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14-05-2008, 09:11
AS the thread say I'm not sure how to gear up this fella, not played any games above 1500pts yet, but my game group for WFB are just about getting to lord lvl char games.

In a 2k game, how would you tool a grey seer on/off the bell.
I usually face opponents who stack some fairly heavy magic, I belive that most will have a rank 3-4 magic lord + 2 rank 2 spellcasters.

So, I was thinking the staff of sorecery, the warpscroll and a talisman of protection.
Or prehaps just the Staff or sorcery + twisted crown (regen)

Also, what do you think of the setup I plan for my chars?

Grey Seer (bell or no bell)
Warlock Engineer: Stormdeamon + Dispellscroll
Plague priest: Plague cencer, liber bubonicus + 1 warpstone token
Chiftean BSB. hvy armour, cautious shield, bands of power.

My army setup is pretty much:
2x 25 clanrats hw,la + shield FC (1 ratling, 1 warpfire)
2x 20 slaves
1x 25 plaguemonks FC 2x handweapon
1x 15 Stormvermin FC Shield(I love these, great flankers)
1x 10 nightrunners 2x handweapon
1x 10 nightrunners Slings
(1-5 Ratswarms)
6x plague cencers

This is not a tourny army, but being compeditive is always nice.
Whatcha think?


14-05-2008, 09:21
For your Greyseer I'd advise the Warpstone Amulet, Dispel Scroll, Warpstone Charm (vital for avoiding a miscast or fatal Warp Lightning Wound) and then the last 25 points is really up to you; another Scroll would help, but might be too overbearing, so save it for somewhere else.

14-05-2008, 12:18
Oh yes, the warpstone charm, how could I miss that one! /facepalm

But scrolls on a Grey Seer seem like a bit of a waste to me, I was thinking the warpscroll to draw out some dispelldice/scrolls on a turn where some more destructive spells are critical.
But since skaven lack "true" rank 1-2 wizards and taking dual engineers seems a bit cheezy.
(my mates would kill me)
And grabbing a naked engineer as a scrollcaddy is just a waste of the limited char slots you have, I keep on wanting, just one more everytime I make a list. I'd really like a assassin, they are so much fun! *grin* but the utility heroes just feel more like a need to have, like the bsb and plague priest. And going without a warlock is just unthinkable for me.

and I can't seem to stop myself from writing to much all the time, sorry =^_^=

14-05-2008, 12:31
strip the bsb bearer back and whack either war banner or banner of the swarm on him. Utalise his lead from the back. The +2 combat res and higher ld for his unit are much better than a dead character in the front.

Id suggest 50 regen on the plague priest over the (useless) liber.

give the warlock storm deamon + warpstone token.
Give grey seer 3+ ward vs missiles, and i'd suggest eye of the rat.

Remember, your wizards will fry themselves, so go for the wards.

Edit- missed the bit about your magic loving mates- Take a few single giant rat packs- run them into the wizards unit and direct attacks at their lord. They will either blast a cheap as dirt unit of possibley die. Either way, you win.

15-05-2008, 05:21
i run two engineers, i really dont find it cheesy. i find that when it comes to magic, either go all the way or don't do anything at all. being somewhere in the middle usually leads to you spending points on stuff that's just going to be dispelled for the most part

in my 3k point campaign, i run two grey seer's and two warlock engineer's :P

15-05-2008, 05:48
I would also give the seer the warpstone charm, the eye of the horned rat, and the cloak that gives him a 3+ save vs. missles. I don`t find magic heavy "cheesy" but you need to know who you are playing against. Do they also consider undead armies "cheesy", since they run on magic, or a Slaan?

15-05-2008, 08:12
Well, a slann has yet to be seen in our game group, and our VC player is kinda hated at the moment, only faced him once though, and teh game ended a draw so I was pleased considering that my WLC, ratling and engineer all blew themselves in turn 3 ^^

I think the reason my game group find a dual engineer setup "cheezy" or of is bacause they are horrible destructive, between my single engineer and ratlinggun I usually render 1 block of rank and file useless per turn.

The Giant rat pack idea seem real nice, though I lack models for trying that one out right now, perhaps 1 swarm and a small unit of 5 nighrunners can do the same meanwhile.

So far the replies for how to gear a seer all of you seem to agree, I'll give the 3+ward, eye, and charm setup a go. (perhaps replacing the 3+ ranged ward for a 4+ one)

On the liber bubonicus, I don't find this useless, at least not in the 1-1,5k games I've been in so far, sure he only manage to roll the 8+ every second turn or so, but when he does he usual draw out a scroll or at least 2-3 dispelldie, leaving my engineer and bound items with a greater chance to pass.

removing the magic items on the BSB and grabbing a +CR banner (swarm or war) and putting him in teh back was a relly good idea, I'll definetly go with that one aswell. perhaps giving the bands of power to my priest instead, 5 attacks at str8 can really hurt, and banner of burning hatred in that group for a real badass killer unit.

Big thanks for the tips so far. Really got me thinking ^^