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18-05-2008, 18:42
K, I'm sure this subject has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything when I used the search function (and now it's just a matter of time and someone posts a link to an older thread).

Anyways, I'm not really the greatest WFB expert (spending too much time shooting with rayguns :rolleyes:), but lately I've been thinking about starting a new fantasy army and once again attempting to seriously play fantasy (I've also got some wood elves and empire, but never really played with them).

After doing some research I really started to like the imagery of the brets. It's a really colourful army with a real strong piece of character IMO. The only thing is, do brets have the ability to use any form of tactics besides point and click.

Almost all brets army's I've ever seen in action are either point and click or RAF. Do any of you guys use differant kind of tactics? Like using lots of yeomen next to your knights or taking big blocks of men at arms and taking MSU of knights? I mean....point and click is bound to be dull at some point, not? Or is there some kind of different strategic approach for brets?

Anyways thnx for reading this and forgiving my awkward english (I'm tired and it's sometimes hard to talk one language while typing another) and thnx again if you give your 2 cents about this subject.


18-05-2008, 19:07
Well I'm tempted to start a Brets army after playing a game yesterday with one of the staff menmbers armies. Hes even kind enough to offer some training games were he let me play with them again just to make sure I want them :D from what I've seen its best to get large lance formations of knights an charge. Thats basically it for them exept my friend had me playing with Grail Reliquae and Battle Pilgrims exept instead of a 6 man unit he had like 30 odd all in one :D they were fun lol

18-05-2008, 19:11
I have not seen many Brettonian armies that are terribly balanced. Most tend to be pegasus knight heavy RAF or regular knight heavy ABC (always be charging). If you want one with balance and a variety of tactics, probably the more peasants that you include, the better. Simply put, few people use a balanced army because the undercosted knights are sooo much better value than the peasants most of the time.

18-05-2008, 19:37
You really need to have a lot of peasants in the army before it stops being a point and click list or an RAF list.

There's no incentive to play this way though.
Your perfectly welcome to take 2 huge units of knights and then have lots of peasants and such as the rest of the list.

Something like....
15 knights of the realm, lead by the battle standard bearer complete with a damsel in the middle.
15 knights errant, complete with damsel in the middle of the unit
Several blocks of men at arms and some small units of peasant bowmen.
A couple of units of mounted yeomen as well.
Couple of trebuchet's
General running around on a hippogryph

Presto, not a standard list, much more "balanced", lots of fun.

18-05-2008, 19:45
Untill you peasant line flees after losing a few casualties. I would recommoned giving a paladin the virture of fights on foot. Then your alittle more all round per se and it would support your men at arms bolstering there Ld while your knights run amok

18-05-2008, 20:55
Well thats a given.

I was thinking of running at 2000 points:
Paladin with the virtue of empathy
8 man Knights of the realm
8 man knights errant with the erranty banner
2 x 30 man men at arms units with spears
2 x 20 man bowmen units
10 man skirmish screen
2 x 5 man Yeomen units

Different, fluffy (much more so that the usual all heavy calvalry armies) and should be effective on the table. A bit expensive though.

Bumble the Great
19-05-2008, 07:20
That looks good Ozrick and something like that would definatly be fun to play with!
some of the best games I have played against brets have been agaisnt armys like this one, not just by me the opponent too. and bret armys do not have to be just full of PK or just full of heavy cav to be competitve either.

19-05-2008, 09:06
You could always have your characters and peasents on one flank, then two big units of KoTR on the other... Lock them in place with the peasentry, then ride home into their flanks with the knights!

- Huw

Gazak Blacktoof
19-05-2008, 09:19
I don't think there's any real problem with peasants. People win with all goblin armies and they have to put up with animosity.

Keep your peasants close to some knights or the general and you should do fine. I encourage my friend to use peasants sometimes and they don't make his army fall to pieces.

Using peasants does alter the dynamics of the army though. You wont be able to target every portion of the opponent's line with a devastating charge however you will be able to hold your own in successive rounds of combat when your charges don't work though.

