View Full Version : Vampire Counts 2000 points. Friendly. Fast. ???

08-05-2008, 19:58
Just need to fit ghoulkin in here and would also prefer another dispel scroll, i could do this by taking the barding from the knights, what do you think?

The Lord goes with the Black knights and the Vampire dread knight goes with the blood knights. I love ghouls, easy to paint, they always do better and look cool. So i wanted quite a few. Kind of going for looks again here as I have done some nice fell bat conversions. The Black knights are there again for another conversion oppotunity but also to keep the lord safe while the lord had all the killing power. I could either keep the barding on the knights or drop 2 knights.

Any tips?

Baron Von Bastard (Vampire lord) + 1 magic level
Red fury, dreadknight
w/dread lance, crown of the damned 420

Vampire w/ dark acolyte, summon ghouls, Dispel scroll 170
Vampire w/ dread knight, blood drinker 165

19 Ghoul w/ Ghast 160
20 Ghoul w/ Ghast 168
20 Ghoul w/ Ghast 168

4 fell bats 80
9 Black Knights w/fc 292

5 Blood Knights w/ standard bearer with The Banner of the Blood Keep 370

08-05-2008, 20:06
I would just drop the ghasts to make room for ghoul kin. With only 1 casting vampire to protect (who could always just leave the unit before they hit combat) I think you could get away with it.

Or take a few from each unit to make a bunker in the back for the casting vampire to hide in.