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Tanith Ghost
20-10-2005, 01:35
On the old Portent, one of the best characters I came up with was the
relentless, harsh, and merciless Commisar Grit.

The end product of Schola progenum training and violent encounters with the foes of man, Commisar Grit is the fear inspiring commisar many guardsmen
dread to serve with. Once assigned to a crack unit of Mordian troops, Grit was sent to a penal outfit to bring them to heel. Disgusted by the turn of events, Grit suffered another indignity- he was to take the rabble he'd been given to acomplish a highly dangerous mission. The Tau Empire had just staked a claim in Imperial space. The planet of Heiroman, an agri world, fell to the tau. The PDF suffered apocolyptic casualties, and the planet is now in the grip on the heathen tau. With the bulk of Imperial forces in the east embroiled in the second tyranic war, the only availible forces the out the alien scum are a large penal regiment. Hastily retasked with the reclaiming of Heiroman, the 19th penal legion is over 5 thousand men strong. Numbers cannot make up for skill, however. The ranks are replete with deserters, cowards, theives, and other assorted scum. Comparitively few are guilty of more serious crimes such as murder or mutiny.

The commander of the legion is a known drunk, his alcoholic ways the cause of a terrible defeat at the hands of the eldar. Grit has no tolerance for him.
However, he is dead set on reclaiming the planet for the God-Emperor.
Failure is not an option,and one thing is certain. The planet will be bought with a river of blood.

Some rules for conduct.
No god characters. This means no inquisitors, assasins or marines.
Penal scum only. You are the lowest of the low. You don't have plasma guns,
carapace armor, or solid training.
NPC cannon fodder is readily availible, but you can die....cross Grit and you most likely will! Don't be foolhardy, but obey orders to the letter if they override your better judgement. Backsliders will pay the price for cowardice.
And finaly, all characters must be aproved by me. If you're not sure on something, ask.

The story itself will be progressing with long posts from me, updating to the next situation, ending the previous situation. I will allow plenty of time between updates for character interaction, combat, and the like.

Welcome to the 19th legion, convicts. May the Divine Emperor show you mercy, for I will not!

20-10-2005, 16:55
Uh.. Ok then.


Kleptomanic dude, arrested for (trying to) steal a visiting governor's hovercar.
Proficient in knifings and silent takedowns, but gets het up easily. Cropped black hair, 6'1" and pale-skinned. On his right bicep he has a Tattoo that's a Joker card but the face is a skull, and on his left forearm he has a blue spiral from his wrist to his elbow. Likes steel toecapped boots.

couple of 8" knives and his standard issue lasgun. steel toecapped boots. Deck of tattered cards.
An eighteen inch knife that has a bat pommel and swirling grooves up the sides of the blade.

Is that Ok? This is my first RP so sorry if it's not.

Brother Smith
20-10-2005, 19:36
Adam Daconis / Adam Dracul.

Arrested for vandalsim. 16 Years old.

Gear: Lasbine (carbine), knife. And the IG standard items.

20-10-2005, 20:04
Sounds intresting.

name: ruben
age: 28
sex: male
reason for arrest: known hive ganger
equipment: 12" shiv, lighter, slug handgun with 2 slides of ammunition
breif: Ruben is of average build and height. He is no one special, just a have ganger that was arrested and given the choice of execution or penal service.

Tanith Ghost
20-10-2005, 20:41
All three aproved.

Yin - Yang
20-10-2005, 22:50
I'm a bit busy right now...but I'll look into getting a character up tomorrow night.


Colonel Walker
20-10-2005, 23:30
Name: Drick Gerger
Penal for: Murder,assault,stealing/ gang crimes.
Gear: IG items, Chain-kinfe, Autorifle, Laspistol

Tanith Ghost
21-10-2005, 05:38
Walker, your char is approved.

Yin-Yang, recruitment will be going for about a week more. You have plenty of time.

21-10-2005, 06:06
Crime: Drug Trafficking, Drug Use
Equipment: 2 needle pistols, Spook and Psych Stimms injectors, modified rage stimm injector, 9" monofilament blade , Needle Rifle. All weapons are modified to inject a dose of various drugs attempting to poison the target.

Yin - Yang
21-10-2005, 08:59
A week....excelllent, you'll be without a doubt hearing from me at some point in the next few days.

21-10-2005, 19:19
Hmm, sounds like a familar character, but I can't seem to place him ;),

Anyhow, heres my random character.

Name: Niveus
Rank: Ex-liutennet.
Crime: Brutally murdering an entire village of innocent citzens. Believed them to be corrupt.
Weapons: Officer sword (just an ordinary sword), laspistol and whatever else he can get ahold of.
Background: Niveus was a bright youth in terms of military genius and understanding of the battelfield. He served with his previous regiment for twelve years before the incident that left him cast to the Penal Legion. His regiment was overseeing a munitions convey. When they were attacked by theives, Niveus had them tracked to a small town. No one in the town would aide them, Niveus had them all killed in the name of the Emperor. Unfortunate for Niveus a passing Nobleman's son was in the town and was killed in the provess. Openly Niveus was trialed for the massacre when in truth he was sent to the Penal Legion for the killing of the Nobleman's son and this was to be his punishment.
Niveus hates politics now and fights on, ever seeking his death or a pardon, which ever comes first.

