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18-05-2008, 06:25
This is not a jobaplication... Sorry guys!

But it is in fact a cry for help.

One of my buddies has started playing DE. And he is using a dragon :eyebrows:. But we cant seem to kill the thing!! So I was wondering if any of the wise warseer knights had any good antidragon tactics? We play with Lizards, TK, WE, and OK against DE.

Thanks for the help brave sir knight!

18-05-2008, 07:15
you can alway get some other large monsters like treemen, ushabti, giants etc...

they are cheaper so you could outnumber the dragon by quite a bit

18-05-2008, 07:44
lizard and WE can shoot it with skirmishers (dragons are not immune to poison you know) and with OK maybe a hunter would be to look into. TK I have only played against once and had a quick look throu their rules so I have absolutely no idea.

Gorbad Ironclaw
18-05-2008, 11:12
Ranks and Flanks is really the best answer.

Shooting will very rarely do the job if the Dragon player knows what he is doing as he can just fly off and hide and seriously limit how much shooting you can get at it.

But eventually he will need to do something combat related to win and that's where your best chance is. You can control where he is able to land, so you can set things up so that he doesn't have any attractive charges because he will either A) be charging something he is unlikely to beat(like ranked infantry from the front) or B) you can counter charge him with something nasty.

Also, set up charges where it looks like he will get a nice opportunity, flee and leave him right where you want him. Since flying movement is 20" you can predict where he will go and thus draw him out if you plan carefully.

And once you do charge him, hit the Elf. He is much easier to kill than the Dragon.

18-05-2008, 14:54
Wood elves can use Lore of Beasts, right? If so, just keep hitting it with 'Beast Cowers' until you can get something hurty (a Treeman Ancient with Annoyance springs to mind) into contact. Alternately, just try to blow the rider off the top of the thing with shooting or... or something.

With Tomb Kings, your chances are actually a bit better. Keep your units large and tight. Eventually he'll have to charge something, and then you magic three or four units into him at once. It has worked for me in the past... consider a Flail King in a unit of Tomb Guard. Put the King's attacks on the animal, and the Guards' attacks on the rider (and pray for the killing blow). Scorpions (and even swarms) can be surprisingly effective against dragons and their riders if you can get them piled in.

18-05-2008, 16:12
For Ogres, its all about waiting for him to take a wrong step. If he gets within 18" of a unit of Leadbelchers, fire away. If he gets within 8" of a unit of Gnoblars, throw rocks at him. In both cases, your chance of killing the dragon are slim (none for the Gnoblars) but killing the T3 rider on top is entirely possible.

You're better off just trying to contain the dragon with Stubborn and Regen spells on key units.

18-05-2008, 16:41
Lizards - A tooled up Lord on a Carnosaur could work. You would have to get the charge off though, which could be tricky.

That is really the hard part. Since the dragon can just fly around wherever it wants, it will usually just stay away from whatever it is on the board that could kill it.

18-05-2008, 16:54
Oh -- a furtherance to lizards. Take a Sotek list so that your skink priests are using Beast magic and hope for beast cowers. Or take a Slann and make sure you get it. Or do both. Then, add poison as your skinks dance around the grounded lizard -- at a distance of seven inches or so to avoid terror checks.

18-05-2008, 17:35
For Tomb Kings:

Catapults, simple as that really, take two, not hard to fit into a list anyway. The enemy will dive and dodge behind trees but make him expose himself if he wants to charge. Have your casters ready to smite the SSCs, even a single direct hit can kill/cripple.

Take some unit champions in your army if you don't already since TKs can summon them back again. You can then force the dragonlord in a on going challenge.

If you use TG always always always take the icon of rakaph in my humble opinion. I think its one of the best magic standards in the game. If he lands the dragon beside or behind the unit just wheel around and charge. This will probably only work once, then he'll avoid the unit altogether.

A character with the flail of skulls can also knock a nice hole in the dragon but don't send him in alone!