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10-05-2008, 07:22
Lately real life has been a downer. My cousin and best friend passed away in the beginning of April. It had just sucked my hobby right out of me, as we were gaming buds too.

He was always into off of the beaten path wargames and was really fired up about Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear game. They have a new edition coming out and he was buggin' me to dig out my old minis so we could give it a spin. I always liked HG but focused on more mainstream games like FOW and the GW ones.

So I've decided to jump right back into the new Heavy Gear game and build armies as a homage to my Cuz.

To those unfamiliar with the game and setting, Heavy Gear is a Sci-Fi game with a focus on "Heavy Gears" they are roughly 15 foot tall armored suits that bridge the gap between conventional infantry and armored vehicles. Heavy Gears make up about half of each army list, the other half is filled with Tanks/AFV's, Infantry, Artillery and Aircraft. Here is the DP9 site (http://www.dp9.com/) in case anyone wants more info.

HG is 1/144 scale so the infantry are 12mm tall. Here is a pic from one of the HG books to show some scale.


Here is the test model for my Northern Guard army. It's a Jaguar gear for my Strike Cadre. It is one of five models I hadn't build during my previous HG gaming, all pre-Blitz resculpt. (the newer models are fantastic!) Another Jaguar, a Hunter, an Assault Grizzly and a Kodiak will join him. (Oh how I love Kodiak gears!).


10-05-2008, 07:59
sorry to here about your loss man that sucks. your model looks very nice and the game looks pretty cool think ill give it a look.

10-05-2008, 08:01
Looking good. :)

Sorry to hear about your cousin. :( Fitting tribute.

I've always wanted to get into HG, but I seem to be the only one around. :( Nice world, good setup, good video games. :)

10-05-2008, 09:04
Mate, so sorry to hear about your cousin and I agree that this thread is a really nice tribute to him.

I've never really seen any of the heavy gaming stuff before and your Jaguar looks excellent, really nice paintjob.
I'll definately be watching this thread as you've peaked my interest in the models now. :)

10-05-2008, 09:21
Thanks for the comments and kind words, I really appreciate them.

Heavy Gear Blitz Locked and Loaded is a fantastic game with a really rich background setting. One of the best out there in my opinion.

10-05-2008, 09:44
Sorry to hear that BDJV. A nice tribute for your cousin.

Is this like the computer game Heavy Gear? Do the gears have wheels in them? A friend of mine loves the computer game and if there are minis of it he will go nuts.


10-05-2008, 09:50
Thanks buddy. Yes they have both walking mode and secondary tracked or wheeled movement. Just like in the computer games.

If you look at the back of the feet on the Jaguar you can see the rear wheels.

10-05-2008, 10:27
I would like to add my sorrow for your loss and also think that this thread is the best way you can honour a gaming buddy. Those models look great and your paintjob is very nicely done. I might be tempted to get some of those just to paint and if I get enough, and you ever decide to cross the big pond, you can maybe get a game.

10-05-2008, 10:42
Very sorry to hear about your loss, ive been there, if there is anything i can do please ask.

Your painting on sucha small scale is amazing too.


Death Korp
10-05-2008, 10:54
Like on the AB, brilliant painting, and hope youm get through this difficult time :)


10-05-2008, 11:12
A fitting and original tribute, sorry to hear about your loss.

Very nice painting on the models as well, something to be really proud of here.

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
10-05-2008, 15:46
We all feel for you, brah.

Nice to see someone else does HG, too. The proper kind, too. Nice painting, btw.

10-05-2008, 15:58
Thanks guys, I'm hagin' in there. I must say the community of WS are the greatest.

This is the next Gear on the way.


This is an Assault Grizzly, I had to make new mounts for the rocket pods so they would fit with the heavy bazooka in his right hand.

10-05-2008, 16:39
I see that they do infantry as well, do you have any pictures alongside a Gear?

10-05-2008, 18:13
DH here are some size comparison photos.

The three main sizes of gears with an infantryman standing on the Jaguars base.

Compared to a SM.

10-05-2008, 19:39
Are those infantry the same size as the old Dark Future models?


10-05-2008, 21:22
These infantry are aprox 12mm tall I believe the DF ones were 20mm.

10-05-2008, 21:26
Wow they are so cool!

I can really see the appeal of this game.

Seriously can't wait to see more!

10-05-2008, 21:28
In Heavy Gear infantry can actually kill things like gears and tanks; unlike most other Mech combat games.

10-05-2008, 21:44
Wow they are so cool!

I can really see the appeal of this game.

