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12-05-2008, 12:00
--Lords & Hero's--

BO Warboss
Heavy Armor, Boar, Shaga's Screamin Sword, Enchanted Shield, Warboss Um's Best Boss 'At

Orc Great Shaman
LVL 4, Staff of Badumm, Power Stone, Dispel Scroll

BO Big Boss
Battle Standard Bearer, Boar, Morks Spirit Totem

Orc Shaman
LVL 2, Staff of Sorcery, Nibbla's Itty Ring

Goblin Big Boss
Light Armor, Shield, Wollopa's One Hit Wunda, Talisman of Protection, Guzzla's Battle Brew, Goblin Wolf Chariot

NG Shaman
LVL 2, Staff of Sneaky Stealin

Summary : The warboss is on a boar and has a 1+ AS with the enchanted shield and a 5+ WS. The sword makes him a combat machine as long as there are a couple characters near where he charges. Also being on a boar give shim the ability to charge out of the unit perhaps into war machine crew or maybe a chariot or something small that he can hit/kill and then re-join a unit. The spirit totem is the one that adds dispel dice. Since the BSB is denied magic items I put him on a boar too so he would have a 3+ armor save and it gives him the ability to move to a new unit that has more rank bonuses if his gets whittled down and I need the dispel dice. The Shamans are self explanatory while the Goblin big boss on the chariot is there for tons o fun! I've got a more than 50/50 chance at gaining hatred and a 33% chance at gaining frenzy which would give him an extra attack and re-roll misses in first round of combat. With the S10 attacks combined with the chariot impact hits I feel this makes him an excellent and unexpected flanker.


3 Units of 20 Orc Boys
Full Command,Extra Hand Weapon, Shields

3 Units of 22 Night Goblins
Musician, Nets, 2 Fanatics

4 Units of 5 Spider Riders
Musician, Short Bows

Summary : Three units of orcs means just that; more orcs. Four units of spider riders makes a lot of options for a couple things. 1-Drawing off frenzied units. 2-Deploying in any difficult terrain in my deployment zone to deny scouting positions. 3-Providing flank support (one unit will probably stick near the Goblin big boss on chariot just to ensure that what he hits, he kills). The NG units of 22 means you have to kill 6 for a panic check and while that isn't very hard it's still better than 5. While 2 fanatics is 50 points it gives me a marginally better shot at hitting a unit with one when they come into range.


20 Black Orcs
Full Command, Shields

2 Units of 4 Squig Herding Teams (20 Man Units)

Orc Boar Chariot

2 Goblin Spear Chukkah's

Summary : Black Orcs are just a mean unit with good armor. The squig herd provides me invaluable immunity to psychology combined with the attack power of black orcs and even when they do break and flee which they will eventually they still do damage.


2 Snotling Pump Wagons

2 Doom Divers

Summary : The giant was 205 points that has pretty much been a waste. He's loads of fun but pretty much just wasted baggage. Most things I'll see at this tourney will have high enough leadership to ignore him or wont need to test anyway. The 2 pump wagons force the opponent to shoot them. 2D6 strength 4 hits could seriously turn the tide in any combat and being immune to psychology means I wont have to test for them to do it. Of course I still have to roll their random ass movement. I have replaced my rock lobba's with the doom divers. Will never kill as much as a lobba but the increased accuracy means I can risk aiming them at units smaller than 20 men.

Point Total : 3496

Overall Summary : While I'd really like to squeeze the Horn of Urgok in there somewhere which would give me leadership 10 when it's sounded it's just 40 points I can't find. I really don't know how this list will do but I'm going for the basic point of the army; more is better.

Please give constructive opinions! If you see something here you think is total folly tell me what you think could be done to make it better. While I have no delusions of really honestly making it to the 3rd round I'd certainly like to give it my all and do the best I can.

12-05-2008, 21:59
Looks like a good well rounded force.

I'd find a way to get in the horn for sure. Really helps in big games. Maybe drop a unit of spider riders...

Let us know how you did : )