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Mike KK
16-05-2008, 21:48
ok so if i have a magic lance, and i am still there in the next turn does it still count as magical attacks but at basic strength OR do i pull out a mundane hand weapon ?

16-05-2008, 21:51
You loose the str bonus I believe (I.E the dreadlance hits automatically and gives +2str on the charge, subsequent rounds of combat it just hits automatically).

16-05-2008, 21:52
You dont get to swap weapons during combat.
If you charge with your magical lance(which you are forced to do) then you must keep using it throughout the combat....so your attacks will be magical as you are using a magical weapon.

Page 121(rulebook) tells you that you are forced to use a magical close combat weapon if you have one.

You dont get to switch weapons.
Although you'll still gain any bonuses of the magical lance assuming they arent dependant upon getting the charge.

17-05-2008, 13:59
Exception: Bretonnia, as mentioned at the start of their Magic Item-list.

17-05-2008, 15:06
Exception: Bretonnia, as mentioned at the start of their Magic Item-list.

And only if armed with mundane lance and a magic weapon.

(I guess in theory you could arm a Bretonnian character with a mundane lance and a magical lance, and then use the mundane lance on charge and magical lance on subsequent rounds of combat. This would of course be totally pointless.)

17-05-2008, 17:41
lol, that WOULD be pointless haha

18-05-2008, 15:32
This would of course be totally pointless.

Pun intended? :)