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09-05-2008, 22:44
2250 Pts - Vampire Counts Army

Vampire Lord - Magic Level 3 (4)
Forbidden Lore (Lore of Beasts)
Dark Acolyte
Flying Horror
Book of Arkhan
Wristbands of Black Gold
Flayed Hauberk

Vampire - Magic Level 1; Battle Standard Bearer
Spectral Form

Vampire - Magic Level 1 (2)
Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead
Helm of Commandment
Black Periapt

Vampire - Magic Level 1 (2)
Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead

13 Skeleton Warriors + Standard (War Banner); Musician; Skeleton Captain
20 Zombies
20 Zombies
Corpse Cart + Balefire
6 Dire Wolves
6 Dire Wolves

6 Black Knights
5 Fell Bats
5 Fell Bats

4 Cairn Wraiths + Banshee

Casting Pool: 11
Dispel Pool: 7

Total Army Cost: 2249

The idea is to have the anvil of two units of Zombies on each side of Skeleton unit hosting bottom two Vampires, with the Corpse Cart right behind them, while the rest of the army will be placed either as a hammer or for harrasment. Of course, ethereal BSB goes with Wraiths.

Please post comments!

Kai Itzah
10-05-2008, 10:40
It seems like a very strong army in general, but I think the choices you made with where to field your characters etc. may need some work. First point to attend to, the Ethereal Vampire. An amazing waste of points in any army I believe. 50pts and you can't choose any magic items. I know you're already carrying the Battle Standard and you can't choose magic items anyway, but I wouldn't waste your points on Spectral Form. Cairn Wraiths aren't in dire need of a standard, in fact with this vampire, and everyone knows that every single vampire is a major threat, they will most likely blast your Wraiths and Vampire to kingdom with most, if not all of their magical firepower - after all, you should only attack Skeletons, Zombies etc. if either 1, you know you will kill them that turn, or 2, you are focusing all of your attacks on them. I'd consider tooling the Standard Bearer up with Avatar of Death (though I've never been clear on whether you could give the standard bearer this) and/or Flying Horror, seeing as Talisman of Lycni is not available. Maybe put him inside the Skeleton unit.

With the two vampires in the skeleton units, putting two in is slowing your attack down too much - you should take advantage of your Vampire's speed and not lumber them down with Skeletons and Zombies. You should obviously put the HoC Vamp among the zombies, skeletons etc. and just leave the other one as he is - perhaps take off Lord of the Dead and Nightshroud and add either Armor of the Night and/or Talisman of Lycni. Yeah, looking at Skabscrath again, you could drop that for both, or just the Nightshroud for Talisman of Lycni. Actually - I'd say drop the Skabscrath for Armor of Night and Talisman of Lycni because outside a unit he isn't gonna do too well without the AoN. Though you could keep Skabscrath and ToL if you put him in a Dire Wolf unit, that'll give him a miniscule shield.

You should think about using the Varghulf to the full, and running him beside the animals and Black Knights to protect their march capability. Or perhaps you could just leave him somewhat with the Cairn Wraiths because Vamp C can handle the wolves and the Lord I'm sure will be able to take care of the Black Knights.

Hope I helped, and one last point, thinking about it again, the Ethereal Standard Bearer inside the Wraith unit isn't that much of a bad idea, it's just I personally don't think that Spectral Form is worth the points, you can probably take good care of your Wraiths without having a Vamp in the unit.

Good luck.