View Full Version : 500pts citizen levy

13-05-2008, 14:39
Here's a small force for games against a goblin army my friend is using.

Heavy armour+shield, Great weapon.

14 Spearmen, full command
10 Archers
5 Silverhelms,Shields, Standard+Musician


Nothing too special, the Noble goes in the spearmen, and can use either the great weapon, or hand weapon/shield as circumstances demand.

13-05-2008, 15:15
It's solid. Is it Border Patrol though?

Otherwise I'd drop the Archers for an RBT. Then you can at least give Shields to the Silver Helms.

If you can drop a few more points elsewhere you'd then be able to upgrade the SH into Dragon Princes. Like the champion for the Spears.

But then that may ruin the whole aesthetic of being a Citizen Levy.

Keeping that list I'd say the standard for the SH is a bit of a gamble. If they don't break anything on the charge, and they probably won't, it may just tilt things into a draw.

13-05-2008, 15:22
It's border patrol.
The silver helms have shields.
I plan to put the SH into the flank of whatever unit the spearmen hit.