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10-05-2008, 18:32
Unlike marines, of course, there's no question over the proportionate size of Necrons. But a Warseer user recently - I'll work out who it was eventually and give him due credit - asked himself the very pertinent question of "what would happen if Necrons stood up straight?

I was seriously impressed with the results and was instantly drawn to make Necrons my next army. But until now, I haven't had the means to do so (and so many other armies begged for my attention!). However, as I've nearly finished my marines (see other thread), I thought I'd get a hold of some 'crons and see if I could replicate his excellent work.





Upright Necron:


Whatcha think? Seriously, you can't imagine just from this picture how much taller this guy is than the squat, hunchbacked version. He looks over the heads of regular marines, easily. This is ancient, metal intimidation personified!

I'm going to do the other three (I've nearly finished the second) over the next week or so and will be gradually building this army over the rest of this year.

For those wondering, the legs were cut away from the hips and cut through at the knee and ankle so that each "legs" piece was cut into seven pieces. These were then pinned back together before the torso was attached.

The arms are pretty much standard, but the head has had to be pinned upright as, otherwise, he'd be starting at the sky.


10-05-2008, 18:41
Pazshadow is the guy who did the upright Necrons.

Yours looks pretty good, but the pose is a little plain. I'd try and convey a sense of movement. Part of what made pazshadows Necrons so cool was not just the height of the models but the great poses he did. Really made them look sinister.

10-05-2008, 18:50
A friend of mine is doing a 100% converted necrons with alot of them "upright" ;


hope that gives you some ideas/inspiration :)

10-05-2008, 18:52
Yeah. This was my first, though, so I was just working out where to put the wire. My second attempt is a little more dynamic and the ones after that will have a few cool poses stuck in them, too.

But also bear in mind that I'll have 40 of these guys to do. This one took me 30 mins. I reckon I can get the time down to 10-15 mins each, but that's before I have to do the modelling putty repair work (you can't see the damage clearly in this photo, but there are quite a few areas I'll have to sculpt back to shape).

Basically, I'm going to do four at a time: pose them, sculpt the damage over, base them and paint them. Then move onto the next four.

Once I've done two squads, I'll treat myself to a Lord (who might be converted from a Warrior, I haven't decided yet) and once I've done the next two squads (ten each, see), I'll get me some Immortals (or convert some more Warriors - converting plastic is such a treat after my Dark Angel project!).

@TimLeeson - Ooh, I like the alternate heads. Might keep that idea back for the Immortals!


10-05-2008, 19:25
Cool, I'm going to do these too once I finish my Empire, Vampire counts and new deamons (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yes, I bought the spearhead today, and got a 25% discount.)


10-05-2008, 19:36
True scale necrons, I think I'll start calling mine that from now on. Congrats on pinning all off them, looks like a hell of a job. I would be interested in seeing your ideas for immortals though.

11-05-2008, 05:23
I'm not even going to start worrying about that yet. I've built two and a half Warriors so far, plus I have my marines still to finish and a few other one-off projects for Precinct Omega Studios (my very small business).

Once I've got the first four pinned, I'll take a group shot. Then I'll get to the putty and basing. Maybe when I've done ten of them, I'll start to sketch out some concepts for the Immortal conversions.


11-05-2008, 13:40
Here's the first group of four - with a bit more dynamism as promised:



11-05-2008, 15:17
I'm liking these, they do seem bigger but I was wondering if you could maybe do a comparison against a Marine or something?

Keep up the good work:)

11-05-2008, 15:44
I promise to do a comparison pic shortly. Suffice to say that they are comfortably head and shoulders above a normal marine.


12-05-2008, 04:21
This interests me, the title kinda threw me off at first though.

12-05-2008, 04:43
I love them!

However, the 'cron with the running pose looks daft.

12-05-2008, 06:06
He looks a lot better IRL. He isn't as vertical as he appears in the picture - he's leaning forward a fair way and has a good sense of movement.

...unless you meant that "a Necron running" looks daft. In which case, I know where you're coming from but actually that's kind of what I want to get away from with this army. I want Necrons to look less "mindless automatons" and more "dreadful killing machines from before the dawn of time".


12-05-2008, 06:59
Maybe you could put a normal one together (not with superglue ofcourse) as size comparison.

But yeah, its very nice.

I'll be back! (to check the rest of your work, ofcourse.)

12-05-2008, 13:14
I wish I'd thought of that before I built all four of the ones I've got so far.

I'll do a shot next to a marine once I've finished doing the ProCreate stuff. Then I'll do a regular Necron for size comparison when I get my next batch.


Colonel Haizelhoff
12-05-2008, 14:14
These are nice. I hadn't seen upright necrons before and the look very good. I can imagine these guys, moving in a phalanx at some hopeless guard firing line:evilgrin:. Good job and I'll subscribe.

