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14-05-2008, 21:19
Runelord w/ anvil of doom (315)
BSB Thane w/ strollaz's rune (145)
Thane w/ shield, master rune of challenge, rune of resistance, rune of stone (122)

20 warriors w/ shields, full command (205)
20 warriors w/ shields, full command (205)
20 warriors w/ shields, full command (205)
20 warriors w/ shields, full command (205)
10 rangers (warriors) w/ shield, throwing axes (100)

19 hammerers w/ full command (277)
10 miners (110)
10 miners (110)

Total: 1999
DD: 7

Any good?

14-05-2008, 22:21
Looks solid but vulnerable to anyone with any mobility or significant range power. Definately would work against certain armies but I'm not sure it would be fun playing a game that's determined from the start :)

14-05-2008, 23:37

This is very similar theme to a list that I posted just prior to x-mas in response to whole load of dwarves are only good at shooting threads!

Couple of points:

1) Why no gyrocopter? This would be much more effective than the rangers at march blocking/war machine hunting
2) Good choice in the hammerers but I would give them shields (damn those pesky elves)
3) No need for champions with your warriors. This ought to free up some points to convert one of them to a unit of longbeards
4) One unit of miners is fine (especially when combined with the gyro)
5) You could do with a couple of RoSp and maybe a master rune of balance...
6) A bolt thrower or two will help with anything large and scary (thinking the plethora of greater deamons you will be facing until the dark elves come out in august)

Just my two penneth fella and have fun