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16-05-2008, 15:20
In the footsteps of my good friend Levett (check out his Log, somewhere on here) I decided I would start my own Log of what I'm upto.

Currently also working on my army for the 2008 UK GT, so I present to you

Craftworld Ilthri.

The army has been going for quite some time now, but I decided to do an almost complete overhaul in readyness for the GT. Below is the list I'm currently working on getting finished.


6 Banshees - Exarch with Executioner

6 Scorpians - Exarch with Shadowstrike, Stalker and Scorpians Claw

6 Jetbikes - 2 x Shuriken Cannon, Warlock with Singing Spear and Embolden

8 Dire Avengers - Exarch with Dual Catapults, Bladestorm

8 Dire Avengers - Exarch with Dual Catapults, Bladestorm

6 Swooping Hawks - Exarch with Sun Rifle, Skyleap, Intercept

5 Warp Spiders - Exarch with Dual Spinners, Withdraw

Wraithlord - Starcannon, Scatter Laser

Wraithlord - Bright Lance, Eldar Missile Launcher

The list was originally written with City Fight missions in mind (had an idea for a campaign but GT run up took my attention), so I'm using this current list as more of a test to try out a number of things, so expect alot of change.
It is also a way of getting me to paint a number of different units to put to my disposal.

Anyway, enough blabbing! I'm working on the spiders at the moment but haven't got any pics of them ready, but heres a few of what is done.

My current Avatar, though I have the Forgeworld version and will hopefully be getting him finished for the GT

Farseer Nuo, he's been a staple part almost every list I've build so will quite likely end up back in there. He may get another lick of paint in time.

And the obligatory Falcon. I've actually got two of these boys painted up, but with the rumoured changes for 5th, they may or may not see the light of day for a while.

Thats all for now I guess, I'm hoping this log will keep me infused to keep painting and speed me up a little.

Word Bearer

16-05-2008, 16:37
I like it, vibrant blue and clean white :) Very nice, keep it up.


16-05-2008, 16:41
Can we get some more shots of those guardians?

The colour scheme looks great.

Word Bearer
16-05-2008, 16:58
Thanks for the comments.

Red Ace - I'm sorry but those Guardians are gone now, I think thats the only real pic I have of them, but I'll see what I can find. I wasn't particularly impressed with the standard Jetbike riders, so the Guardians were all cut up and put on Jetbikes.
Pics to come of them.

16-05-2008, 21:47
Immense stuff mate, Get some pictures of those jetbikes up... they are stunning and im sure people would love to see them :)

Word Bearer
17-05-2008, 13:40
Alright, got around to snapping a few more photos of whats in the pipeline today.

Stared work on the Warp Spiders, though I think I may change them. I was going to go with Red as in the pics, then white for the body armour, but think I'll reverse it, so White on the Jump Generators and Red for the body armour.


As requested by Mr Levett, some pics of the Jetbikes. As I mentioned, not a fan of the ancient riders that come in the boxes, so cut up my existing Guardians and used them on the jetbikes (the actual Jetbike scult is still VERY nice IMO)

I've still got quite a bit to do on these, the riders need completing (will start them over again as I'm not happy with the highlights, they were rushed for a tornament) and theres a few more decals on the bikes themselves.

Word Bearer
17-05-2008, 13:44
More pics.

When everything is completed I plan to base them all City Fight style, same as I've done for my Sister/Guard army thats also WiP.


Word Bearer
17-05-2008, 13:48
And back to the Eldar

A few shots of my Wraithlord Twins, Amand & Tockon


Again, alot of work to do on them both.

Word Bearer
20-05-2008, 20:19
Not much of an update, been distracted with my job recently. However I have managed to repaint my Spiders.


Few little touch ups needed on the helmet and still need to complete the gems on the Carapace. I'm much happier with this scheme than the previous one.


Plan to have a few games with the list on thursday, so will try to get some battle reports posted.

20-05-2008, 21:49
Like your eldar, nice crisp scheme and good blending there mate.
That spider you've done looks impressive- the red armour works really well- definately a good idea rather than going for the white armour- he looks quite sinister which is very fitting.
Keep it up,

21-05-2008, 10:28
The painting looks like it's really good, but you definately need to work on you photo's. Try putting up a small board or book, and drape a blue or gray t-shirt over it. With two lamps shining on the mini take a pic with the macro on, perhaps with the camera balanced on something (like a paintpot?)


Word Bearer
21-05-2008, 20:23
Cheers for the comments Voiceofthewarp, been reading through your blogs, really liking your Vamps.

Sorry for the poor quality photos, I've only got my phone to capture with. I've got a friend with a lightbox, so may see if I can borrow it, and will attempt your suggestion with the lamps and backing.

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03-06-2008, 19:52
Alright I want to try and get this going again, got hellishly distracted for a time with other projects.

Anyway, I have rewritten the list (again) after playing a few test games of 5th Ed.
Also realised I hadn't posted the almost obligatory work area shots, so for now here they are.
This is the army as is now stands (minus my Farseer who I still need to purchase), this is also where I do the majority of my painting.

And heres the rest of the hobby area, looking currently as tho a bomb has hit.
Even more random projects that need finishing or have been retired.

More to come soon hopefully