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14-05-2008, 19:49
So yeah, this is a strange idea that revolves around getting as many power dice as I can get, and then blasting enemies with things like Flickering Fire.
What do you think?

The Blue Scribes 81

Herald of Tzeentch 215
Spell Breaker, Battle Standard Bearer, Great Standard of Sundering

Herald of Tzeentch 140
Spell Breaker

Herald of Tzeentch 140
Spell Breaker

Herald of Tzeentch 140
Spell Breaker

Herald of Tzeentch 140
Spell Breaker

40 Horrors 558
Musician, the Changeling, Standard Bearer

40 Horrors 525
Musician, Iridescent Horror, Standard Bearer, Icon of Sorcery

40 Horrors 535
Musician, Iridescent Horror, Standard Bearer, Banner of Change

40 Horrors 510
Musician, Iridescent Horror, Standard Bearer
2984 points
166 models
28 Power Dice and 15 Dispel Dice
2 Bound Spells

16-05-2008, 07:15
For the same purpose, I like Kairos.
Tzeentch's will saves you from miscasts, wide variety of spells can do a multitude depending on opponents, and Twin heads makes up for the lack of power dice. Power dice don't do much when you miscast away the magic phase (granted less likely to happen in 7th edition then in 6th).
You wouldn't even have to get rid of a unit, decrease size of each horrors unit and drop a herald of Tzeentch, you have one too many to 4+ ward up your horrors anyway.

Also you're combat lite but I know that you know that and just want to have an awesome magic army, which I respect.

16-05-2008, 07:18
You really, REALLY, want a Lord. Flying and able to cast reliably with Dark Magister and/or Twin Heads, not to mention the range problem. Bolt of Change is 12" or 18" (forgive me, I do not have my book handy) and you'll struggle to meet that range with horrors. Sure, Firestorm is 24"... hmm. Well, go with what you like, but I'd recommend a Lord.

16-05-2008, 08:19
hi there!

I think a little more variety wouldnt hurt. Sure you'll not get as many powerdice as you have now, but i suggest some chariots for your heroes (maybe drop some heralds). Take units of 30 horrors. You will need screamers. And flamers are cool too.. There are lot of good stuff you shouldn't pass up on!

The main point here being not only that it will be more fun for your opponents, but it will definately be more fun for you! Painting only horrors and heralds is going to be boring. Also it is great to have an army that can at least do something in every phase of the game, i.e. flamers shoot, horrors/heralds magic, screamers combat.

Also, what models are you going to use for all those horrors? I had an idea to use the dryad models as horrors...I think they would look awesome painted up all pink and blue. They kinda look like they're flaming anyway..



16-05-2008, 17:04
yeah.. drop horrors to 30 get some flamers.

drop a couple heralds.. you can have that many heros??
and put 2 in chariots.

16-05-2008, 19:45
no i only think you can have 5 characters at 3k.

16-05-2008, 19:50
I'm not particullarly keen on Flamers or Screamers myself, and I don't want any big things in the army...

drop a couple heralds..
I don't think so, Heralds give me more Magic levels...

you can have that many heros??
Er, yeah... 3000 points means 6 characters...

and put 2 in chariots.
Eh... I don't want to make Chariots...

Dead Man Walking
17-05-2008, 06:31
I think khairos would help a lot, he's a better mage than a LOC but he suffers from weaker combat (1 attack!). So you make sure to get off a spell that will jack up his combat skills while in combat and maintain it.

17-05-2008, 09:33
I think units of 30 is enough. It really isn't worth getting that 4th level spell, it's just not good.

Also consider a LoC or as mentioned above, why not Kairos?

Also at least get som discs or perhaps wings for your heralds. You will not want them to be in a combat.

Then you need something to take out warmachines behind enemy lines. Get som furies.

my 2 cents