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12-05-2008, 11:09
hello guys, i have been having major trouble with making an army list, i have posted a few times with no reply, and now i'm asking those veteran gamers out there to give me a hand in getting my list a little better.

i have a crusade theme into the chaos wastes, and i wanted to do soemthing with either wp's or wizzis i have two lists , which do you think is the better gameswise adn what would you change thanks a lot

list 1

wp heavy armor =100 pts
2nd hand weap

wiz level 2 =100 pts

fc= = 139 pts

20 spearmen
fc =125 pts

2 times 10 free comp detache for both = 100 pts

5 knights = 115 pts

5 ic knights = 130 pts

5 pistoliers = 90 pts

5 outriders = 110 pts

total army=1009 pts

general idea is to use big blocks and detach to take midfield and hold it and use concentrated cavalry use to take 1 flank and use spare knights to attackl other flank as a sort of refused flank idea.


list 2

2nd hw and heavy a= 100 pts

wiz lvl2 = 100 pts

wiz lvl 2 = 100 pts


19 spearmen
fc =120 pts

19 swordsmen
fc = 139 pts

two times 10 free company = 100 pts
two times 5 free company = 50 pts

5 pistoliers = 90 pts

5 outriders = 110 pts

army total = 909 pts

as you see a 100 pts to spare 150 if i leave out the 5 free companies

what to do with this points worth/

tactics is to use a torrent of spels to weaken down enemy units and the pistoliers and outiders help towards that, then charge them with the big blocks and destroy them.


wel thankyou for youre help

12-05-2008, 14:58
The first list seems better to me. However, I'd drop the Outriders and get a Great Cannon instead. You'll need at least one if you're heading out to the Chaos Wastes after all.

Drop 1 FC from each detachment and give the Pistoliers a Musician instead.

Also your Heroes seem a little bare... A second hand weapon? No items for the Mage?