View Full Version : 1250 Slaanesh

10-05-2008, 20:50
So, we've got a summer league going on near me, and I thought I'd take on the new Daemons. I want to run a primarily slaanesh army, for aesthetic reasons more than anything. Here's my list:

Herald, Wiz upgrade, MAM
Herald, Wiz Upgrade, MAM
Daemonettes x13, full command, Siren song banner
Daemonettes x13, full command, Siren Song banner
Seekers x6, full command, siren song banner
Fiends x2
Furries x6
Furries x6

Basic idea: Throw the Furries out front to screen and hunt war machines, use Seekers to contain one flank, run the fiends on the other flank into whatever their brick unit is, and clean up with the Daemonettes. Speed is, of course, the essence, and yes I know that this is one big glass hammer of a list. One good RBT or EBT on the fiends and I'm probably toast. At such small point values I know I don't need to fear magic much, hence only the 2 lv 1 wizards for a couple dispel dice and on the off chance, a good shot with Shards.

Any other glaring weaknesses (other than no khorne-y stuff)? I think Brets might be a tough fight, and Wood Elves is going to be a question of the last man (or woman) standing. Should I go with full command on the daemonettes? sacrifice my Alluress to the off-chance challenge... or trust my 6-attack ASF herald to take out anything? Same on the seekers.

Any thoughts?