View Full Version : Nurgle Doombulls vs. Slaanesh.

11-05-2008, 17:44
4+ armor save vs. Immune to psychology... I have been playing Nurgle, but I am seriously tempted by slaanesh at this point. This switch of mindset comes from my absolutely horrible luck taking panic checks due to shooting/other units breaking/whatever. I actually had a game where I couldnt get 1 unit of minotaurs into combat vs. an Empire player. They kept running away for the various reasons I just mentioned... Anyone out there play a slaanesh Doombull list, and if so have you had luck? (Anyone who has played such an army can pipe in too.) Thanks


11-05-2008, 17:50
Doombulls have leadership 9, right? I don't really see panic being THAT horrible. I think you should stick with Nurglebulls. Immune to Psychology isn't all that useful with a leadership 9 fear-causing monster of a character, in my opinion. Unless your luck really does suck that much...

11-05-2008, 18:05
Yeah the general is ld 9, and yeah it does. I'm not whining or anything either. Its not about winning every time. I just really need my army to not fall apart on me before it gets into hand to hand. Although even then sometimes its a bloody nightmare. I am lady lucks one night stand.

11-05-2008, 18:14
Well then, go Slaanesh. Your army is almost guaranteed to reach the enemy lines.

11-05-2008, 18:15
Nurgle...as you can then take nurgle minotaurs.
Nurgle minotaurs > Slaanesh minotaurs.

11-05-2008, 18:28
I'm not convinced that Nurgle Minotaurs are > than Slaanesh Minotaurs for me... I dunno what do you think g0ddy?

Ps. Stuck at work again on warhammer day *sigh*

11-05-2008, 18:35
Nurgle Minotaurs can have a 4+ save and arm them with great weapons... watch them just walk through most if not all enemy units.

Plus the imagery is very cool. I'd wrap the Minotaur in a death like cloak with giant Scythes... Nurgles reapers.

Slaanesh Minataurs are good for baiting as they are ItP I'd screen them with hounds, have the hounds flee through the Minotaurs... who don't need to take a panic test and are now almost sure to get the charge against the enemy's unit that has just failed a charge.

Again the imagery is good, a Minotaur is big... Slaanesh is the good of pleasure, that is going to hurt.