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09-05-2008, 11:57
I will be playing a bunch of 500 points battles this weekend so my friend and I can play-test our new armies.

We dont want to play Skirmish, and i was just wondering if anyone knows if the rules for a 500 point game are the same as a 2000 point. We really just want to test out how our core block troops stand up. We are both experienced players but have never played less than 1500 points.

The type of rules i am talking about are like: Does each player still get 2 dispel dice and 2 power dice?

Thank in advance,

09-05-2008, 12:10
Search for Border Patrol on GW's main site. Really good rules to use for 500 points. Stops people playing "win at all costs" style and bringing Steam Tanks or Varghulfs...

09-05-2008, 12:23
You could try to just extrapolate the reduction in the number of slots available.
Something like:

Characters (Lords): 2 (0)
Core: 1+
Special: 0-2
Rare: 0

If necessary, you could reduce the minimum unit sizes by half too.

09-05-2008, 12:32
Use the Warband rules. It reduces a few requirements for unit size and such but still uses normal rules for combat. It also limits certain choices to lead to fairly balanced games.

You can find the rules here. Warband Rules (http://us.games-workshop.com/games/warhammer/gaming/warbands/warbands.htm)

I really like them for that level of play. Best thing our starting club ever did was decide to use these rules as it was less daunting to people who were hesitating on assembling and painting a whole 2k army either do to laziness, time, or money.

09-05-2008, 12:36
Border Patrol rules are really old :o - use the Warhammer Warbands rules here:

Good from 200-500pts; and they've even been adjusted for 7th Ed. :)