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Mad Doc Grotsnik
18-05-2008, 22:35
Time for another thread! Sorry if it seems I'm having Interweb Diarrhea, but when I'm on a roll, I'm on a roll.

Now then, from the other threads, it certainly appears that no gamer worth his salt has ever really just bought what he needs models wise. I'm willing to bet most posters on this Board (barring the new starters) have a fairly significant Bitz Box lying around.

So what I would like you to do, is to have a good old rummage around, and see whats there. I know you know you think you know whats in them, but I know you don't know whats really in them until you have a proper scab around in them. Well, off you go! And mind the Goblins....the models might be old, but the Spears are somehow sharper.....

Back already? What did you see in your jourrney to the depths? I know what I saw. The core of soooo many potential armies I suddenly realised I've wasted the GDP of several small nations on a modelling whim. Seriously. I have enough Saurus to start a kick ass Lizardman army (seriously, 1 Slaan, maybe a Salamander or a Stegadon and I'm good to go!) a smattering of Beastmen which could be licked into a small army, my old Chaos Warrior army (when they had the first multi-part Chaos Warriors. Can't believe I thought they looked good once...*shudder*) plus assorted odds and sods, including most of an old Lava Dragon, a Verminlord sans Glaive, umpteen bits of Marines (reckon I can get a squad or two knocked up) and billions of interesting bits.

And this thread is finally about to get to the point (and you though I'd made it already, didn't you! What? You didn't? Bums...)

Why not encourage your gaming buddies to do the same. Rummage through their bitz box, seperate out what can be feasibly used, write it down, and then meet up. I reckon that most gaming groups can cobble together two or three armies just from the detrius of it's members collections o' crap.

Oh, and I forgot to mention I also found 6 Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon sprues, 3 Leman Russ, and 3 Sentinels. And half of my stuff is still over my mates flat!

Dare you take up the Docs challenge? If not, why not?

N.B. Also, just for fun, tell us the number of expletives uttered when raking through the box...always good for a laugh!

19-05-2008, 00:05
keep rolling!

Please don't hate me. 2 of 7 of my bitz boxes below.

need sleep, have to work tomorrow.....

19-05-2008, 00:17
When i moved out of my flat i had a blackbag full of sprues (or was that two? i cant remember)

then i have 2-3 bits boxs of parts that have been clipped of the sprues, one of them is dedicated to marines both evil and loyalist, with many many powerfists, power weapons, plasma pistols

i could probaly open my own online bits service :P

19-05-2008, 00:30
I have loads of stuff lying around, one day I'll use it somehow

19-05-2008, 02:11
Not enough in my box to create anymore than a couple of figures. plenty of spare weapons though!

19-05-2008, 03:05
I use seperate containers for each army usually

19-05-2008, 03:10
It's actually scary, I've just started tidying up my house and sorting my stuff, and ignoring scenery, tools, paints, painted models and boxes/blisters still with the wrapping on, I've filled 7 16ltr plastic containers with sprues/unpainted models, and another with clipped off bitz.

Currently I'm redoing my DE, but haven't actually had to buy anything much due to finding a manticore, a cauldron of blood, morathi, a sorceress, 5 dark riders, 5 glade rider horses to mount the dark riders on and a RBT, all from the last time I did DE.

I did find kharne the betrayer and a ton of old school metal beserkers, so I'll get around to redoing my CSM at some point (along with the 2 forge world chaos dreads I found)

19-05-2008, 04:24
Plenty of dwarf front halves. Why do GW insist on a ration of 5 to 7 back to fronts instead of 6 to 6?

Trying to make more back halves with greenstuff now...

OOOh! And dwarves shields. Lot's. Each box comes with over 40!

