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Count William Grey
15-05-2008, 21:30
Hey all,

I just want to see what ppl think of this list.

Grand Master with Dawn Armor and Holy Relic


Warrior Priest,Warhorse barding, heavy Armor and shield, Van Horst Spec

BSB with full plate, shield, warhorse and barding

Wizard lvl 2 with Ring of Volans and Rod of Power


10 Archers

2x 20 spearmen with shields and full command
-1 five hand gunners detachment
-9 militia 3x3 detach

1 unit of Five Knights with musc

10 hand gunners


1 Mortar

1 Cannon

5 Outriders with Champion with Repeater Pistol and Pistol

5 Knights IC: Full Command


1 Helvolley Blaster

The Concept of this army is a modification of the TVI. I know that the Grand Master is kinda a waste, but Im into having a GM. Essentially The archers are a screen for the army, which move up to create space, march block. Obviously they are supported either in the center or flank by the Outriders. The purpose of this is to create a feigned flee, which will then lead to a little Fire trap, followed by Troops that use Static Combat resolution. The Mop up unit is my Knights IC with BSB, GM, and Warrior Priest in a Nice 4X2 block (I can do this right?) Hopefully in the world of the New Daemons Codex this list may stand a chance, but i dont care. I just like the concept of the army so i dont really plan on tweaking it. Perhaps others have insights that my little mind missed. In the world of Warhammer is there is always some new nasty bugger out there.

Have fun.

02-06-2008, 03:56
I dont believe you can take a shield for your BSB :D

02-06-2008, 04:12
I dont believe you can take a shield for your BSB :D

You can't.

I normally equip mine with full plate, barded steed, sword of might, and white cloak.

2+ armour, 5+ ward and st 5, in addittion to the banner.

Remember warrior priests, hatred wont effect characters.

Your better off putting the warrior priest in the inner circle knights, and fielding them 6 wide & sling them a warbanner. Maximise attacks that reroll misses.

Next put the GM and BSB in the regular knights, field them as wide as you like. These two will turn the regular knights into an immune to phyc combat regiment, with the characters providing the punch.

The outrider champion is a waste of points- your better off with just a musician, and holding still firing all game.

And the spearmen.... dont expect anything, you'd be much better with swordsmen, the ws4 and 4+ save helps them stay alive to provode the static combat res.

Turn your detachments into ten and use halberds- either that or just swap the free company with halberds... (3 wide will allow the enemy to hit your ws3t3 unarmoured guys with up to 5 models). Also the unit of 10 gives +1 rank bonus, allowing them to take on smaller regiments & skirmishers in their own right.

Turn the archers into 2 detachments for the handgunners, allowing you two skirmish screens, though to be honest i dont waste time with hangunners (cant hit the broadside of a barn).

02-06-2008, 05:05
I gotta disagree with the guy above, handgunners are essential and are better off for shooting over bow men by a long shot. Str 4 and Armor Piercing is > 6" more range in most circumstances.

As for the Outrider Champion, this guy has made HUGE differences for me. Give him a Hochland and now you've got the only BS5 sniper you can get your hands on. Use him to put wounds on level 2 sorcerers and it will put the fear of death in them to get a miscast.

As for your units, I prefer swordsmen with detachments of 9 (3x3) halberdiers. That gives you a low chance of the enemy doing damage to you and a high likelihood that your 6 static resolution will crush them.

Hope that helps!

02-06-2008, 06:00
3x3 detachments are fine if you have difficulty screening them or you don't want to reveal too many holes in your lines. But the good ol' 5x2 det is still decent.

I would, however, suggest using Archers as your Spears' detachments instead of the handgunners. They're not there to kill so much as to protect your vulnerable Free Company from missile fire and so forth.

If you are having difficulty judging which is best, consider Crossbows as a good alternative. 30" range and S4 ain't too bad a compromise.