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13-05-2008, 13:01
Hello all

I have been in the hobby for 13+ years, but not active for about the last year and a half. I enjoy these boards and read often. I was and (i guess) still am a night goblin player, although I played around with Tzeentch during SoC and have dabbled with dwarves, empire, and VC. I finally have time to devote to the hobby again and I think I may want to even make the Baltimore GT. That being said I need a new army.

I want something that will conceptually be able to compete with the nastiness of tournaments. I do not need to play one of the traditionally beefy tourny options (2 stank, 2 tree, BAF, SAD, VC w/273659237casting dice etc) but I would like to play something that could at least in theory hold its own.

That being said I do like the new demon models a ton, I also like the idea of the forest spirit army (just without the 2 tree BSB thing) any opinion on their viability against the aforementioned tourney biggies

As an aside I thought about going back to Gobbos but imo they are not built to be competitive as pure NG. I do not need to win every game I play, but I need to feel like I have a shot to win.

Thanks in advance


13-05-2008, 14:15
Have you considered Lizardmen? I don't play tournaments so I can't comment on how competitive they are at that level but they're a very flexible and well rounded army. I can't see why they wouldn't be competitive with a competent general. Plus they're fun to play, have some really nice models and enough flexibility to suit a wide range of play styles.

13-05-2008, 14:27
Have you considered using the demons as 'counts as' forest spirits? You could do some sort of twisted, hobgoblin-y theme with mud coloured bloodletters and... Umm. I'm not sure. Mudbeasts of Nurgle with Treeman rules or something.

That way you get to use the models you like and the list you like, and have something that nobody else will be putting on the table.

Grey Seer Skretch
13-05-2008, 15:39
The most competative WFB army I've ever put together (and quite by accident as everyone told me it wouldn't work when i was building it) is my Waywatcher themed WElf army.

Waywatcher Lord sporting bow of Loren, Moonstone of Hidden Ways and Arcane Bodkins leading 10 Waywatchers

Waywatcher Noble with those Sprites that cause terror, leading 10 Waywatchers

2 units of 10 Glade Guard with a Lord's Bowman each.

1 unit of 10 Scouts with a Lords Bowman.

2 units of 8 Dryads with a champion each (can't remember name, ages since used list, d'oh!)

2 lvl 2 Spellsingers with a couple of scrolls and the stick of lots of treesinging.

Ummm...I think thats everything I've got (although if that doesnt add up to 2k I'm a dumbass and have forgotten something). It looks flimsy as hell and, well, it is, but my GOD it has an amazing capacity to keep dodging the enemy, sniping chunks out of them at a time, and eventually leaving most armies as quivering heaps. Defeated a guy with an old school Tzeentchian Daemon list that hadn't lost in about 20 something games with it. Its just rather...'tense' to use. But hey, if it appeals, feel free to poach the list :)