View Full Version : 2k Gorbad

13-05-2008, 01:37
for this list i wanted to try a smaller, tighter army around big unz...
here it is...
let me know what you think, what i might change, so on...

Black orc big boss
....L.a. shield, sword of battle, imbads iron gnashas
Night gob big boss
....L.A. shield martogs best basha, kickin bootz
Orc boys, 18 (gorbad here)
...full command, big unz, extra choppas, banner of butchery
orc boys, 19 (blorc boss here)
....full command, big unz, extra choppas
night goblins, 24 (n. gob boss here)
....full command, spears, nets, 2 fanatics
Boar boyz, 6
....full command, big unz
orc boar chariot
....3 crew
spear chukka
doom diver