21-10-2005, 21:41
Isain Xanie is my name, and the only thing I live for is, or was, theft. I grew up on a Hiveworld that the Imperium was fighting for against the New Ones. I lived there for fifteen years of my life before I was abandoned on the streets when the enemy attacked us. I survived the next few years by stealing what little I could to keep myself, and my boyfriend alive. Eventually, though, we were caught, and we fled. I never saw him again. For three years since I've kept stealing, eventually finding myself a Guardsman that was snoozing. I stole his lasgun. I watched his execution when a Commissar learnt of his carelessness.
Another year passed, and I eventually learnt how to use my lasgun. Then again, in the bars I entered, I needed to know how to use it. A month after that, the New Ones attacked again, their Pulse weapons cut down the Imperial Guardsmen with ease, except a few units, which I learnt to be Kasrkin. While a few died, most of them lived. And they pushed the New Ones back. The New Ones and their 'Greater Good'. They attacked us. And lost. Although that experiance of real battle had shaken me. This wasn't a game.
I took my lasgun, and shot one of these Kasrkin people when he was acting as a scout. The others caught me, and for murder, on trial, I was found guilty of Theft, Murder, and Treason (I still don't know how the Treason one happened to me! It's not fair!). I was sent to a Penal world to be trained. The only things I have now is the armour that Kasrkin wore, with no battle damage, seemingly, and his gun. I believe it's a hellgun, and it's powersupply on my back gets heavy.
I now serve in the Penal Legions. Why, well that's not for me to know. I am a 26 year-old female in the Penal Legions, and my only idle is another, in Schaffers Last Chancers, female.

Tanith Ghost
23-10-2005, 19:19
diddimz, Slaz, and Darmort- approved.

Yin - Yang
24-10-2005, 16:51
Right, sorry for the delay

Name: Verus Nefero


Former Occupation: Imperial Gaurd Sergeant

Former Regiment: 492nd Armageddon Steel Legion

Weapons/Equipment: Lasgun, Chainsword, standard IG equipment

Crime: Over a decade ago, Verus, and the squad he was leading, were tasked with securing an ork artiallary position. However, intelligence was flawed, and instead of the scattered, disorganised, and most importantly, small group of Orks expected to be arming the artillary, they came upon a much larger mob of greenskins. Verus's squad was torn to pieces (literally in some cases), and he led the few survivors in a hasty retreat. However, his failure to secure the position resulted in the Imperial advance being held up for several days with many losses from the Orkish bombardment. Verus was instantly stripped of his rank, and has spent the past decade moving from one Penal legion to another, through sucide missions and all sorts of other hellish ideas that only those who have fallen from the Emperor's grace are suited for.

Appearence: Verus is tall, with blue eyes and dark brown hair. he wears a standard IG trenchcoat, a greyish/brown colour. A thick coat of stubble covers his face, as it's rare to get a chance for a proer, semi-decent shave in the penal legions.

Personaility: Verus is a stout believer in the Imperial faith, and accepts that he failed the Emperor with his act of cowardice. He dreads that death will come before he earns absolution for his crime, and that he will die hidden from the Emperors guiding light.

That ok Tanith Ghost?


28-10-2005, 06:58
Hey just wanted to see if the char recrutment is still going I would like to play.

Tanith Ghost
28-10-2005, 18:40
It's slated to begin today, but hurrry and get a character up.

28-10-2005, 23:11
Name: Altan Belisan
Rank: released trooper from the 22nd "Blax's Rats" Penal Legion

Description: This is the man your mama warned you about. Altan is a mountain of a man. 6'4", 250 lbs of rock hard prison toned muscle, few dare to look twice at Altan. He has dark, sun-tanned skin, is totally bald (shaved), and constantly wears dark form fitting goggles so that no one can see which way he's looking (think welding/swimming goggles almost). The goggles have built in light amplification systems, as well as flash supressors, so stun grenades and the like do not affect him. No one quite knows where he aquired such a choice piece of tech, but few have decided to ask. Altan has a tight, white sleeveless muscle shirt, dark fatigue pants, big ole boots, and a pouched bandoliere for his effects. He also has various ganger and prison tatoos up and down his arms, including a noteable rat skull and XXII indicating his involvement with Blax's Rats.

History: Altan was originally inducted into the Blax's Rats legion after fragging his CO. There really was no doubt who did it, Altan has a flair for explosives, and cogitators estimate that the Lieutennant's Chimera had been rigged with roughly 750 Imperial kilos of high grade plastique. All they found of the ill-fated man was his helmet, roughly a kilometer and a half away. Altan never admitted or denied his involvement.

It was in the Blax's Rats legion that he came across Commisar Grit for the first time. At the beginning, they couldn't have been more different. Grit wanted Altan dead. However, as the campaign wore on, Grit came to grudgingly acknowledge Altan's skills in survival and sheer outright brutality. Altan is a born survivor, and those who work alongside him need to realize that. He was released from the Rats towards the end of the first push, after sacrificing his knee in a last ditch charge to capture the Ethereal. He currently sports a rough and ready Guard level bionic enhancement of the shattered remains of his knee.

However, one knows that a person of Altan's...unique...disposition can not remain out of war for long. He was caught beating a tavern keeper to death with his bare fists one system over from the Warzone, and such was his fight he put up to avoid capture that it spread over the wires. Grit caught word of it, and requisitioned this beast of a man, knowing that despite his dislike of Altan, he could count on him to get the job done.

Altan is your classic street thug. Razor smart in a fight, instinctive, brawny, he's the perfect hired muscle for whatever dirty deeds you need done. He is totally amoral. Need someone introduced to their own insides? He'll take care of it. Altan lives for intimidation and confrontation, although if and when he befriends someone there is not a better man you want guarding your back. He is a born leader, although if you can't match his pace don't bother trying to keep up.

Altan is, however, a compulsive thief and looter. He just can't help himself.

Wargear: 12" monomolecular combat knife, belt fed autogun, extra ammo, demo charges, grenades, anything he can loot.