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14-05-2008, 20:06
OK, well this is my army that I'm coming up with, what do you think?
Loretta is my General, BTW :D

Loretta Aulin, Lady of the Black Tower
Vampire 160
Biting Blade, The Flayed Hauberk, Dark Acolyte

Braumer the Eternal, Winged Hunter of the Forest
Vampire 170
Rod of Flaming Death, Dark Acolyte

Thealoneous Vanhel
Necromancer 90
Invocation of Nehek, Book of Arkhan
Corpse Cart 100

20 Skeletons 190
Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Hellfire

20 Crypt Ghouls 160

5 Dire Wolves 40

Corpse Cart 100

20 Grave Guard 315
Great Weapons, Seneschal, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Dead Legion

Varghulf 175
1500 points
70 models
7 Power Dice and 5 Dispel Dice
4 Bound Spells

Why they would fight certain enemies:

Beasts of Chaos: The savage beasts are always disrupting Loretta's rituals of revival. And so she has decreed that her remaining minions will wage war upon these foul beasts, so she may finish her rituals in peace.

Bretonnia: Few people know of Loretta's true history as a child of Bretonnia, a magically gifted child that was trained by the Fay Enchantress before becoming a Vampire. Tracing back through who she knew as a child, she is systematically eliminating all others who would know her secret.

Daemons of Chaos: Due to the rather insane nature of Thealoneous, he has concocted a brilliant plan (in his eyes) to become even more powerful. Convincing his Vampiric allies to his cause, they believe that because Daemons return to the Realm of Chaos when 'killed', and since their magical abilities come from that same domain, they think they can become more powerful. Maybe even powerful enough to overthrow Mannfred, as they know he will sacrifice them in his own bid for power, in the end.

Dark Elves: The Dark Elves are a slaver race, and therefore, possess a large amount of expendable troops that can be used by Loretta to increase her armies size to such an amount that it could overthrow Mannfred himself. But only through the total destruction of the Dark Elves.

Dwarfs: Convinced by Braumer that Dwarfs must have a secret ability that prevents them from becoming Vampires, Loretta now seeks to discover just what that ability is, and the easiest way for her to do this is to capture as many Dwarfs as she can.

Empire: Contained within many of their cities vaults are powerful spellbooks, capable of bestowing great magical abilities on those who would possess them. In her quest to gain power she seeks to take as many of these books, and since they are hidden beneath the cities, Loretta aims to capture any wizard or general she meets, and torture them into divulging any information about these forbidden books.

High Elves: The originators of the waystones, Loretta seeks to unbalance as many of these as possible, stealing the magical energy from their disruption before it causes disruptions in the fabric of space and time. The High Elves seek to stop Loretta's unholy quest.

Hordes of Chaos: The original people who Braumer served now seek to return his soul to the Chaos Gods by killing him. Of course, because he is such a loyal and faithful companion, Loretta would not be pleased if such an event occurred.


Ogre Kingdoms:

Orcs & Goblins:


Tomb Kings:

Vampire Counts: Like most Vampires, although she pretends her loyalty to the ruler of Sylvannia, at this moment being Mannfred, her true goal is far different. She seeks to imitate the goal of the Necrarchs - to turn the world into her perfect view of law and order. Obviously this requires her to eliminate her supposed Vampiric allies.

Wood Elves:

14-05-2008, 20:13
I'm sure it could work just fine. I'd just from the hellfire banner to upgrade the biting blade to sword of might or battle.

14-05-2008, 20:35
The Hellfire Banner is there to deal with any really nasty stuff, or things with Regenerate, like Trolls or Treemen...

14-05-2008, 20:43
To be honest though, that unit doesn't even have spears, and you don't have the helm of commandment, so that's 6 attacks hitting on a 4+/5+, and at best wounding on a 5+, and then whatever armor save.

Personally I'd go for the better general.

14-05-2008, 20:46
I don't want the General in combat, the Biting Blade is there to fill points, and also, the Flaming attacks can be useful against alot of stuff. I'm gonna keep the Standard as I don't see either of the Swords doing anything more useful...