View Full Version : What about the strenght in close combat?

11-05-2008, 16:27
I have got a little question. If I use, in close combat, an one handed weapon, like a knife, I have to use the full character's strenght or just half of it?
For example, a Space Marine attacks (200 strenght) with a power knife. He hits and does 3 d6 of damage plus 15 or plus 5?
Because I've noticed that each arm has half the character's strenght.
If someone has a solution, please post it.
Thanks a lot :)

11-05-2008, 17:50
Plus 15, half strength only really counts for using great weapons one handed and using rifles one handed

12-05-2008, 07:04
Yeah, the rules aren't 100% clear, but reading them as written, one uses a character's full Strength when calculating the Strength Bonus in combat, regardless of whether a weapon is wielded one- or two-handed. The only exception is when wielding Great weapons.