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Mad Makz
18-10-2005, 06:01
Tomb King 170
Chariot 45
Sword of Might 20
Icon 20
Vambraces of Light 15
Golden Ankhra 45
Light armour 3
Shield 3

Liche Priest Hierophant 115
Cloak of the Dunes 20
Collar of Shapesh 25

Liche Priest 115
Skeletal Steed 8
Staff of Ravening 45

Liche Priest 115
Hieratic Jar 25
Dispel Scroll 25

5 Chariots 200
Standard Bearer 20
B. Undying Legion 25

3 Chariots 120

3 Chariots 120

3 Ushabti 195

3 Ushabti 195

3 Ushabti 195

Tomb Scorpion 85

Screaming Skull Catapult 90
Skulls of the Foe 20

Casket of Souls 165

TOTAL 2244

Ok, so this is a bit of a different Tomb King List, it's designed more by model choice than tactical proficiency, so really most of the choices are pretty obvious on that bases:

I didn't want any infantry, took three chariot units for core, think Ushabti are very price effective big guy units that can deal with things my chariots can't, and I like the tomb king toys (SSC and Casket) both because I like the models and they are generally pretty useful.

The only thing that may be less obvious is the characters and magic items...

The Tomb King gives me a lot of flexibility. Normally he'll be with the unit of 5 Chariots, but if they don't have anything that can take him out (stone throwers, cannons etc) he may operate on his own or in one of the smaller units, otherwise the 5 chariots are there for look out sir. Being unit strength 5 due to the icon thing (forget its full name) he can flank on his own. He's strength 6 all the time, and has a 4+ armour and 4+ ward, and one opponent in base to base loses an attack. This is my first attempt kit out, one designed to make him an all rounder who can do pretty much anything and take on anyone, but not necessarily be a monster. He's highly survivable and can do some damage, but isn't truely vicious in this form, I think it's a good compromise while I get used to using him.

The three liche priests, well clearly I am wanting high magic supremacy. The Casket is a bit of a cop out in a way, I want it for the model. I'd rather be more flexible (I'd rather the hierophant being on a steed) but that casket is so damn sweet looking. Afteall this is, after years of playing Skaven, going to be my 'painters' army.

The collar of shapesh is definitely in there on the liche priest as a sort of 'what if' piece of insurance. There are lots of spells that can target him if he's outside a unit (which, lets face it, looking at the list he IS going to be), and I may not be able to dispel them, this gives him some survival chance as long he is close to a unit. May get dropped if it doesn't prove useful, but It's something to start with. The liche priest on the Casket gets the Hieratic jar, in lieu of the points available to put it on the hierophant, and the obligatory dispel scroll.

Staff of ravening is a bit of a no brainer on the other liche priest. One more bound spell, yes please, and after playing skaven and seeing some very effective vermintides I have learnt not to skoff at 3D6 strength 2 hits.

3 units of 3 ushabti in the army. What to say about that choice, well A) I really like the models, B) that's 9 strength 6 attacks per unit at ws 4. On Average that's 4 or 5 dead ws 3 infantry a turn. So, even if they charge in they a front they'll only lose combat by 1 (because of a musician or only causing 1 wound), and take no wounds because they are constructs. Against Ogres, they are REALLY nasty (Strength 6 without great weapons, so striking first, and WS4 versus their 3).

A combined charge between Ushabti and chariots would be absolutely devestating.

The Tomb scorpion, common, these guys are mandatory. I'm a little dissappointed I have only taken one, but the reason for that is that I've converted mine from the old Red Terror model (from 40K) to be a tomb snake (all mummified up). I'm not such a fan of the Tomb Scorpion models, but love the rules. I'm not too keen on trying to put together another, and I also they can't take on a rank and file unit like a ushabti unit can.

So yeah, thats the list, comments welcome (especially on magic item kit out on characters, ESPECIALLY the tomb king, he's definitely a big question mark for me.)

18-10-2005, 13:19
I recommend losing the sword of might in exchange for the the Spear of Antarak (sp?). Unfortunately, you will also lose the Vambraces as well to cover the points difference.

However the spear is incredibly useful on a St 5 King (6 on the charge). Healing and raising dead is not the most efficient way to make use of you Priests - movement and extra attacks/shots are. Therefore, combining the benificial effects of the Banner of the Undying legion with the wound regenerating spear should keep your unit of chariots intact. I would also buy him a great weapon to give him a secondary option in close combat - St5 is good in general but not against 1+ save knights.

I probably would not give the priest on the casket the Jar as TK spells are so short ranged. I suppose the Catapult could be positioned near it, providing a good use for it. Personally, I would take a second dispell scroll because if your opponent has table top spells, the casket, and your other lone priests, become a lightning rod for these spells.


Mad Makz
18-10-2005, 23:07
Valid point on the Hieratic Jar. It is intended to be near the Screaming Skull, which what it'll generally be used for, as the Catapult is one that they are likely to try and dispel and I really want to get maximum useage out of it in early turns.

Also, I think it gives him a little extra insurance if the opponent has something (scouts, fast cavalry, flyers if they don't charge in from maximum range, ambushing beast herds etc) coming up against the casket, as he can potentially get the D6 strength 4 hits off twice if need be. I think I'll try it for a while, but if it doesn't work it's an easy swap for another dispell scroll.

I was thinking about the Spear of Antarhak, but you can't take the spear AND a great weapon and opt to use one (you must always use the spear unless it gets destroyed, so you can take it, its just a waste). And strength 6 all the time is pretty important (The unit needs one thing that can wound toughness 4 troops on 2's I feel, otherwise it's just too easily bogged down).

The other option, is to drop the sword of might and shield and just go for a great weapon. At the moment I haven't done this because of the general lack of magical weapons in the army, (e.g a unit of skeletons with a wraith in it would REALLY ruin my day, there's nothing in my army apart from the Tomb King who could handle that at the moment.)

I'll admit, the sword of might is a bit of a compromise. My other option is to go with the Flail and Golden Ankhra (will make a mess of big guys, and pretty much guarantee a good result in challenges, especially against champions), but then I lose the flanking ability and I feel the army really will need the flexibility of the lord flanking on his own.

The spear of antarhak, well it's ok on the charge, but you end up with just a 4 attack strength 5 lord from then on, with WS 6. He's still hard to kill, but he's not very impressive at killing anything really, so it doesn't matter that he'll be sticking around. Plus the Vambraces flat out lowers the number of wounds an opponent can cause, which effectively lowers combat resolution against you, so losing the vambraces AND strength 6 in subsequent turns is a problem (I'm mainly thinking about what happens if the enemy don't break in the first turn.)