View Full Version : 1500 pt Tourny List

10-05-2008, 03:09
gr Wep. +2 save, rune of challenge

+2 save, rune of balance

Dragon Slayer
Swiftness, +1 Atk

10 Crossbow men

10 Handgunners

19 Clansmen
-Command, Gr Weps.

19 Iron Breakers
-command, +1 combat res, Takes first break test on D6

9 Slayers

Bolt thrower
-engineer, +1 str, fire

Bolt thrower

Flame cannon

I think it's pretty well balanced and can handle most armies, what do you think?

10-05-2008, 05:34
Looks good overall. How does your Thane and Runesmith have a 2+ save? The max is 3+ w/rune of stone, unless of course you go for the MR of Gromil on one of them. I would stick with HW/Shield with the clansmen; static CR and being able to take damage is critical with this unit. Put shields on the Thunderers. Your Slayer unit is too small and will be the first thing to be shot at/magic'd at, so I'd increase the unit size to maybe 15-20 or just drop in entirely for something else, maybe 5 more clansmen and a single RoP/Engineer on the other Bolt Thrower? A Flame Cannon is cool, but I find a gyrocopter is a little better, as you can march block and increase the effectiveness of your shooting phases. Good luck at the tournament.