View Full Version : Need Help to Decide - Army for Tournament

13-05-2008, 17:06
So, here I'm and I can't decide wich army to bring for a 1500 pts Tournament!
First army looks like:
3 mages with fury of Khaine silver wand, searstaff, and lot of (3:D) power stones) with the help of DP (Banner of Sorcery) 2 units of SH and 2 Units of swordmasters, + archers.
The other army is a less agressive one.
2 mages with fury of khaine, and silver wand and scroll. Caradryan (Magic R.3, 4+ward, fear, best chellenger in game) in a unit of 15 PG defending the Banner of Sorcery with hte help of Dp and others.

Can you help me to decide which army to bring.
The scanarios are based on defending certain spec mondels, who can't joint units adn killign the opponents spec. models.