View Full Version : 2000 pts Wood Elves vs The Empire

10-05-2008, 06:57
Hi, what do you think about this WE army? I'm playing against my friend's Empire army and he's got a flexible force with a mix of state troop blocks, several units of knights and artillery.


Spellweaver: lvl 4, Lore of Life, Wand of Wych Elm, Dispel scroll = 325
Spellsinger: lvl 2, Lore of Athel Loren, Dispel scroll, Pageant of Shrikes = 175
Noble on Eagle, Hail of Doom arrow, Helm of the Hunt, spear, light armour, shield = 181


10 Glade Guard = 120
10 Glade Guard = 120
8 Dryads = 96


7 Wardancers with Bladesinger= 140
3 Tree Kin = 195
6 Wild Riders w. Cmd, War Banner = 217


6 Waywatchers = 144
Treeman = 285

TOTAL: 1998 pts

Bumble the Great
12-05-2008, 16:40
Have also been playing against empire with my WE this looks a pretty flexible list,
IMO 6 waywatchers on there own are not worth it just a good way to give points to your opponent (1 magic missle or morter shot and bang there goes near 150 points)
Sure they get killing blow on thier bows at short range but if they dont roll that 6 they are st 3 and your probably shooting them at something with a good save. If your gonna take em , take em in 10's

also treekin are just asking to be shot at by a gunline and i think the lvl4 might be a bit to expensive you could do a lot better with those points maybe in the way of another lvl2
or a wardancer noble

2 units of glade guard is good and wild riders will work well with the eagle, pair the dryads up with the wardancers and you have 2 pretty tasty sets of combat troops with a treeman anchoring a flank or the middle. I just think maybe drop the waywatchers and treekin and invest in some more dryads and archers

let me know how this list goes tho as i havnt used a noble on an eagle yet and would like to try one

13-05-2008, 20:01
When you go magic heavy it's better to not mix lores, or I've found so anyway.

I would take another unit of dryads and drop the Wild Riders to 5 w/ musician.

Change your wardancer champ to a musician.

otherwise looks ok.