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18-10-2005, 03:37
I'm currently partcipating in a Lustria campaign at my game store. We actually managed to get 16 people together for it, so we are running two simultaneous campaigns that will have the top 2 finishers face off from each map in a sorta playoff system.

There have been 2 people eliminated from my map, and I am currently in 1st place, controlling 31 of the 100 territories. I have a battle this coming week against the second place person, High Elves. I already know that this is going to be a great match, and I can't wait to play it, but I need some help tweaking out my list and figuring out a couple things.

Before I start with the lists, I need to mention a couple of changes that were made to the FOC for this campaign.
1. Only 2 heroes. Not 3.
2. 1,000 pts

A typical army that he has been fielding throughout this campaign against other generals looks something like the following:

a lvl 2 Mage with the Ring of Fury
a lvl 2 mage with the Ring of Corin
a unit of ~20 spearelves (sometimes immune to Psych I think)
1 or 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers
a unit of Swordmasters
maybe a Great Eagle

He also has some item that allows him to get D3 (I believe) extra power dice at the beginning of each of his Magic phases, but I don't know what it's called..

The typical army that I've been fielding in Lustria, and what he probably thinks I'm going to field, looks something like the following:

lvl 2 Skink Priest w/diadem of power
lvl 2 Skink priest w/ 1 dispell scroll
~3x 10 units of skinks (1 scouting most of the time)
2 units of 3 kroxigors
2-3 salamanders
2 jungle swarms (against TK player I've played 14 games against to date in this campaign, 13-0-1)

I'm thinking that he is not going to be bringing the Ring of Corin, because I don't use too many magic items, but he might. I'm also leaning towards 2 Bolt Throwers, because of all of the skinks, and maybe even some archers.

I'm tyring to figure out the best list to bring against him, but I keep going back and forth between a couple of ideas.

Idea one:
lvl 2 Skink Priest w/ Diadem of Power
lvl 2 Skink Priest w/ 2 Dispell Scrolls
1x 10 Skinks w/ blowpipes, Scouting
1x10 Skniks w/blowpipes
2x3 Kroxigors
1x3 Terradons
1x2 Salamanders

Idea two:
lvl 2 Skink Priest w/ Cube of Darkness
lvl 2 Skink Priest w/ 2 Dispell Scrolls
1x 10 Skinks w/ blowpipes, Scouting
1x10 Skinks w/ blowpipes
1x10 Skinks w/ Javelins
1x3 Kroxigors
1x3 Terradons

I could put one of the Skink Priests on the Steg, since they're a bit more vunerable in Lustria than usual because of the Encounters phase.

I'm really worried about all of those Fury of Khaine spells. 2 and one bound a turn puts the hurting on a lot of stuff.

So, what do y'all think? Comments, suggestions, whatever. Throw 'em this way please. Thanks.

25-10-2005, 01:59
Well, here's what I think, and I am just saying this from a normal battle perspective because I don't know all the campaign rules:

If you take terradons against him they will be shot to pieces before they get to the bolt throwers so forget it. Take skinks to shield until you get in cc. The cube of darkness is too much for this point battle in my oppinion. I like the diadem, that will help you out. It sucks that you can't have three heros because without a scar-vet your skinks wont have a solid leadership for panic checks, have you considered taking one with tepok and having a level 1 priest instead? I mean, your magic won't be as effective as normal with the high elves +1 to dispel and his 2 mages, I think it would be better if you dropped magic for a more cc oriented army with the same dispel power. Don't take the stegadon, the bolt throwers will kill it before it gets halfway across the board.

I would field a list like this:
Sacred Host of Quetzl
Scar Vet w/Quetzl and tepok la sh gw
skink priest lv 1 diadem of power

12 skinks w/Jav and shield quetzl
12 skinks w/Jav and shield quetzl
12 skinks w/Jav and shield quetzl
12 skinks w/Jav and shield quetzl

19 saurus quetzl chm std
3 krox

The skinks will suck up the shooting and magic and kill any annoying flyers, get across the board fast and get your unit in cc. Use your dispel dice wisely because you won't be able to dispel everything, but a lot will hit the skinks. Generals leadership is key to stop panic. once you get across use your skinks and krox to block any flank charges on your main unit and just rip through those pansy elves. If you have time get the skinks to kill his mages.

Good luck