View Full Version : 2000k High magic and some hit Demons

14-05-2008, 01:23
Kairos @ 625 Pts

Blue scribes @ 81 Pts

1 Khorne Herald @ 190 Pts
Fire storm Sword (the one that gives +1 str and fire attacks) [25]
Armor of Khorne [15]

1 Juggernaut @ [0] Pts

1 Skulltaker on jugernaut @ 200 Pts

13 Bloodletters @ 174 Pts
Estandar; Músic

10 Horrors @ 120 Pts

10 Horrors @ 120 Pts

5 Furies @ 60 Pts

5 Furies @ 60 Pts

5 flesh hounds @ 175 Pts

3 screamers @ 90 Pts

3 Flamers @ 105 Pts

Dados Energía: 8

Dados Dispersión: 6

Well the combo of the blue scribes making me have more dices, plus kairos with the 1D3+1 PD, the +2 to casting and knowing so many spells, plus de scroll from the scribes and the 2 horror unit, gives us a strong magic fase.

On the other hand we have the letters with the herald, which can hold up a good fight if not killed by shoots, and the flesh hounds with skulltaker ready to leave the unit when needed to kill big things.

Then we have the screeners and the flamers to kill support units and anoying things.

How do you guys like it?

14-05-2008, 20:52
someone told me im low on dispersion, how about changing skulltaker off and add 10 more letters and make the herald BSB with the great standar of suddering?

14-05-2008, 22:07
if you remove skulltaker you have nothing that can deal with dragons/ancients/greater daemons in close combat

14-05-2008, 22:37
Mhm, if this is the type of army you're going for, definately don't remove Skulltaker. I don't have much experience with him yet, but I do know he can be a total beast. Also, like stampy said, you'll be much more comfortable facing large enemies with ol' Skulltaker around.

That said, I wouldn't go so far as to say without him you have absolutely nothing that can deal with large threats, at least in some way. Still, you're obviously down with using special characters, and Skulltaker is a pretty good choice for added killyness...so why not?

14-05-2008, 23:08
Well where I play special characters are allowed and lots of people uses them, even in tournaments.

Last torney i went with my WE, i came in 3rd with no special character no dragon just tipical Treeman, 2x driads, 2x archers, 1x dancers, 1falcons, 2x kurneos, 2x sorcerers, 1 hero, 1 wellborn, and i performed quite well having 2 decisive victories and a masacre for me, but there were people carying teclis, grimgor, tzeentz lords on dragons and 2 sorcerors, well you know WAAC armies while I played normal balanced, but thanks good i also faced some normal armies because if i had to face one of those i dont know what i would have done.

Back to topic, yes here there is np with special characters, and for once i would really like to test a good combo such as blue scribes and kairos :D.

I do like the skulltaker but maybe a bit low on dispell?

14-05-2008, 23:19
Oh, I hope you didn't take my comment to mean that I don't think special characters are okay to use in any way at all. It seems like you're explaining your own use of them, and you absolutely don't have to explain yourself in that regard to me, or anyone. Sorry if I came off as sounding anti-special character, it wasn't my intention. For the record, I have nothing at all against special characters...any of them. I've used some from time to time, and face them even more frequently. No issues here with that whatsoever, I think they're fine and can add a little character and variety to a game. Also, when it comes to the new Daemons book, we're given so many it's hard to resist including some of them;)

So sorry to throw you off with that comment, if I did. I'm all for special characters of any sort, and though there is a pretty large amount of dislike for their use out there, it shouldn't stop anyone from using them whenever and however they see fit. Around here, most people seem to have the same attitude as your group, in that special characters are no big deal(for the most part) and are free to be used in pretty much all types of play. Which is cool.

14-05-2008, 23:46
Oh no dont worry im one of those who like when tournaments are played to 1999 instead of 2000 for example, so no WAAC list are made that easily, this way there are no dragons, no 2 treeman, no huge things, but since people uses them and come in quite with a tactical advance, why not use them, i think for example if you take a LoC, kairos can outperform him on magic easily but will be weaker in combat, but usually LoC are for magic, so kairon and blue scribes come in.

I like special characters for friendly games, having fun, trying new stuff, but for tourneys ill go with 1500 or 1999 lists. ATM im playing a 40k campain to 2000 points, and when it finishes we start WHFB and im going to suggest 1999 for a change.

So no harm done by you firebreather :D

Back to topic, how about changin the khorne herald for a nurgle herald on palanquin and the letters for plague bearers? i think it would be a strong unit but dont you think i will loose to much combat power rending the list mostly without hit?

15-05-2008, 13:36
Personally, I would make the Horror units 20 each with a banner, as that gives you even more dice. Something like this:

Kairos Fateweaver 625

The Blue Scribes 81

Skulltaker 200

Herald of Khorne 190
Firestorm Blade, Armour of Khorne, Juggernaut

20 Bloodletters 270
Musician, Bloodreaper, Standard Bearer

20 Horrors 343
Musician, the Changeling, Standard Bearer, Banner of Change

20 Horrors 285
Musician, Iridescent Horror, Standard Bearer, Icon of Sorcery
1994 points
10 Power Dice and 6 Dispel Dice