View Full Version : Infinite Hatred + Mount Q

16-05-2008, 17:40
I was wondering if with the VC book, the power Infinite Hatred lets your mount re-roll misses in every round of combat and not just the first?

The wording is "The Vampire hates all enemies and may re-roll failed rolls to hit in every round of close combat". This RAW says that the vampire hates all enemies, but additionally is allowed to re-roll missed hits in every round of CC, doesn't actually say he has hatred every round (so his mount wouldn't benefit).

So have i just answered my own question? Or does the steed get to re roll missed hits every round too?


16-05-2008, 17:57
He (and his mount) has hatred every round (unfortunately it is only a benefit in the first round).
However, he (but not his mount) also has the additional benefit of rerolling hits in every other round.