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11-05-2008, 18:56
If I dedicate my Daemon Prince to, say Khorne for example, does it have any additional effects other than allowing me to pick daemonic gifts usable by bloodthirsters?

Since I'm paying 35 points to dedicate my daemon prince, I'm hoping I'll get something more than just the extra options...

11-05-2008, 20:11
No. Sadly, Daemon Princes are terrible in the new book.

They lack Terror, for starters, and only cause Fear.

Additionally...though they have a lot of options on the surface, you only get 75 points of Gift Allowance, yet they are still taking up an entire Lord choice if you take them . . . :rolleyes:

If you Dedicate them to a particular God, the only benefit is that you can use that God's Lore of Magic, if you make them a Wizard. You can also pick from the Gift Allowance of the Greater Daemon of the God you have Dedicated your Prince to...but you can still take only 50-pts (max) of gifts from that Greater Daemon allowance.

This means that even if you dedicated a Khorne Prince to Khorne, and got to pick from the Bloodthirsters "armory"...you could not pick Awesome Strength, as it's 75, or Dark Insanity (55), etc. etc. - only gifts which were 50 pts or less.

It's highly worthless to do so, since you could pick a lot of nice gifts naturally just by going off what he has in the default selection for a Prince.


Additionally...if you buy Winged Horror for 20...that comes right out of his Gift Allowance, meaning only 55 pts left to buy stuff with...if you want him Flying.

It's such utter crap...there is almost no reason to ever take one of them over a Greater Daemon (or just run 4 Heralds).


The ONE possibility we have been able to think up for him is as follows:

Daemon Prince

Dedicate to Tzeentch (this allows you to take Master of Sorcery Gift from the Lord of Change's "armory")

Upgrade to Level-2 Wizard

Gift: Many-Armed Monstrosity (+2 Attacks), Master of Sorcery (Lore of Fire)


Now...he will have 7 Attacks by Default thanks to the bonus of Many-Armed.

He now knows all spells from the Lore of Fire thanks to Master of Sorcery. This guarantees him of having Flaming Sword of Rhuin !

Cast Flaming Sword. He now goes up to 8 Attacks (7 + 1 from the Spell), at Strength-8 ! (5 + 3 from the Spell)...which all hit on 2+ (thanks to the spell).

That would be a -5 Armor Save penalty from the high strength of the hits, meaning you could pretty much shred 2+ or worse Armor Save enemy units.


However...your Prince cannot fly under this setup (not enough points left in his wussified-allowance to afford wings)...but he does have Movement-8 naturally, which is pretty good.

He's also not a Large Target, meaning he can be screened, etc. as needed.

Total Cost of him in this setup: 495


It's at that point you ask yourself, "why didn't I just buy the Bloodthirster, and give him Immortal Fury (re-roll all misses), Firestorm Blade (Str-7 and Flaming Attacks), Armor of Khorne (3+ Armor Save), and Collar of Khorne (Magic Resistance 3). . . or some similiar combo - for around 550 points, max.


Conclusion...Daemon Princes are really rather...ehh...crappy, no matter how you try to salvage them. :eyebrows:

(they could have made them takeable if they took up 2-hero choices instead of a Lord choice).

11-05-2008, 20:49
Buy a Bloodthirster. Give him Immortal Fury, Firestorm Blade, and Obsidian Armour (negates magic weapons). He's only 550 points and kicks the crap out of pretty much everything. Fulgrim is right, Daemon Princes suck now.

11-05-2008, 21:27
That's so sad. The daemon princes are the only daemons that have some sort of personality.

11-05-2008, 22:39
Hey! GUOs are full of personality!

12-05-2008, 01:47
OR if the demon prince was a rare choice in the same way its a heavy in 40K