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12-05-2008, 13:09
Hey all,

A few weeks back I posted about looking for a 'cheap' way into WFB. There was a lot of discussion about OK and lists. Looking over the OK, I like some of the crazier stuff they have (magic, scraplauncher), but my eye has been wandering towards undead armies.

I understand undead armies usually mean hordes and high model counts, but is there a cheap way to buy into VC or TK without it being 'cheesy' or 'beardy'? (I'd like to play for fun more than wins)

Is a 'cheap' VC or TK army not possible?


19-05-2008, 14:55
if you get the TK $150(aussie dollar) box, a prince and some priests you get a good core for an army.

Andrew Luke
19-05-2008, 16:07
TK are cheap because you can always find the old style skellies for to bulk out your unit for cheap on ebay, wherever. VC can be annoying because you can summon so many different things above starting strength with bloodline powers, so you could potentially need extra dire wolves, fell bats, ghouls, and skellies. (Not to mention the couple odd boxes of zombies you will need anyway.) Its possible to field a low model count VC unit by fielding a couple elite units like GG and Blood Knights, but that army isn't really effective and a little boring IMO. TK also tends to sell for less in general cuz the recent release of VC ups the demand. Go TK and never look back!