14-05-2008, 15:24
Here's the scale comparison I promised:


I'm doing putty work on the 'crons at the moment, so there's not much to see. When I've finished, I'll base and undercoat them and post a new shot once I've done some painting.


14-05-2008, 15:44
That my good sir is amazing!!!

*runs off to find Necron codex*


14-05-2008, 16:49
I know. That was my reaction when I first saw these upright versions.

I'd never considered 'crons before, but these mothers are just scary!


14-05-2008, 17:00
I was going to buy some to do like these just the other day, but I got distracted by shiny new deamons with a 25% discount (my mate works in the shop) and I stupidly told my mates thay were allowed to kick me in the shin if I bought more minis before I finished these:(


14-05-2008, 17:05
Indeed. I had originally promised myself that I would sell my marines before buying a new army (refer to "Quick! Paint!" for more on the marines), but as I had some leeway in my PayPal account and I wanted to join the "Tale of X Gamers" at www.40kterra.com, I thought I'd get these four to get myself started.

Incidentally, I saw someone over at the Conclave (the Inquisitor forum) do a conversion of a regular Necron Warrior that involved cutting through the thighs and calves and biceps and wrists who extended the warrior to almost 52mm tall. He wasn't quite tall enough to be an INQ-scale Necron Warrior (and he looked a bit fragile) but he still looked impressive. I might go something like that with the Immortals: make them taller and bulkier than even the Warriors.

Or perhaps I should save that for the Lord...


Lame Duck
14-05-2008, 18:33
Nicely done,but it really does pose the question:

Is making IG and tau smaller all we need to do to make everything truescale?

14-05-2008, 18:38
meh, i like them better as hunchbacks

14-05-2008, 19:01
I might go something like that with the Immortals: make them taller and bulkier than even the Warriors.

Or perhaps I should save that for the Lord...


Alternatively, check out this thread for another "beefy" necron.

14-05-2008, 21:05
That's a great link Bork. Thanks a lot. I'll definitely take some ideas from that for my Lord. I hadn't realized the Destroyer body would work so well. I might use it for the Immortals, too.


14-05-2008, 22:38
Nice stuff. I did the same with some three or four necrons, but I found that I'd rather collect more Marines, Eldar and Orks than start a necron army...

But they are much better like that, I sincerely don't understand the fixation with spread legs by most of GW's sculptors.

15-05-2008, 08:34
Nicely done,but it really does pose the question:

Is making IG and tau smaller all we need to do to make everything truescale?

It all depends on what race you centralise on being the correctly scaled race. You could say marines are the right size, but that would mean making human models smaller. Currently True-scale seems to be on the basis that human models are assumed to be at the center... then everything else remodeled appropriately. If a human is 28mm tall, then a marine should be around 35mm, terminator at say 40-45mm, tau at 25mm, ork at 35-40mm, etc etc

15-05-2008, 09:44
Nicely done,but it really does pose the question:

Is making IG and tau smaller all we need to do to make everything truescale?

There is a thread in the general modelling section which deals with that, some dude was working on creating "true scale" Guardsmen, as in making them smaller.

General problem is that GW's proportions are quite odd, the weapons are huge compared to the rest of the model, heads tend to be a bit too big and so on...I guess you could have to look at more than simply making Space Marines bigger or humans smaller to make the proportions all ok.

15-05-2008, 09:45
The Ork shouldn't be bigger, in my opinion. Some Orks, like the Nobs and the Warboss, are the correct size too.

15-05-2008, 10:20
Hey Omega, good luck with this, i got tired after pinning 10 of these guys, always wanted to see what a full army of them would look like.

The Wildchild
15-05-2008, 11:50
They're huge! I think a space marine would have to change his power armoured y-fronts after stumbling across one of those monsters!!!

Great blog! Can't wait to see them all shiney and painted up!

16-05-2008, 23:08
Those are great.

You are the 3rd (I think) to show off tall necrons, and with every time the urge to make my own grows. It's amazing what a repositioning can make out of some miniatures; hunched necs never appealed to me, but those are ace.

I'm worried about the metal minis though; Flayed Ones might stay hunched (fits them somehow) but Immortals seem like a hell to convert.

17-05-2008, 00:52
Damn those are cool.

Immortals will be hard to convert though - i'd probably just make my own with green stuff, plasticard and warrior models.

04-06-2008, 08:34
I'm starting to discover what pazshadow has already found out: that pinning each and every one of my 40 planned warriors is going to be a mammoth task. However, I have at least started painting my current crop while I wait for the next 8 to arrive in the post. Here's a photo of one of the finished ones:


The red line is his squad marking - I might add squad markings to the shoulder blades, too (as they are also painting in the pale grey you can see on the face). The colour of the face is intended to evoke those very, very old, dry skulls you see in deserts. I do intend to do the power cell on his weapon eventually, but this represents the standard to which I plan to paint all of my 'crons before going back and adding some additional details once they're all at this level.

