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11-05-2008, 05:52
Ok well i am going to either play Dwarfs or Skaven but i am leaning toward the Dwarfs, although i have never played them.

So here is a list i made i guess it is a gunline list but i wanted some CC and staying power i am hoping the one runesmith will be enough to deal with VC but i am not sure. I am up for any suggestions the only thing that i dont have yet are 18 of the ironbreakers and one of the bolt throwers.

Dwarf Lord (1#, 231 Pts)
1 Dwarf Lord,Great Weapon,Gromril Armor
Master Rune of Gromril; Rune of Iron (x2)
Master Rune of Challenge

Runesmith (1#, 129 Pts)
1 Runesmith
Great Weapon,Gromril Armor,Rune of Stone,Rune of Spellbreaking (x2)

Thane (1#, 165 Pts)
1 Thane (Battle Standard Bearer),1 Runic Standard ,Master Rune of Fear

Dwarf Warriors (20#, 205 Pts)
19 Dwarf Warriors FC w/Shield

Dwarf Warriors (20#, 315 Pts)
19 Longbeards FC, With Shields,Rune of Slowness (x1)

Thunderers (10#, 140 Pts)
10 Thunderers

Thunderers (10#, 140 Pts)
10 Thunderers

Artillery Battery (5#, 140 Pts)
1 Cannon,Rune of Forging,1 Engineer

Artillery Battery (5#, 85 Pts)
1 Bolt Thrower,Rune of Penetrating,1 Engineer

Artillery Battery (5#, 65 Pts)
1 Bolt Thrower,Rune of Burning,1 Engineer

Artillery Battery (4#, 120 Pts)

Ironbreakers (23#, 359 Pts)
22 Ironbreakers FC with Shields
1 Runic Standard
Rune of Courage

Miners (11#, 156 Pts)
10 Miners,1 Prospector,Steam Drill

Total Roster Cost: 2250

Well let me know that you guys think

Well let me know that you guys think

Max zero
11-05-2008, 06:12
To be honest its a pretty tame list. Solid but not spectacular.

Keep in mind the LVGT is a no comp tournie. That means your going to see the worst of the worst.

I have already seen 12+ PD Daemon and VC armies being put together.

Get more magic defence and consider Thorak. Cheese for cheese.

11-05-2008, 06:24
Looks good overall. First, shields are a must on your Thunderers, a 4+ save in cc is nothing to scoff at. No shield bearers on your lord? They're a steal, and will save you points with trying to make him more resilient with the MRoG. Also I suggest you go for a rune of resistance on him as well, I find the re-roll to be much more effective than the runes of iron, but if you feel thay you'll be running into some no AS abilities be my guest. If you're going with the MRoF on your BSB a rune of stoicism on one of your other regiments is a must IMO, the pair work well to say the least.

What is your other Artillery Battery? A stone thrower? I guess you forgot to copy it down is all :D

I think you should scrap the cannon and use the points for a Master Engineer (Put him in a Bolt Thrower unit) with some runes of luck and a single rune of penetrating on the other Bolt Thrower. This will give you some strength in cc to fend off flyers or what not that'll assault you (trust me, he can do some nice hits in cc w/a GW), you'll still have the ability to one-shot chariots, plus the entrenchment is always a help and your shooting line won't be too crowded this way for your regiments to counter, should they get in cc.

Miners are ok, but I wouldn't take them unless I had an Anvil in the list so they could get an 'almost' garanteed charge off the turn they come in. Maybe go for a gyrocopter instead? With the ability to march block, your shooting phases will be much more effective. Best of luck at the tourney.

11-05-2008, 08:40
If it's a no comp affair then I'd serious consider the anvil, not only can it help out the army overall, but it will also add some magic defense, a runelord with 3 scroll runes gives you 6DD and 3scrolls, nothing to scoff at.

Other than that it looks good, shields on the thunderers are a must. Are you sure about the ironbreakers? Maybe just me but I prefer hammerers simply for the stubborn LD9, chuck in a rune of courage and a BSB and your next to unbreakable.

11-05-2008, 08:49
Our local dwarf players both run full gunlines, and their thunderers always have shields. Makes 'em more expensive, but then you debate whether you want to charge AS 4+ dwarves or just go ahead and let them shoot you...