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12-05-2008, 07:18
I'm going to my first ever tournament in June and I want to see what people think of this list before I go ahead with building it. I don't know if army lists are scored for fairness or whatever but please give me your impression of any strengths and weakness's you can see.

Vampire Lord with Hellsteed, extra magic lvl (lvl 3 total), Balefire Spike, Ghoulkin, Summon Ghouls, Master of the Black Arts, The Flayed Hauberk, Helm of Commandment and Wristbands of Black Gold- 470pts

Vampire with Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death (additional hand weapon) and The Book of Arkhan-185pts

Vampire with Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death (additional hand weapon), Black Periapt and Dispel Scroll- 190pts

Wight King with barded Skeletal Steed, lance and The Hand of Dust- 157pts

15 Crypt Ghouls with Crypt Ghast- 128pts

15 Crypt Ghouls with Crypt Ghast- 128pts

15 Crypt Ghouls with Crypt Ghast- 128pts

14 Crypt ghouls with Crypt Ghast- 120pts

Corpse Cart with Balefire- 100pts

Corpse Cart with Balefire- 100pts

6 Fell Bats- 120pts

6 Black Knights with Hell Knight- 160pts

5 Black Knights with barding, command and The Royal Standard of Strigos- 215pts

6 Cairn Wraiths- 300pts


The Vampire lord will sit behind the blocks of Crypt Ghouls and raise them whilst my other Vampires focus what magic they have on either weakening enemy units or raising Zombies, depending on what spells i get and the enemy I'm facing. The Black Knights (one unit with Wight King) will take one falnk each, whilst the Cairn Wraiths will be a hammer unit that I'll try and keep safe in any terrain available. Fell Bats will go for war machines whilst my Crypt Ghouls will either move forward with Ghoulkin if I'm facing a defensive army or stay back if facing an attacking army and continue to be raised. So yeah let me know what you think since this will be my first tournament and i don't know what to expect at all.

12-05-2008, 12:15
I use a similar list (KoBK and more Felbats instead of BKs and Wraiths, otherwise almost identical), and here's my thoughts...

Vamp Lord: Ditch the Hellsteed. On a flying mount he can't join units to protect him from cannons or shooting units. Sure, he's got bracers, but wouldn't you rather have a 3+ ward AND a 2+ Look Out Sir? A plain Nightmare is plenty enough to get him around the field and he will still be able to join units.

As your ghoul units are starting off smallish, go with Lodestones instead on your carts. Trust me, they'll make back their points in just one round. At least take ONE Lodestone, it's easy enough to keep that cart near 3 units of ghouls. Carts don't really want to be close enough to enemy casters that Balefire is useful...

Better off with 2 units of 3 bats than one unit of 6, and same goes for the wraiths.

Start back 3 inches with your ghouls unless you're facing a gunline. That way, you ghoulmove before 1st turn. If you have to go first, then you sit still. If you get to go 2nd, and your opponent has moved forward enough, then you should be able to get the charge in. If they attempt to stand off with your infantry, then felbats to the rear to tie them up or the good ol' Book should ensure you charge. I call the BoA the Undead Bible, and the first commandment in the undead bible is that you always have the Book of Arkhan!

Don't be afraid to drop bigger spells at the beginning of your magic phase to draw out all their dispel dice. You want all their dice gone so the book can get by unhindered (or at least make them burn a scroll). I've even gone so far as to cast VHDM three times in my phase to eat scrolls/dice, and then used the book at the end to really frustrate my foes.

12-05-2008, 13:21
I agree with Sarael about the general being on a hellsteed all alone. Not the best of options considering what happens when the general dies...

With Ghoulkin your vamps will be forward a possible 8" leaving your Black Knights and Wraiths without being able to march. Even if your general is within 12" of them at the start of the game (after ghoulkin move), making sure all three units stay within 12" of the general (or 6" of a vampire in a ghoul unit) is not going to be the easiest to pull off.

I am also not a big fan of additional hand weapons on thralls that are lvl:2 casters: the thralls become even a bigger target to attack. Toughness 4 and a 5+ armor save is not going to help much when mage hunters attack the ghoul unit to try and pick off the Vampire before losing combat and running away (flyers / cavalry / etc). While having a shield is not a guarantee of surviving, the added armor increases the chance of not dying (again).

Fellbats... unit strength 5 is the golden number you are looking for. While 2 units of 3 gives you more options the bats can not auto destroy units if fled through at that unit strength. If you are tight for points, dropping a single bat will still allow you to have US5.

12-05-2008, 17:45
Felbats are US 2 though, aren't they? They DO have 2 wounds.

12-05-2008, 17:55
Fellbats are a unit of flyers, so have a US of 1 (per the BRB). This also means they are -1 to shoot because they are skirmish with a unit strength of 1.

12-05-2008, 18:01
you could add a varghulf instead of something...gives it a bestial theme that goes well with the ghouls and it is quite fast abd since it is a vamp it allows your black knights and wraiths to march

12-05-2008, 18:29
I run a very similar 2k list, with Lord on Hellsteed. I understand the dangers of him being alone, but his extreme speed and manueverability have made him impossible for my foes to 'snipe' at him. I have had a lot of success in shifting him around the battlefield really frustrating foes that are trying to reach him. I think the hellsteed is the best 30 points in the army list! (Ok, perhaps an exaggeration...but it's a nice toy to have!)

As others have said, I question spending 20 points on Avatar to get a 5+ save and +1A.

I also agree with others recommending a Lodestone...a WONDERFUL addition to help boost up those Ghouls early, and keep them kicking after they get in a fight!

18-05-2008, 07:51
Thanks for all the advice!

I've decided to get rid of the Cairn Wraiths and instead include a Vargulf and another unit of ghouls, as well as drop the fell bats to 5. im swapping one balefire for a lodestone and getting shields with my avatars of death.

I'm keeping the hellsteed, at least for the moment, and if it doesnt work out i can always change it for my next tournament. i mostly want him for his flexibility, although it is risky because of the whole crumbling thing. just have to wait and see how he fairs against different armies and if its worth keeping him on a hellsteed