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14-05-2008, 20:28
How about this list?
Bloodthirster, dark insanity, immortal fury Armor of Khorne

Herald of Khorne, jugger, firestorm axe
Herald of Khorne, jugger, firestorm axe
Herald of Khorne, jugger, firestorm axe

14 Bloodletters, fc, Icon of Endless War
14 Bloodletters, fc, Icon of Endless War
14 Bloodletters, fc, Icon of Endless War

6 Furies

3 Nurgling Bases
3 Nurgling Bases

2 Fiends
2 Fiends

Juggers join the Letters and form up side by side facing the highest enemy concentration.
Thirster gets to opponent and start slaying ASAP.
Furies, nurglings and fiends try to take out support units, warmachines, assassinate wizards and most important pin units down so that the letters and thirster can get to them.
Juggers can also charge out of their units should the opportunity arise. They will be deployed on the outer corner of their units to kill or scare away any flankers who charge or get to close.
Main weakness I guess is that I don't have any magic defence. Well, you can't have everyting =)

By the way, is there any drawback to placing a jugger herald with letters? Like any lame rule that they can be singled out with shooting or something?

16-05-2008, 07:11
I'm just not a fan of the copy-paste units in armies. Generally you don't need three copies of the exact same unit to perform a given task.

Also I feel like you are extremely prey to a Magic army, even moderate amounts of magic can overwhelm MR 1 or MR 0 in the case of your non-Khorne units.

16-05-2008, 08:53
hm, i have a couple of things i think you should consider:

first things first, do you really need Dark Insanity on the Thirster? I mean it's great when you roll that double six, but when you dont...And for 55 points? 7 attacks should be quite enough for most things anyway. And what happens when you fluff your rolls? Rolling snake eyes in an important combat? I'd say go for the Obsidian Armour and Immortal Fury and maybe Firestorm Blade (for all those regenerating stuff) That should make him monster enough for most things, and also make a mockery of all those who think they can kill a Thirster with their uber magical weapon... Now they'll think twice!

With the Thirster taking up so many points, i don't think you need all those Heralds too. Maybe one herald is enough. Instead i'd take some regular Bloodcrushers for some speed and armour.

I don't like the nurglings so much anymore, but i LOVE the new Flesh hounds! Try to get a unit in your list and youll see what i mean.

With points saved from the Heralds i suggest getting more Bloodletters, theyre great in units of 20.

Also i don't see how the fiends fit in the list at all, i mean after all khorne and slaanesh is usually a no go. I'd say drop them, get some more Hounds or more Crushers or something.

And there you have a pure Khorne list...Ooops. My bad. Well at least consider some of my points.. Please...?



16-05-2008, 12:33
Khorne, Nurgle, and Slanesh in the same army?


Then again, I used to run vampire-less Vampire Counts, so... :P

Honestly though, I'd be more afraid of bloodcrushers and flesh hounds than nurglings and fiends.