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Da Black Gobbo
09-05-2008, 17:19
Hi everybody, let me see your opinions of my posible new army:

--Keeper of Secrets: Lvl 4, Siren, blade that makes the enemy take ld test or not attack.

--Herald of Slaanesh: Steed of slaanesh, many armed, BSB with -2 ld banner.

--Le Masque.

--18 Daemonettes: Full command.

--18 Daemonettes: Full command.

--5 Pleasure Seekers.

--5 Pleasure Seekers.

--3 Screamers.

--2 Fiends.

--2 Fiends.

Pretty quick and fragile as you can see, i'd like to see your oppinions/thoughts about it, thanks.

09-05-2008, 18:05
how come u have gone 4 units of 18 coz even with the hearlds it will only be 19 in a unit, so u can get full rank bouness

09-05-2008, 18:19
I am trying to do a full slaanesh list as well, so of course our choices are fairly limited my questions would be..

Why 2 units of 18 with full command? I was thinking of 1 unit of 17 with the herald to give me 6x3 frontage and the banner which makes you stubborn for 1 turn. I would think that would be all you'll need before the keeper or some other unit comes to help. If you reduced the second unit to 12 and I think I would even take out the command to use them as a flanker.

Seekers of Slaanesh- I think you definitely need to have one unit with the banner that makes a unit have to hold- it definitely seems worthwhile to be able to destroy the enemy's fast cav.

With a bit of help from conversions I was also planning on using 6 furies and possibly either 6 screamers or 3-4 flamers.

10-05-2008, 02:00
Your list only has 2 core choices you need 3 in 2000pts.

With the new daemons you need to make use of every point you can, 12 pts for +1 attack is not very good so don't take champions, also musicians are so rarely used while it is a risk I would consider dropping them as well.

Drop the Screamers, make the Daemonettes into 3 units of 15 or more if you've got the points. Give the Seekers the Siren Standard and combine the Fiends into 1 unit of 4 they are far more effective that way, and their speed means you don't really need 2 small units as 1 big one can get pretty much everywhere. :D

Just a few ideas. :)