View Full Version : Waht are the Demons Like?

17-05-2008, 19:11
What are they like? I have never faced them and likely won't untill our next tournement, so I want to know what their general play style, exe before then. Can they realy get regeneration AND a 5+ ward?

17-05-2008, 23:04
Generally, I think they lack magic, unless they include Tzeentch stuff (which, apart from Flamers, I don't [yet])

Can they realy get regeneration AND a 5+ ward?

Yeah sure, the Plaguebearers have a 5+ Ward save, and the new hero-choice Herald of Nurgle has Regeneration and Locus of Nurgle, which grants Plaguebearers in a unit he has joined Regeneration. All of the Gods' Heralds have these abilities:

Khorne: Hatred.
Tzeentch: 5+ Ward save increased to 4+.
Slaanesh: Always Strike First.

17-05-2008, 23:22
The only general thing that can be said about the daemons are that they are not cheap, there are no low cost units in the list. Other then that so are there just about everything from slow to ultrafast, close combat to ranged, no magic to spell casting troops etc.

17-05-2008, 23:23
They can be any way you like :)

18-05-2008, 00:00
They can be anything. They can do anything. They're all elite and pay for it... except Furies. Furies... well.

18-05-2008, 00:49
Everything they have costs so many points to be all around effective. Built right, they can destroy certain armies. But as an all-comers list, I really cant see them being that effective.

18-05-2008, 20:16
Ok, thanks. Is this Nurgal herald easy to kill with kroxigors, exe? Does that end the regeneration?

Also, are their base sizes all 25 mm, including their heroes?

18-05-2008, 20:22
Nothing has an easy time killing the Heralds of Nurgle. They have T5, 5+ Ward save and Regeneration. But yes, in the Lizardmen army, Kroxigors should be able to do it, as long as two of them gets into base contact with the Herald, and directs all their attacks at him. But remember, he will often have the Daemonic Gift called Noxious Vapours, which causes enemy models in base contact to lose Always Strike First, and strike last. Then he and his Plaguebearer friends will have a chance of taking one down before they get to strike.

EDIT: As for your base size question; yes.

Ravening Wh0re
19-05-2008, 02:11
Remember to bring flame against regen, ok? :)

19-05-2008, 23:18
Daemons lack cheap expendable units. Also their only option for a lvl 4 mage is greater daemons and they are (in my oppinoin) not worth their high cost. Appart from that daemons seem to rock. And most of the models look fantastic!

19-05-2008, 23:34
Your biggest worry will be beasts of nurgle. I ran a unit of 4 Kroxs against a unit of 3 of these bad boys and was slaughtered. Regeneration, 5+ Ward, and D6+1 Poison attacks makes for a rough time. A lot can depend on the attack roll, but the best way to deal with them is at range. Of course T5 makes this hard as well. If your group counts Salamanders as having a flaming breath attack, this may be your best hope, with a little luck on the artillery die rolls. The Burning Blade of Chotec and The Blade of Realities can also help a lot.

22-05-2008, 06:27
Zangor is wrong - my opinion, of course ;)


All the Greater Daemons are cheaper than ever before...and far, far, better for what you pay for them. They have some abilities that makes them far more useful than they were in their last incarnations.

The Bloodthirster, for less than 550-pts, can charge the front of a ranked up enemy unit and stands a good chance of breaking them ! Note with his Flying Movement and No Frenzy, he can actually set up his desired charge so he's nailing the flank/rear of an enemy unit instead.

The magic Daemon Lores are fantastic now and all the Daemons as Level-4 Wizards are an excellent boost to any Daemon Army. Yes, they can be costly...but they are also hard to kill, particularly when geared up properly (Great Unclean Ones with T-6, 10-Wounds, 4+ Armor Save, 5+ Regen, 4+ Regen anyone ? :D).

Overall, the Daemons are very tough, especially when set up in a sensible list.

The Ward save is a great balancer as even if you've made a poor move or put yourself into a risky situation, you can sometimes get out of it with a roll of 5, 6, 5 or something equivalent.

22-05-2008, 08:49
They seem to be a 'balanced' list, in the sense that they are not over- or underpowered, they can be very unbalanced in the sense that they can be very strong in one aspect but weak in others.

Slanesh units move like the wind, a Tzeench army can blast away with scary amounts of magic and Nurgle units are really tough to kill.

I think a well played army of multiple deities can be a difficult opponent if the daemon player manages to capitalize on each units strenghts.

Also I've heard scary stories about armies with many units of 10 pink horrors and a Herald of Tzeench or two, even at low points these armies can blast away with huge amounts of magic and daemon magic is really devastating.

22-05-2008, 09:36

And it's guaranteed Magic in the case of the Horrors. 10 of them ALWAYS get the Flickering Fire of Tzeentch spell (D6+1 Hits, D6+1 STR, 18'' Range).

With the utility of magic being move-and-shoot, you can actually move 8-inches with the Horrors, then shoot their 18'' spell, making it "effectively" a range: 26'' spell !

Also, since 10 of them are so cheap, you can have 4-5 units of that for 500-600 pts, leaving a lot to shape the rest of your list with (Characters, etc).

On turn-1 you can unleash a LOT of potential damage to the enemy, with no chance of Miscast (F-Fire is only 4+, so just 1-dice it !).

To enhance the utility of the small units, some people are spending the extra 27-pts per unit and making them all have Standard Bearers with the Icon of Sorcery (+1 to casting rolls), thus making their F-Fire's go off on a 3+, instead. :eek:

Yes, the enemy CAN Dispel some of them, but is he going to use up his D-Dice or Scrolls on that, or save them for the Bolt of Change coming from the Lord of Change or additional Magical hits from the Flying Chariot Heralds ?

Choices, choices ! :evilgrin:

22-05-2008, 13:57
Generally daemons are weak to shooting, take a gunline or a wood elf points denial army to really shread them. The only blocks that you'll have any trouble with are the plaguebearers with herald but they move slowly enough that you can wipe out their support units then get into the flanks.