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13-05-2008, 16:22
I couldn't resist a super dragon. This list will be a big win or big loss kinda army i believe. I haven't playtested this yet and I am hoping some of the other high elf generals could shed some light on my mistakes. Thanks in advance.

Prince: Lance, Star Dragon, Armor of Caledor, Vembrances of Defence 606
Nobel: BSB, Radiant gem of Hoeth (Beasts), Lance, Heavy Arm, Barded Steed. Goes with a unit of dragon princes casts bear's anger on himself when they go in. 179
Mage: 2x dispel 140
10x Archers 110
10x Archers 110
5x Dragon Princes: Full Command 200
5x Dragon Princes: Full Command 200
Lion Chariot (Converted to be pulled by converted cold ones) 140
Drake (Great Eagle) 50
Bolt Thrower 100
Bolt Thrower 100
Bolt Thrower 100
TOTAL 1925

So everything sets up on a flank and rushes toward one side of the army in an attempt to roll up the flank. Would it be a better choice to run one big unit of dragon princes instead of the two small ones? Would Ellyrian Reavers be a good addition? I think this would be really fun to play and has a huge potential for failure which might be kind of exciting to rush across the board in an all or nothing charge. I guess the move through difficult terrain banner is an obvious additon to the Dragon Prince unit. All comments are welcome. Thanks again

13-05-2008, 16:30
Doesn't bear's anger have to be cast on a model on foot?

Tonberry King
13-05-2008, 17:28
Looks pretty much like the list I had in mind except that I was actuallt using one more eagle, no bolt throwers and a few more princes. Looks good man.

The Old Scholar
13-05-2008, 21:32
Doesn't bear's anger have to be cast on a model on foot?

Yes, you are correct. The caster can only target a model with a unit strength of 1. Thus, mounted models may not benefit from this spell.

Thematically, this is an interesting list. The Lion Chariot conflicts a bit from the Caledor Dragon theme but not a big deal.

The main weakness I see in this army is the lone Battle Standard Bearer Level 1 Mage. This simply isn't enough magic offense and defense in a 2000 point game.

The Star Dragon may counter-balance this magic weak portion of your list, but it looks like either very fragile units (archers and bolt throwers), or very small units (Dragon Princes or lone Lion Chariot).

You'll need to play this one and let us know how it went. As it stands, I think a lot of the list will depend on who you face and what they bring.

Good luck!

14-05-2008, 01:12
Drop the Champ from each DP: Add Lion Banner and Banner of Ellyrion. Much more useful that way.

I'd even consider dropping one RBT for some Reavers with Bows. But that may cut down on the ranged threat.

14-05-2008, 03:14
u arent gonna get magic off with 2 lvl 1 mages drop the gem in order to get different items for your noble. Im not sure about rbt in such a speedy and quick army, you will probably get like 2 rounds of shooting from them before you locked in combat, in addition with your whole army rushing forward they will be left unprotected.

14-05-2008, 16:20
Thanks to everyone for your replies. Yeah, I got a little over zealous with the bears anger situation and forgot how the spell worked.
-So the nobel needs to change. Any recomendations on equipment to make this guy a hitter in the DP unit? Is BSB gonna be necessary? Somebody needs the skeinsliver. 1st turn will be game winning for this list
-Drop the DP champs and put in the lion standard and banner of Ellyrion
-Mage is gonna have a tough time warding off magic. Any recommendations for this? Though he really only has to stop magic for one turn.
-Also I am thinking 5 elyrian reavers with bows. They can harrass and march block
Thanks for the comments. Further critique is greatly appreciated.