Seriously can't wait to see more!

Same as that, I didn't realise they were that scale.

19-05-2008, 23:48
Here's a preview of my first HG infantry. Remember these guys are only 12mm tall.


Sorry about the quality of the pic, I promise better pics once the three are based up.

20-05-2008, 01:01
Looking good from what I can see. Keep it up.

20-05-2008, 01:15
Awesome log man, I tried playing Heavy Gear as a role-playing game back in the 90s but the character gen system, well the whole game actually, was really awkward and unweildly but still offered very good fun. At least it was an open enough system to manipulate and come up with your own variations. That and the background and mech-design was plain awesome. I even tried drawing up a series of 'alien' mecha that were patterned after the Invid from Robotech if anyone remembers that

So what has changed about the game in the interveneing versions?

And was this actually an anime movie at some point?

20-05-2008, 01:23
Awesome log man, I tried playing Heavy Gear as a role-playing game back in the 90s but the character gen system, well the whole game actually, was really awkward and unweildly but still offered very good fun. At least it was an open enough system to manipulate and come up with your own variations. That and the background and mech-design was plain awesome. I even tried drawing up a series of 'alien' mecha that were patterned after the Invid from Robotech if anyone remembers that

So what has changed about the game in the interveneing versions?

And was this actually an anime movie at some point?
I haven't played the RP version of the game. I have played all 4 incarnations of the miniatures game and the current just released version is the most playable Mech combat wargame I have ever played.

From what I understand, DP9 told the playtesters to break the system if and where they could. This way they could tighten the rules up and make sure balance was truely maintained.

Heavy Gear did have an animated series a few years back.

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
20-05-2008, 01:57
Ah, good old HG. I really need to strip off my old Southerners and repaint them. Some nice painting here, too.

20-05-2008, 06:06
Here is the finished base, boy I'm gonna need to work on taking pics of the infantry; it's really tough.


Here's a comparison shot with the Jaguar.


20-05-2008, 06:33
Fantastic stuff mate, really well done on such a small scale, and the sceme is really cohesive with the gear.

Awesome :)



20-05-2008, 06:59
Thanks Sheep, I used the same colors on the infantry to keep a cohesive scheme throughout the force.

Although the colors seem a little darker on the infantry; it must be the smaller surface space. :p

20-05-2008, 09:46
Sorry to hear that BDJV

and nice painting you got there.

20-05-2008, 15:34
Thanks Louwie616, I appreciate it.

26-05-2008, 06:06
Here's an update on the Grizzly. I decided to do the Hazard striping before any highlighting from now on; it's easier for me to clean up any mistakes this way. He is still very much a work in progress.


26-05-2008, 16:31
Here's an update of what I finished last night.


The Laughing God
26-05-2008, 19:14
These things look really cool. Very good painting on the smaller scale models.

Keep it up man,

26-05-2008, 19:56
They look brillaint mate! I love the infantry models, they tie in really well with the gear colour scheme. I'm definately going to keep watching this one!!!

27-05-2008, 02:44
Thanks guys I appreciate the comments!

Here is the Grizzly finished except for a couple of minor touch-ups.


27-05-2008, 03:22
My condolences BDJV, and it's great that you've dedicated a log to your late friend.

Very nice painting on the figures too. I'm not sure if it's just me, but with those mech heads and slight anime feel, they could almost be used as heavier armoured Tau infantry in Warhammer 40,000.

Deus Ruinus
27-05-2008, 16:46
WOW the grizzly and Kodiak gears look awesome, so i see your more of a northan person of terra nova? i was a big fan of heavy gear, mainly the computer games, but id havent managed to get round to be playing the miniature game. however i am tempting.
i like the paint job you have done to these gears you have made, it give me an insperation to get into the miniature game.

also im sorry to hear about your cousin.

27-05-2008, 17:58
Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

I'm definitely a Northern Gear head. I was hooked the day I saw the Rabid Grizzly. I mean come on, that is like one of the coolest names for a mech ever!

28-05-2008, 21:46
This time I'm doing a 2-fur; a pair of Hunter gears.

Here are the hunter gears with their bases done and the main colors blocked out.


Next I'll be doing a magic wash of walnut brown, then I'll clean up the two main colors.

Here is an update.


They have both had the wash applied, the one on the right has had the main color Vallejo green brown cleaned up.

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
29-05-2008, 00:42
Congratulations- you've actually motivated me to do something- namely, strip my old southerners and repaint them. Now, if I can only find them...if I recall, I had a GP Carde, and a few single Gears...a Black Mamba, a King Cobra (always a favorite)...