I find games including peasants are much more fun all round.

19-05-2008, 11:18
As some of you guys have commented, peasants are really underestimated sometimes. Their stat lines may seem weak, but they are also dirt cheap and can easily win with soft combat resolution only (ranks, banner, outnumber etc). Yesterday evening I was talking about an effective non point click list with a friend of mine. We basicly came up with the following

Lord on terror chicken
2 damsels
2x25 men at arms
10 archers
9 errants
8 KotR
a grail relique with a US of 20
6 grail knights

The basic thought about this army is that the men at arms form the anchor for the flanks and the relique placed in the center. The knight units will attack the smaller weaker units and the lord will mainly be used as terror causer and getting units in the flanks. IMO an army like this is much more balanced and when used well, has more potential than the standard point click army or maybe even RAF (I've only seen an RAF army once, don't remember how effective is was). At least it will be more fun to play with :P .

Thnx for all the comments

PS I noticed there isn't a tactica: brettonia....

19-05-2008, 12:50
I like the updated list Galatan, very nice. I love the Reliquae, it's one of my favorite units for both fluff (I really hate that term) and effectiveness. The only thing I would say is do yourself a favor and find enough points to get a Paladin with the Virtue of Empathy, it will really help with all those peasants.

Oh and BTW, your english is almost perfect.

19-05-2008, 13:01
As a bret player who plays competitively and in friendly games, I thought I'd add a few things. First off - peasants are great to paint and look at! I love my peasant contingent, but just don't expect them to beat anything other than skaven slaves in a fight. They're cheap, but not cheap enough in my opinion, even though their equipment is good. If you're playing with mates, then definitely take them - personally, I go for bowmen over MaA as their 30" is awesome and they're BS3. A unit of 20 skirmishing is awesome and has 360 fire arc, so you can smack down a lot of manouvreable units.

If you're going to be playing against competitve players/armies, then really only a handful of bowmen and 2 units of mounted yeomen should make it into the list. Don't let this put you off - brets are a much maligned army that are a lot of fun to play, and also difficult to play against good opposition! I know no one says this, but a quality opponent will be able to use the size of lances against you and other tricks, like putting infantry into buildings (which you can't fight against!).

Good luck with it though!
p.s. like others state, you HAVE to take a paladin with Vo Empathy if you're going to field any foot troops - I've had a screaming skull catapult cause 500 points of peasants to flee off the board while all my knights spend the first turn praying...

19-05-2008, 16:41
Men at arms have a 4+ save( you dont have to use their spears) so make a fairly decent speed bump unit for few points. Think of them as pink goblins without animosity and with slightly better initiative as this is what they are in terms of stats, points cost and combat effectiveness.

25 men at arms with full command costs 155 points, which is a bargain for what they can provide.

Maybe not as 'competative' in the WAAC sense as all knight lists or what ever but the best players use fluffy, balanced, armies. Therefore peasants form the bulk of my army, as they would in any 'real' Brettonian force.

21-05-2008, 11:37
If you have a vicsious enough army list, you dont need to use much tactics with brettonians. You just have a hell of a lot of knights (4-5 big units of various types of knights, with charachters) and charge forward, making sure that you cannot be charged by the enemy. Pray on 1st turn to get the ward save, and maybe have a trebuchet (and perhaps even some peasent bowmen) on a hill to blast away at the enemy, and you have a rock solid army.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
21-05-2008, 14:42
If you want an army that will be tactically challenged I would recommend any of the elf armies. HIgh elves now have asf but even with it if you are not finesse you will be owned. Wood elves speak for themselves; but to be challenging and fun take fighting units:) , dark elves are very finesse right now. After they are redone they will be cool and still tactically challenging (hopefully).

If you like the Brettonian fluff play them. There are many ways you can make them not point and click. The fluff is interesting but remember that people hate pegasus knights:)

Bob the Butcher
23-05-2008, 13:19
M@A are good in blocks of 20+ Full Command static combat res, but need Knights to flank whoever they are fighting.

Another good site for tactics.