making them amrch and goes around the flank and tries to charge

19 grave guard
full com and great weapons banner of everlasting death
these guys go with vlad (i think)

15 skeletons, full com banner of dead legion - 165
15 skeletons, full com -140
more combat block these will be inmcreased by the vamps

5 dire wolfs , doom wolf - 50
runs with the vam as i allready said

corpse cart - 75
get put in the middle of the army so max units get ASF, not sure if i should give it an upgrade

2 wraths and a tomb banshee - 175
with a bit of thought these would not be that usefull against dwarfs, but i can screem in combat now i believe which would be cool

after looking at the list there are a few things that i was wondering about, would it be better to get a varghulf over the wraiths? where should vlad go, i was going to put him in the grave guard but then they would just be huge fire magnet for all his thunders so where should he go? the vamp with the hand of dust could also be changed, i want him to be for combat but i also want to try out the hand of dust, so that means that he can only have bloodline powers so what should he have?

thanks for all the coments so far

09-05-2008, 11:53
So what you all think about the new list?

VC Doke
09-05-2008, 11:55
A couple quick points,
Dire wolves don't work at all against dwarves.
Hand of Dust is cool, but won't work against dwarves (lots of them have MR)
Swap banner of E death for war banner: I'd rather win by 1 point then tie.
Sword of might is a good choice.
The banshee upgrade isn't worth it, but 3 wraith should deal some damage to a war machine crew.

09-05-2008, 15:38
In such a small unit of wraiths the banshee isn't really worth it. Especially against dwarfs. 3 wraiths on the other hand are excellent with lots of attacks and stuffed in the flank of an ongoing combat will generally swing it in your favour. A varghulf is another option, fast nasty and about perfect to munch warmachine crews and missile units.

The vampire with talisman of lycni would be great with a battle standard. Start him in a normal regiment opposite warmachine crews similar and charge on the second turn. (Maybe instead of summon creatures of the night infinite hatred and armour of night or whatever the -2 to hit armour is called.)

Actually with infinite hatred, walking death, a sword of might and battle standard he's got 2 points of combat res base with likelyhood of killing at least 2 guys a turn and suffers one less wound from crumbling. Which means he could charge a fully ranked up unit and survive. Setting it up for a flank charge.

Dire wolves are of very limited use against dwarfs in my eyes. They lack any hitting power and often just give the enemy kills. Their one use I can see is to run them behind opponents units to make sure they are destroyed when they flee.

Good luck to you.

09-05-2008, 16:08
if i take out the wolfs and get rid of the tomb banshee should i get another unit of skelles? On average how many pts do you spen on VC heros? as this is where all my pts go...