Very nice painting- it's been quite a while since I've seen any HG.

29-05-2008, 04:33
Very nice stuff. I haven't got any of the new "mini" Gear, all mine are the old larger size, but yours look really nice.

Have they done any of the Terran armor? Or I could just go to the DP9 site and see for myself. :D

29-05-2008, 04:48
All factions have armor models. The new Earth/PAK hover tanks are awesome.


I'm definitely gonna have to build an Earth force!

29-05-2008, 23:40
Here are the Hunters with the stripes done and cleaned up.


I worked a short day today so will be painting the rest of the afternoon. I should have a healthy update tonight.

30-05-2008, 02:30
Very nice painting! I've never seen this stuff before either, and looks very good. Plus, a good cause :)

30-05-2008, 05:05
Yeah, I love these models. They seem like a more... (threatening?, masculine?, rough?) version of Tau.

01-06-2008, 00:08
Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments.

Here is the first hunter completed. I had to just finish one I cannot seem to get into assembly line painting of the gears. It just feels like I'm gettin' nothin' done.


01-06-2008, 20:44
The second is Hunter done.


A shot of the pair.


Darn it I forgot to paint the fingers on the SC hunter, I'll have to go and fix that.

Next up the Kodiak.

01-06-2008, 23:00
Tell you what mate if you keep posting these awesome pictures I'm going to end up starting yet another game system!!! :lol:

The Hunters look great, I'm loving this army colour scheme and the bases re-enforce the the sense of the scale of these guys perfectly.

Looking forward to seeing more. :)

01-06-2008, 23:25
Thanks DH, it's all a part of my evil plans to get more addicts for Heavy Gear! :evilgrin:

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine. He’s bad Mutha, the kind of guy you call when absolutely everything in front of you must die.

He weighs in at 10,485 KG, stands 5.2 meters tall and has an average of 80mm of armor all around.

His combat load includes:
A Northco Light Particle Accelerator
12 Hammerstrike II guided missiles
Rocket pod with 36 missiles
Two 10mm gattling guns
Mk.IV anti-personnel grenade launcher
6 Standard hand grenades
6 Heavy hand grenades
Finally just for those close encounters a VB-2 Vibroknife.

With out further ado I present the HACS-10HG-AST Kodiak.

This is the Model I will be painting next it's an older sculpt. I'm gonna reward myself for painting him with a Yummy new Version of the Kodiak.

Taken from the DP9 gallery. Yum, yum!

03-06-2008, 08:37
Here's a pic of the WIP Kodiak. I've cut and repositioned his right arm and mounted his Rocket Pod on the left shoulder to make him like the artwork and new model.


06-06-2008, 03:47
I'm about 80% finished with the Kodiak, here's a quick update.


06-06-2008, 04:27
That thing is fantastic!

I love your work on these, good job!


06-06-2008, 19:39
I'm glad you like them! Thanks for the comments.

Here's something I just found on the DP9 site thats totally cool! Oh and this makes those GW life sized Space Marines look bad.


Yup, that's a life sized Heavy Gear Hunter! :P

Here's a Link (http://www.dp9.com/Funhouse/lifesizegear.htm) to the DP9 page with more pics.

08-06-2008, 08:03
Here is the finished Kodiak. There are a couple of minor touch ups, I'm gonna do now that I see them in the pics. I forgot to paint the bolts on the side of his head, I'll get those before the group shots.


08-06-2008, 20:03
This is a quick group shot, I need to set up my real photo lighting to take the final pic. If you click the pic you'll get a bigger version.

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3126/2561309725_602e5a795b.jpg (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3126/2561309725_32fc927d0f_o.jpg)

I think it's now time for some dirty southern Gears. :P

08-06-2008, 20:29
I have never seen these models before, gotta say I like 'em alot. Great work mate, the Grizzly and the Kodiak are my favorites but it's all good !
I know everyone else has said it already but they really are a fantastic tribute to your cuz !

08-06-2008, 23:48
Thanks Rossco!

Here is a blocked out mock up for my Southern scheme. This time I'm using German field grey and khaki grey.


What do you think?

I'm headed back to the painting desk.

Filthy O'Bedlam
09-06-2008, 00:09
Wow man, these are great. Godd job and good cause, your friend would be proud.

Cheers, Filthy

09-06-2008, 07:00
Thanks Bud. ;)

The Iggy update; last for tonight.


