View Full Version : 40k Player needs lots of advice on Demons List

10-05-2008, 20:35
Hey folks, with the demon release I look at this as a great opportunity to get into fantasy. I have very limited experience with fantasy but know most of the rules. My biggest problem is I don't have enough experience to be able to see how the army plays out in my head to know if I have all my bases covered. I would really appreciate some advice from some seasoned players.

Going off models I have and/or want to convert this is what I have (going for 2250).

KOS 650
Lvl 4, siren, allure of slaanesh, enrapturing gaze, torment blade
Masque 90
Herald of Slaanesh 265
Steed of Slaanesh, Greater Icon of Despair, Siren
Then either enrapturing gaze, soporific musk or torment blade- cheap version

5 Furies 60
12 Daemonettes 144
12 Daemonettes 144
12 Daemonettes 144

6 Seekers of Slaanesh 181
Stnd, siren icon
4 Screamers of Tzeentch 120

3 Fiends 165
4 Flamers of Tzeentch 140

I have 147 left that I could get a herald of tzeentch to add some more dispel dice and magic dice. I am really stuck here as I just donít know fantasy enough to know what I need. I also donít have all the units represented that I wanted to model. I wanted to put 3 nurglings in as well, get another unit of seekers, and put the banner of ecstasy on a unit of daemonettes- not to mention boosting one unit to 18. Is there any advice you can give before I start modeling? Do I need the furies? Are my screamers and flamers too big, not big enough etc etc. I feel good about the fiends and the seekers with the herald. My last question would be, do I drop my KOS to a level 2 caster (since I would have the same dispel dice correct?) to save some points? My feelings are I need to kill magic users early to have a chance with this list as no one get dispel scrolls except Tzeentch anyways. Folks, any advice on how to finish things off, I would greatly appreciate it.

11-05-2008, 15:10
No comments at all? I would really appreciate some help folks.

Well I was thinking about it and I could drop a bit of fluff and cut 2 of the daemonette units to 10 and bump the third to 16. By dropping the keeper to a level 3 wizard, I can add 2 more daemonettes to 18 and include a standard. Now I just need to free up 25 points for the ecstasy banner.

Can anyone tell me if the screamer or flamer units are optimally sized, if they are too large I can get some points there. I was thinking the the -2 ldr banner, the flamers might be able to force some units to run after shooting them.

I would also like to get a unit of 3 nurgling bases in, (just because I have some fun conversions planned) are they any good? Do I need them AND furies or can I drop them?

Again, what do I do with the final 140 pts? It seems like my list could really benefit from more troops but I could really use the extra dispel die from the herald of tzeentch.

Thanks again.