The reddish-orange tinge of the base is deliberate. The army has a back-story that explains their physical difference to other Necrons... Wait until you see what I have planned for the C'Tan!


max the dog
05-06-2008, 00:49
I'm loving the look. It's certainly much better than the hunched over look I'm used to seeing. I will admit thought that after the first 20 are complete you may run out of pose idea's for the last 20. May I recommend a squad posed as if they just got out of close combat. Bloodied weapons, trophies, corpse at their feet, swinging their gauss gun over their head, etc....

05-06-2008, 05:46
Good plan, that man. Definitely - some battle-damaged and "rising again" Necrons would be a good variation. The main limitation on the poses is how hard it is to rotated the heads at all.

23-06-2008, 14:30
Phew. Finished another five in a short burst between housework.



23-06-2008, 16:15
while an impressive conversion - their pose looks too... unnatural for necrons. The models don't look *right* if you get what i mean.

while i'm impressed with the work that has gone into these models, i don't like the overall effect. The warriors look not *better* when hunchbacked, but more *necron*

23-06-2008, 17:25
i don't know they just look a bit too lanky for my liking.
brilliant effort though, i would just get bored.....

23-06-2008, 17:40
Well, I guess you can't please all of the people, all of the time.

If you want "bulky", wait till you see my Immortals... :D


The Guy
23-06-2008, 17:50
Amazing. I think I'm gonna give it a try :p
Love the heads too. They look like evil space clowns.

02-07-2008, 10:09
Finally finished the first squad (well, finished for the immediately purposes of the army - there's still a few bits and pieces here and there I want to add, like some gold details, green eyes and some colour on their weapons.


I've got two more warriors to paint who will represent the start of my second squad, but I'm taking this slow at the moment. Every Warrior takes 30 mins to convert and 30 mins to paint, so this squad alone represents 10 hours' work.

Time to do more space marines, I think...


02-07-2008, 12:41
Looks really good so far, keep it up!

02-07-2008, 22:08
Those guys are creepy looking to me in true scale for some reason.

Hadriel Caine
03-07-2008, 00:37

LOVE the face masks, very KOTOR2: The Sith Lords IIRC!
enough webspeak. Knights of the old republic 2, star wars game, Sith Dude... very sinister... very similar mask. Of course you knew that.

urgh, crons. They are such a tricky army to play against (or were 5 years ago) my mate went Crons to Daemonhunters... no not a power gamer at all!

I reli like the bases too, similar colour to your wonderful pre heresy 54mm DA. like Hortworth's Kreig Orkses as well I seem to remember. Very rich reddy earth on whatever planet they are all on! :D

very much looking forwards to your take on some other Cron units!



p.s. shameless plug - check out my WIP tank company in the sig... go on! you know you want to!

03-07-2008, 01:55
that is a lot taller, but to be honest, I quite like the hunch-backed look.

Its a sign of evil!

03-07-2008, 11:02
It's not the hunchback look that bothers me, Duane. It's the "I shall s*** upon your feeble planet, human!" squat that I hate so much.

Adam, actually, I'm not a Star Wars fan and have never player KOTOR (although I spend enough time online to have known what it stood for without you spelling it out to me - I'm 32; I'm not dead ;) ).

The red earth is supposed to evoke Mars. The army's name, translated from Necron into Eldar and then into Low Gothic, is "Children of the Forge-Moon" and I have a rather extensive conversion of the Nightbringer in mind for the army's centrepiece.

However, I have three more of these Warrior squads to do before I even get to do the Immortals. It's going to long, boring, tedious work. So you lot had better appreciate it when I'm finished!


Hadriel Caine
11-07-2008, 11:42
found it! Darth Nihilus from KOTOR2!


now I can see that is not exactly the same markings... however the models are very evocative of another evil power. :D

how are the others coming along?



11-07-2008, 13:24
I did the same with one my my Necrons, with the purpose of making a full 52 of these bad boys...

http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w40/Hespithe/WH40K%20Necrons/th_DSC01204.jpg (http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w40/Hespithe/WH40K%20Necrons/DSC01204.jpg)
http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w40/Hespithe/WH40K%20Necrons/th_DSC01205.jpg (http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w40/Hespithe/WH40K%20Necrons/DSC01205.jpg)

But... I found that the theme for my army really did not suit such a confident upright pose. I'm doing 'Emo-Necs' and the army will be entered into this years TOP event for 40K, so full info will be found there. The size difference really is quite dramatic. Kudos to you for pushing forward, mate. They look nice.