I'm pleased so far with the color scheme; I was a little worried but it's working. :)

09-06-2008, 12:49
These are looking awesome man keep up the good work, I did a couple of these for a friend years ago and loved them. I loved they're books and detailed mechcanical drawing of all the suits, wish GW did more things similar sometimes.

Deus Ruinus
09-06-2008, 14:12
Wow the Kodiak looks amzing! yeah they are though assault gears to take down, they may be slow moving, however the amount of heavy weapons they can carry and armor make them really tough!

yeah the life sized hunter does make the life scale marine put to shame! LOL!
But that would make a mega fight! astartes Vs Gears :D

Solun Decius
09-06-2008, 14:29
This is looking pretty good man. Nice and impressive to see them in a group shot too. You haven't posted any infantry in while though. Might be cool to see some more of that, and together with the group of Gears.

09-06-2008, 19:14
Thanks for the input guys!

Here's what I've gotten done this morning. He still needs to have the metallics finished and be decaled. Maybe tonight after work.


ancient god
09-06-2008, 20:33
BDJV, you're making me want to get into Heavy Gear. Not a good thing in my book but kudos for getting me that far. :D

09-06-2008, 20:54
BDJV, you're making me want to get into Heavy Gear. Not a good thing in my book but kudos for getting me that far. :D
:evilgrin: What's one more little game on top of you 40K and FOW addiction.

09-06-2008, 21:03
The colours on that last one look great mate!

09-06-2008, 21:09
Thanks Doghouse, I decided to go for a WWII military look for the Southern forces.

ancient god
09-06-2008, 21:15
:evilgrin: What's one more little game on top of you 40K and FOW addiction.

You evil, evil man! First you push me to the edge - and now you mock me while I sway! :mad:

(But I guess I'll be looking into HG... :o)

09-06-2008, 21:29
You evil, evil man! First you push me to the edge - and now you mock me while I sway! :mad:

(But I guess I'll be looking into HG... :o)
All in fun my good man. ;)

09-06-2008, 21:59
This thread brings up fond memories of Heavy Gear. Somewhere about my home I still have the original rule-set for the game. Loved the figures, loved the scale. But only one time - and one time only - have I actually played the game. Or at least had a small go at it. It was just a huge pity that I could never easily get the figures, and that Warhammer always seemed to be the game of choice for my friends at the time.

10-06-2008, 08:31
there looking amazing. love the colors what paints do u use from the color names i believe they are game color, love there paints so smooth. the mecs are sick reallhy want tot see some more infantry there so tiny and must be a pain i the but to paint. keep up the good work.

Deus Ruinus
10-06-2008, 15:11
yeah at least you have stuck to the original northern colours since they are more in the dessert badlands :d i like the hard paint work you have done for theses guys.

10-06-2008, 20:43
Thanks for the comments guys! I promise more infantry is on the way. The Iggy is done for now.


I really like the colors I chose for the southies.

I need to figure out what to do next.

11-06-2008, 00:54
More South Gears!!! Especially a Cobra to tangle with the Grizzly and Kodiak

one comment on the scheme - I though the South went for more of a scheme than the desert colours the north used?

Deus Ruinus
11-06-2008, 23:49
yeah i remeber that the south used their rocky mountain colours rather than the dessert scheme...it still look cool though. even there are other southern factions :P

15-06-2008, 08:02
First up, I like the paint job, nice and clean.
I've always liked the look of heavy gear ever since I got the core rules back in '96, got the latest rule set when it was available free from drive through RPG's a month or 2 ago. Great backstory and I have a weakness for big stompy mecha.
The worst part is I have never played a game.
Living in NZ made sourcing the models very difficult, since I got the HG Blitz rule set I have been keen to get some sent over from the DP9 store, it got me keen all over again :)
This might seem like an odd request but could you do a pic comparing the HG infantry a gear and a FOW infantry man.
Always curious to check the scale.
Keep up the good work.



11-08-2008, 05:10
Huh.... I played the first heavy gear game... was lots of fun and the environment was really cool. On top of that how can you look down at a game with live action actors.

Great job on the models, I always loved the look of the heavy gears and how they could jump on their movement skates and zoom around.

21-08-2008, 10:33
your gears are looking top notch.

I've been a fan of Heavy Gear since the first Video Game. A couple of friends and I played second edition before they got sucked into World of Warcraft. A couple of other friends and I are about to give Blitz!:Locked and Loaded a try.

And the resculpted Gears are indeed Fantastic. I've got the Peace River Starter force on the way.

22-08-2008, 03:53
Thanks for the comments. I have a couple of Gears I'm about to finish and post up soon.