View Full Version : Colourful Mix of DoC 2k

11-05-2008, 16:02
Great Unclean One, Trappings of Nurgle, Noxious Vapours, Lvl 3 610

Herald of Slaanesh, Many Armed Monstrosity 140

12 Bloodletters, Full Command 174

15 Daemonettes, Full Command 210

15 Plaguebearers, Full Command 210

7 Furies 84

3 Nurglings 105

5 Screamers 150

4 Flamers, Pyrocaster 155

4 Flamers, Pyrocaster 155

What do you think of this list?

Basically it's all the Daemonic models I currently own (barring a beast of Nurgle). Could this list work?

I've got some shooting, a few decent combat units and fliers/marchblockers. Magic is abit low...
The GUO isn't all that killy, but he's a solid staying unit that can help out the others while occasionaly getting off the odd spell.

11-05-2008, 16:10
could do quite well i suppose but you have little fighty units or flankers
it is quite a fragile army with the most power in the core

but then again they are all the models you own so i think that it is quite a good list

12-05-2008, 19:00
Yeah I suppose I'll proably need something abit more fighty. Maybe I should get myself a unit of fleshounds...

The plaguebearers would be much better if I had a herald in them, should I try to convert such a model and squeeze it into my list?

Also, on the flamers, prsonally i feel two units of flamers would be better than having a single unit and adding my lone beast of nurgle, does everyone else agree with me?

Too bad all the cool daemon units are rare, I'd love some bloodcrushers but there is no point in getting them as I already have more rare units than i can use.