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10-05-2008, 10:42
playing a game sometime this week with my 2k chaos army. i have about 10k of chaos and would like my fellow players to post up their beardiest chaos list please.

thanks in advance.:D

10-05-2008, 12:17
What does "beardy" mean?

10-05-2008, 12:21
So you want a chaos dwarf list? they are quite beardy!

10-05-2008, 13:27
I'm not going to post a specific list, but using the HoC list, I've usually fielded a mix between Khorne and slaanesh units.

I like to take a Undivided champ as my general, give him the great fang and mount him up with a few chosen undivided knights. Might wanna throw a warbanner in there for good measures.

Take two exhalted champs with MoK, flail, mounted, and put them in a regiment of 4 Khorne knights with muso each.

3 chariots, MoN, some dragon ogres and some screening troops.

Try to squeese in a few flesh hounds and furies, and a Nurgling base for the Cloud of flies.

You might wanna consider a Superhed a la MArcoPollo with maxed herd, beastlord MoN with slaughterers blade, arm of damn, gaze and a Tzeench Wargor BSB with Vitriolic totem.



vinny t
10-05-2008, 14:51
Dragon Lord of Khorne with Gaze, Bezerker sword
Hero on horse, flail, shield, Collar
17 Chosen Khorne Knights with full command and banner of rage
24 Chosen Warriors with full command and War banner
Chariot of Khorne

roughly 2k
2 PD
7 DD

The Red Scourge
10-05-2008, 20:32
Mounted Chaos Sorcerers joining marauder horsemen.

Knights of Khorne and Dragon Ogres for fighting.

Warhounds to take out war machines and provide flanking.

Garanaul the Black
11-05-2008, 06:10
Mounted Chaos Sorcerers joining marauder horsemen.

The sorcerer wouldn't benefit from the fast cavalry rule.


The Red Scourge
11-05-2008, 06:59
The sorcerer wouldn't benefit from the fast cavalry rule.

Right and wrong. He wouldn't benefit from the 360' shooting arc. Yet he would benefit from the superior movement and the feigned flee. The marauder horsemen on the other hand will lose 1" movement unless you give the sorcerer a daemonic mount of course ;)

13-05-2008, 20:12
Take a slaanesh lord mage on a steed w/ the daemon sword,
a BSB w/ Banner of Gods on steed
a lvl 2 slaanesh mage on steed w/ two dispel scrolls
a hero w/ the sword of might on a vanilla daemonic mount (this is key as you need two wide).

20 hounds in ranks of 5 put the heroes at the front and you get like nearly 18 attacks at S4+ and then a standard and 4 ranks CR. your opponent has to direct all his attacks in CC and all shooting goes against the hounds. since hounds cannot have a mark you can put the marked heroes in there (akin to how a beast herd can have a nurgle wargor in there) as the rules specifically says "you can't put a different marked character in a marked unit". plus your characters are T4 w/ a very good save. Also same goes for the Banner of the Gods as the unit isn't marked.

Then take 5 chosen slaanesh knights, and 5 vanilla knights w/ the warbanner and full command.

Take two chariots and two slaanesh spawn.

deployment from left to right goes:
spawn, chariot, knights, hound unit, knights, chariot, spawn.

Get the frenzy spell off on both your knight units (ooh ooh D6 S3 hits vs T4 1+/2+ knights) and they will walk through everything plus be immune to fear and terror and be stubborn.

Don't take the game seriously though. it's just a wacky thing to do to someone once.