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14-05-2008, 03:08
Okay, first off, yes it is a VC list. No its not the usual VC list. Yes I have a legitimate theme. No i don't like typing in sentences this short.

But anyway...before I transfer this to a painting/modelling log, I figured I'd best whittle down the army list first. Logically it makes sense.

The basic theme is a brettonian VC army, the head honcho being a vampire who, in his younger and human-er (is that even a word?) days was enamoured with the tales of the woodfolk in the forests and sought out the fey where ever he could. After ascending in the knightly orders, he declared that he was off to seek the grail. Unfortunately he came back much changed having been tricked and supped from the blood chailce instead. His head was still filled with the stories of his childhood, and frustrated by his inability to find the fey folk despite his new found power, he instead chose to lure them out in perverted parody of Orion's hunt. The Red Huntsman now haunts the forests, killing and maiming as he goes, his young squire ever at his side. Those who fall to their blades join the ever growing ranks of zombies, while his hounds and ethereal brothers-in-arms chase down those who attempt to escape. This will be fleshed out as the army develops of course.

The list now:

Vampire Lord, The Red Huntsman
Lv2 wizard, talisman if lycni (using his new found powers, he eschews the use of a warhorse in favour of a wolf form), flayed hauberk, summon creatures of the night (it fits with the hunting party theme), infinite hatred (driven to anger by the perceived slight by the fey folk, he stops at nothing to get what he wants), hunter in the dark (part and parcel with the wolf theme), biting blade

Vampire, Brendan the Squire
Lv1 wizard, Flying horror (always acting as his masters eyes and ears, now Brendan can survey all the battlefield with ease), summon creatures of the night (as above), Battle standard bearer (always fying his masters colours), Walachs Bloody Hauberk (enchanted armour that contains the screamin souls of the Red Hunt's victims, screaming out for vengeance)

Necromacer, Patsy (yay for Monty Python!) the Sage
1 Necromancy spell, black periapt, dispel scroll

Necromancer, Tim (more Monty Python!), the physician
1 spell

20 zombies, musician, standard
20 zombies, musician
20 zombies, musician

4x5 dire wolves

10 black knights with full command, war banner
10 black knights with full command, banner of undying legion

3 fell bats
3 fell bats

Varghulf, The Brother

Thoughts? Modelling recommendations? Any comments? Hit me with it.



14-05-2008, 11:06
Alrighty! List is a bit more stream-lined.

Had to weigh up hatred versus sword, the hatred seems more fluffy for the character. Dropped the sword of striking.
Dropped one necromancer spell, i forgot i only have 6 casting dice (7 with the periapt) between the lot of them, so things would be a bit tight casting wise.
Keeping the Hunter in the darkness, it fits the theme and just because i an scout doesnt mean i always will. In scenery, 12" away from the enemy with an 18" charge? yay for the dead warmachine crew/skirmishers/flyers!
Banners for zombies added and one zombie added since i had a few points left over. I need the combat res in this army, and this is really the only place i can get it. This will be a first having banners in zombie units, so it could be interesting how that plays out both fluff wise and game wise.


14-05-2008, 14:32
To me 4x fell bats is pointless, they need to be in units of 3 or 5, not more or less.

3 Gets the job done for 60 points, and seeing as you can raise them with d6 per casting (at+1!) its hard to lose them
5 will fly behind a unit in combat and crossfire them when they flee, very very usefull.

I would give the hero a biting blade, 5 points and you ignore the basic infantry armour, and give knights a 5+ save, very nasty weapon. If you give him a hell steed, i'm sure you could model that one however you want, you gain +1 save for 3+ and free up points for a lvl 2 wizard maybe? (use the dropped fell bat, or 2 dropped if you make them one unit to afford this)

I don't rate big knight units, but it fits your theme so fair enough, but give one of them the banner of the undying legion, US40 instead of 20? yes please! Also, seeing as you have a lack of vampires, you may find it hard to keep both knights marching, the banner of hellish vigor (or whatever its called) will solve this, i would recommend it so you can send the unit RIGHT up the flank and not worry about them being lost because they cant march!

Give the 21 zombies a musician instead of the extra zombie, you might as well! and you never know when it may win you a combat!

Dire wolves. Now i love dire wolves, but being fast cavalry, there is NOTHING 10 can do that 2 units of 5 cant, i would drop them for something else, but as they work with your theme, just take 4 units of them! (remember they only gain one wound from casting invocation of nehek, not d6) they are a very fragile unit. 4 units of 5 also opens up the ability to throw them in front of big units to make them charge and over run where YOU want them (i.e the middle of a very large forest). One more thing, please, don't use the new models, they are dire (lol) please find an alternative!

As for the banners for the zombies, i don't rate them, not in this army anyway. If you say they are the ones getting combat res, then youl have something else (knights?) to actually win the combat, and they have standards anyway. 24 points only they may be, but zombies are ws1 and s2, if you lose a unit suddenly your enemy has 180 victory points for an 80 point unit! Keep one maybe, and make that one the one you focus on making bigger, but seeing as you have a distinct lack of magic, i don't think your zombies will last past a few turns, so i think you will find yourself giving away VP's for nothing.

15-05-2008, 02:29
Sorted. Tinkered a bit.

The wolves are broken down and i lost 10 of them for more bats...i may have forgotten that fast cav don't get rank bonus.
biting blade on count, yay! tin opener!
banners added to the black knights units, rather than zombies. you are absolutely right spirit, if someone can win combat these guys will, so a helping hand is in order.
bats down to 3 each. freed up points for the count's blade and extra necromancer.
necromancer added for a bit more magic support.

15-05-2008, 10:55
Added musicians and one standard bearer to the zombies in exchange for the necro's extra item. Means I have a focus point for the foot-slogging troops without the liability of extra points-giving banners in weak units.

I suppose I'll start the army then mix it up as I get a feel for it. Stuff will probably change as I develop background as well.

15-05-2008, 11:22
I think its starting to look pretty cool, very fluffy army.

One thing, only minor though, i'm pretty sure you are supposed to select each necromancers spell(s) at the time of army creation (or at least, before the game). Like i sy not a big deal but someone might pick up on it.

15-05-2008, 11:38
This is true. Havent decided yet. Debating between invo on both, van hels danse macabre on both or one of each. thinking one of each to suit the necro personalities, the physician with invo, the sage with danse.