View Full Version : Looking for a BoC special for Hoc

18-10-2005, 09:19
ok, ther eare 4 options for special choices for BoC,

-can have unit upgrades, and marks, and are not too expensive

- cheapest and weakest

Chaos Orges
-can be given HA S and GW to make them into a fairly good unit, but they are not as powerfull as minotaurs

Chaos Trolls
-most expensive, but have stupididy and regeneration...

so.. HELP....
im doing a slanesh army.. a mix of everything...

18-10-2005, 12:29
Fluff or efficiency, that is the question.

IMO the most durable and versatile option would be the chaos ogres, equipped with everything they can have. Minotaurs with great weapons hit a bit harder and pursue more effectively, but in that case their higher I would be wasted and they can't have that much protective gear. Unless they get MoN, of course.

If you go rather for fluff, then in a general slaaneshy army the minos seem to be the best choice for their relative similiarity to the patron god's greater daemon. Of course, there can be other elements to take into consideration. I for one, hate the present minotaurus models and since I run a norse themed slaaneshy army, use yhetees as ice trolls. And a Rackham giant serves as a Jotun as well. :)

Trolls are the funniest option of these four. Take them only if you are ready to accept and able to enjoy some extra levels of randomness in your games.

Centigors are simply boring and marauder horsemen have similar capabilities, so I never have considered to use them so far.

18-10-2005, 12:35
I have great success with a unit of 4 slaaneshi minotaurs with great weapons in my mortal army. They bring the anti-armour punch that HoC armies can't really get their hands on without using characters. Despite their lack of armour, they are still T4 with 3 wounds each and can easily be screened by some chaos hounds (from whose destruction slaaneshi minotaurs do not panic).

I prefer them greatly to the other 'big guy' options and centigors really don't cut it for me in a slaanesh army where I'd much prefer mounted daemonettes fulfilling my light cavalry role.

Perhaps most importantly though, they look fantastic in my paint scheme. :p

18-10-2005, 15:15
I love trolls myself. Yes, you've to keep them in your general's range to use them effectively, but they are rock hard (pun intended) and they hit even harder. As for fluff, I think overexcited bulls *could* be more slaneeshi, but I prefer giving my daemonettes some trolls to, emh, rock. They can always do with more hard staff, oh, sorry, stuff. :D

18-10-2005, 15:52
Trolls can be good fun if you have Slaanesh magic and cast Luxurious Torment on them.

They can usually shrug off or regenerate the S3 hits and end up frenzied, therefore no longer stupid.

Great :)

18-10-2005, 16:16
now that is just plain nasty...

i may have to try it...

18-10-2005, 22:45
I use 5 chaos ogres with GW, HA, standard and musician in my HOC Slaneesh. Pretty cheap at only 250 points. They generally do very well. A unit of five also means my Exalted Daemon cannot be targeted by shooting etc if nearby.

20-10-2005, 19:44
would trolls do the same thing for a lord riding a demonic steed?