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16-05-2008, 12:21
howist. :D
Just checking. it states that the flamers attacks count as "normal missile weapons"
This is what i want to know.
1. there movement is 6" so can i ONLY move 6" to shoot or can i move there full distance of 12" and still shoot, due to them being skirmishers ?

2. What do i need to roll to hit, they have BS4 - do i suffer the usual -1 for move and shoot & also -1 long distance over 9", cos their range is 18".

Because someone stated he needs 4+ to hit and he was talking about moving :confused:

16-05-2008, 13:10
Since 7th edition there is no exception for skirmisher to shoot after march (which was called double pace back then), so I don't see why flamers should be able to.

If the attack is based on BS and the book does not give exceptions, then yes, you apply modifiers.

16-05-2008, 14:11
It specifically mentions you don't have -1 for multiple shots, which would imply that you do count other modifiers as normal. ie- -1 for moving.

Gazak Blacktoof
16-05-2008, 14:20
Yes, unless there is a specific exception or the flames count as a thrown weapon they you suffer the penalties for firing over half range and for moving and shooting.

16-05-2008, 17:58
i.e. most of the time, you are hitting on 5's (long range and moving). Still pretty good though.

16-05-2008, 20:43
Yeah...in my last game, they were incredible (first time I'd tried them).

Two units of 5 ...one with the Pyrocaster (BS-5) upgrade...were just phenomenal units, and only lost 2-models total for the course of the battle (a Solid Victory, close to Massacre for me).

Though you have crappy shooting results (1,1,2,3,2) for their number of hits per unit at times...you can ALSO have times, like I did, of (2,5,6,3,4) = 20 shots !!!

Given that they are STR-4, it's really not that bad if you only hit on 5+ with most of them, as you can still roll out 5-6 hits...and then wound 4-5 times against standard T-3 enemies.

As they get closer, it gets better for you. Once you can move and have them 9-inches away or less, you then go up to hitting on 4+ for the regular Flamers and 3+ for the Pyrocaster..which is where it begins to get devastating for the enemy.

To really make them cry...have your two Flamer units near each other, to provide supporting fields of fire, and let the enemy close to within 9-inches (or less) of both units (granted, this is situational, but when it works...the carnage will be incredible).

On your turn, (without moving), open fire on the enemy unit with BOTH units of Flamers.

You have no movement penalty...and no "long-range" penalty..meaning the regular grunts are hitting on 3+ and the Pyrocaster's on 2+ !

Assuming a "normal" spread like (1,3,5,4,2) for one unit and (5,4,4,3,2) for the other one...that's a total of 33 shots !

If we assume the Pyrocasters were the two shots each even...that would be 3 hits from them....and 27 remaining shots at 3+ to hit is 17.82 MORE hits !

Basically assume 20 hits from that kind of devastating volley.

Now you wound on either 4+ or 3+, depending on T-4 or T-3 targets, and have a -1 Armor Save penalty due to your STR-4 shots.


Assume anywhere from 10 to 15 wounds caused on the enemy from that kind of fire.