View Full Version : Middenheim Empire (Kinda)

13-05-2008, 16:01
I am long time warhammer player branching out into Empire. All feedback would be great. I was so enchanted by some of the storm of chaos models i had to put together an empire army. It is not entirely fluffy as there is a wizard and I am counting white wolf knight models as regular empire knights. It seems white wolf knights are just inferior.
Here goes. Thanks in advance

Grandmaster: Sword of power, laurels of victory, shield 244
Captain: BSB, full plate, griffon standard 138
Warrior Priest: Shield, Heavy armor 98
Battle Wizard: Level 2, 2x dispel, Shadows 150
20x Swordsmen: Full Command 185
DETACHMENT: 10x free company 50
10x Handgunners 80
5x Knights: Full Command 156
20x Greatswords: Full Command 230
DETACHMENT: 10x free company 50
5x Pistoliers 90
Great Cannon 100
Great Cannon 100
20x Flagellants: Profit of Doom 210
TOTAL 1881

So I have a few points left over to work with. I would like to have more knights in the unit. Or maybe shift some stuff around and make the knights inner circle. That would be a more tactical way to run White Wolves. The fact that I am not bothers me. Maybe take more handgunners and move the knights down to special for a great cannon.
All comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks