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16-05-2008, 20:06
I apologise for lack of details, this battle occured a week ago and I left it too late to write it up - as a result, I can't remember too much of my army list, letalone my opponents. If you require it, I can try and write up a scant recollection of them after this...

I'll also post some reflections, because being my first battle in a fair while, I made a number of mistakes that had a big factor in the result.

Anyway, hope you enjoy:


Mikael von Carstein unconsciously fingered the parchment at his hip; the orders from Mannfred had been glued to his side since he had left the coach. Before him stood a vast army, a daemonic force causing the very air to ripple around them as they contorted the winds of magic with their vile diseases and inhuman essence. Two hulking monstrosities toyed with their guts on either flank of the main line, playing games with the nurglings that swarmed them adoringly. Muscled Khornate knights sat atop snorting metal beasts, eager to enter the fray, and ever present was the largest swarm of horrors he had ever seen. Had he been alive to feel it, the vampire was sure fear would be bubbling somewhere inside his gut.

But he wasn’t alive; emotions were but faint whispers of a life long forgotten. And in any case, he had his orders: remove this nuisance from Sylvania.

Presently a voice snapped him out of the reverie: “Sire?”

Mikael turned to see the assassin he had hand-picked for the battle, one of the finest warriors in Drakenhof. The blade in his hand crackled with ice-cold energy, hungry for daemonic souls, and his calm expression and voice only served to heighten the rabid, red fury that Mikael knew resided within his fellow vampire.

“Go straight for the greater daemons,” he told the assassin. “Slay them, and the battle is ours.”

On the right flank, the battle had already started: the bloodcrushers moved tentatively behind the ruins of an old building, somehow aware of the presence of the 10-strong Black Knight unit that waited, ready to ghost through the building at a moments notice. The winds of magic surged with life as the two Great Unclean Ones started firing various diseases at the vampire’s undead legions. As strange as it seemed, the pox and other rancid plagues were fully capable of bringing zombies and grave guard to their knees. Mikael allowed himself a chuckle: he dispelled the pathetic attempts at magic with ease. Who did these daemons think they were? Scarce was the day a greater mage surfaced than he himself—

What was that? He felt it first like the faintest touch of silk, raising hairs on his arms – but then someone screamed. A vampire, to his right; one of his lesser vampires had fallen amongst the grave guard, who, uncaringly, marched onwards. Mikael snarled his fury: the trampled vampire was covered in bleeding pustules, dead; dead because he had been too concerned with protecting his shambling minions.

In a rage, Mikael let out the beast within, and ordered the dire wolves to charge the enemy hounds. With luck, they would be able to assassinate the biggest of the lot, a beast that looked as though it could belong to Khorne himself. Forcing himself to forget the fallen vampire, Mikael contented himself with re-raising the fallen zombies and skeletons, before opening up a pit of shades beneath on of the disgusting great unclean ones – but somehow the spell lost power right at the last.

The wolves all died without leaving so much as a mark on the resilient hounds, and the multi-coloured changelings shot forth a bolt of light which seared all but one fell bat. Even as the daemon lords started brewing fresh nurglings from their guts, Mikael ordered his blood knights to charge the flesh hounds, knowing they would obliterate the pesky dogs and overrun into the unit of plaguebearers behind them, led by a puke-covered, naked fat man on a palanquin. The horrid daemon was noting something on a tally-sheet he kept on his person. Strange creatures…

Out of nowhere a nurgling shot through the air, directed at the great vampire himself, and Mikael barely had enough time to register that it had in fact come from the hand of one of the greater daemons, before flying to join his second unit of wolves. The sickly ranks of Nurgle seemed to be growing stronger, and the winds suggested it was coming from the mysterious tallyman. Abruptly, Mikael opened up a pit of shades beneath his feet, but just as he was falling in, never to return, a dratted plaguebearer rescued him, before falling to his own death. Not to worry, five other daemons fell to their doom.

Flying at speed with the wolves, much of the battle was a blur, but as Mikael passed the famed blood knights, he saw them wipe out the hounds, losing only one of their own in turn. He promptly raised the fallen vampire back to unlife, before hatching a plan on the fly. The constantly growing nurgling swarms were blocking the path to one of the hulking daemons; before them, fresh zombies clawed their way out of the ground, compelling the daemonic minions to charge them. Charge they did, and Mikael promptly bellowed the order for his assassin to strike. In a flap of bat-like wings, the vampire lord surged into the air and straight towards the first great unclean one: at first it appeared as though his daemonic essence would protect him from the flurry of blows, but one slash dug deep into the beats rancid flesh, and in an instant, it fell over, mortal shell utterly dead.

Across the battlefield, the other greater daemon moved to use his vast bulk to block the black knights. Mikael couldn’t stop the daemon tapping into the winds of magic and unleashing more debilitating blows to his forces: the knights became so weak that to charge even a goblin would bring certain death upon them; a vast plague destroyed many of his zombies, and simultaneously gave birth to a new infestation of nurglings. Before Mikael could react, another unit of plaguebearers charged the grave guard that formed the centre of his battle line. With the black knights blocked, it looked as though the bloodcrushers had a clear path behind his lines … something needed to be done. He drew upon every strand of magical energy he could, ready to unleash hellish fury upon the daemonic forces when the whispering voices of his crown broke his concentration, threatening to overwhelm his mind. It took deep concentration to keep from falling unconscious…

When he came too, the blood knights on the left flank were slaughtering the tallyman’s plaguebearers, but things were beginning to look dire on the right side. The Khornate knights slashed their way through one of his finest corpse carts, and overran right into the rest of the battle line. Out of the corner of his eye, the vampire lord saw the last remaining great unclean one demolish the weakened black knights, and shouted for his assassin to remedy the situation –

But, even as he looked, the assassin was being trampled beneath some bloodletters. Cursing himself for a fool, Mikael took flight, joining the blood knights and ushering them forward with a magical charge that prevented them, too, from falling the the bloodletters, and allowed them to slaughter them in quick fashion. If he was quick, he could charge into the greater daemon, or even open a death pit beneath his feet. As the vampire and his bodyguard of knights crossed the middle of the field, however, he caught sight of the situation at the core of his line: the resilient grave guard were assaulted on both sides by plaguebearers and bloodletters, the latter lead by Khornes infamous champion, Skulltaker. A key charge could turn the tide of battle. He left his unit, slamming straight into the bloodletter’s flank, whilst his knights ploughed into the greater daemon, seeking to skewer him on their ornate lances.

Mikael drew his blade, and already in his minds eye the bloodletters were falling at his feet.

“Vampire!” a voice bellowed, and it sounded like ancient leather crumbling on a bed of charred skin. “Fight me … I challenge you!”

Believing that victory lay in killing this mightiest of warriors, Mikael accepted the challenge, and moved to slay the daemon once and for all. He met him blow for blow, the beast only protected by his dratted magical aura.

“You are weak, daemon!” he bellowed, a mocking grin curling his lips. “Your forces will run back to the Realm of Chaos when I kill you hea—”

Mikael von Carstein’s head bounced on the floor, twice. Around him, the undead legions began to crumble, great, billowing clouds of dust and bone painting the air with musk. Thunder boomed in the distance as the daemonic forces stood over the littered battlefield.

They were free once more to plunder the lands of Sylvania.

16-05-2008, 22:17
nicely written, and a tough round for the vitality-challenged ;)

17-05-2008, 03:24
No need to apologise : ) It's hard to write a 4000 battle report, let alone put a story to it.

Great report, just too bad the vampires lost : (

17-05-2008, 08:03
“You are weak, daemon!” he bellowed, a mocking grin curling his lips. “Your forces will run back to the Realm of Chaos when I kill you hea—”

Mikael von Carstein’s head bounced on the floor, twice.

that made me laugh so much, this truely is a masterpiece of writing. good old daemons

17-05-2008, 10:11
Gread report indeed. Reading a battle report that is viewed from a "fluff" perspective is so much more fun. What was the "assassin" btw? Vampire lord with frostblade?

17-05-2008, 15:26
Yep, that's right Lordsaradain. Frostblade, Flying Horror, Infinite Hatred and Beguile if I remember correctly. No protection whatsoever, and very expensive... I hadn't used him before this battle, but the high points limit made it slightly more viable as an option. The temptation of killing greater daemons that quickly made it an easy choice to make...

Thanks for the replies guys, it's good to see you enjoying it.

17-05-2008, 16:17
It's a shame there wasn't more details. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the story, but I have a battle coming up against deamons and I was hoping for a bit more insight.

18-05-2008, 17:38
zak, if its above 2000 points, your in for a tough fight. you cant really get too much for daemons below that so the key way to beat them is to outnumber

Golden Lion
19-05-2008, 08:47
Very good read! Nice narrative. I like reports written this way a lot too.

25-05-2008, 03:58
Very fun to read! I liked the narrative style. My only suggestion is perhaps some notes at the bottom, reflecting perhaps why your tactics lost you the game, or which mistake possibly could have cost you dearly, or just your thoughts on either VC or Daemons or both, would have been nice. Otherwise, great post! And yeah, it's hard to write up a 4000pt game!