19-05-2008, 04:35
lets see, none of these in box. all bitz
two ork generals
3 empire generals
1 state militia squad
12 or zombies
10 mauruaders
6 cold ones
8 horses of varying origins
about 20 khorne bezerkers
8 different devators
half a dozen rhinos
lower half of a defiler
im going to stop before i make myself sad or get to the are and junk left over from sprues

Delicious Soy
19-05-2008, 05:30
Hmmm. Highlights include:

- Two Cadian infantry boxes
- 2 Eldar Weapon platforms
- A Cadian heavy weapons box
- Covenant, Preacher Josef and Damien 1427 Inquisitor models
- SoB Cannoness and SoB w/heavy bolter
- The ltd ed inquistor model w/plasma pistol
- A Vyper Jetbike
- Chaos Knights box and an extra two knights
- Slaanesh champion on Steed on Slaanesh
- Slaanesh champ on foot
- Dark Emissary
- Chaos Sorcerer w/familiar
- Colonel Schaeffer
- 2 Cadian officers
- Brettonian Knight box
- Dark Elf regiment
- 2 old Bretonnian plastic knights
- An Epic 40k space marine detachment box
- Emperors Children Box
- Tau Sniper drone box

Thats just stuff lying around in boxes. Let's not talk about stuff thats actually lying around put together.

19-05-2008, 06:50
i have no idea how much bitz I have. Most of it are in small boxes since I always empty the sprues to save space when I build something new. An estimate would be at least 100 complete models minus an arm or head here and there. Then just thousands of random bitz. Don't think I could make a good core of a new army though.

Sometimes I surprise my buddies with a painted model from my bitz box as a gift! Last time it was a bretonnian knight. Before that it was a couple of dwarf warriors and a dwarf mortar (count as a stone thrower) made from the left over parts from empire artillery sets.

19-05-2008, 07:02
being try to get alot of the bits of my sprues and into baggies to save space as of late.

complete models i could put togther with a minimum conversion work
1 Tau tank commander
10 grots
1 SM banner bearer
1 SM Christmas edition commander (except hand has been swapped into a storm bolter) already have my marine armies commandered out just now. a jump pack and I could throw him into my bloodangels who could still use one more command option.
8 gaunts from a tyranid army that never became anything.

Tons of ravening bits, assault cannons anyone
Tons of eldar weapons and few side packs
A lot of marine bolters and plasma pistols.
a few guard arms
lots of ork arms and guns. with a little putty I could make about 15 spawn from them.
a lot DE helmets and gun arms and spiky bits
Left over Tau crisis suit weapons and kneeling legs
1 Tau railgun ( I don't use them on my hammer heads)
about 20 slotta bases
a couple small flying stands.
More transfers than I can shake a stick at (really more than an inch thick when pressed together. anybody want to buy em off me... I gotta freaking ton of marine and eldar ones.

Conversion comes to mind... Tau legs, SM bodies and heads, ork arms... hmmm....carapace guard maybe?

19-05-2008, 08:01
I've long since started flogging all my old stuff off to buy new, so my bitz box is shrinking all the time.

I wonder how many of these bitz boxes are a result of staff discount?

Delicious Soy
19-05-2008, 08:17
I wonder how many of these bitz boxes are a result of staff discount?i'd feel so much better if mine was:cries:

19-05-2008, 10:04
I wonder how many of these bitz boxes are a result of staff discount?quoted for truth.Mine runs to:3x Dark Elf armies (yes really!)3x Termie boxes.4000+ pts Necrons. (Please someone buy them from me!)a huge pile of lead Orcs and Gobbosa similar pile of 3rd ed chaos odds and ends (old chariot/jugger/GDKhorne)a platoon of metal Cadianssome random 3rd ed DOWloads of odd single figs (empire/chaos etc...)Enough bolt guns and similar to arm a small nation.Empire arms/weapons to arm a simialr nation.Random horsesBits of 3rd ed skelliethe top of a chimeraan Ork trukksome 1st ed orks (about 4)a D.Angels battle force that seemed like a good idea at the time.an Empire battle force I won the other day.All the old left over sprues from cabinet models I painted for store back in the day.and so on... obviously this isn't in one box, but many! It keeps exploding of the shelves and annoying the missus!

19-05-2008, 10:51
It keeps exploding of the shelves and annoying the missus!

I don't have a missus so I don't have that problem. But I do have a similar one: I guess I will have to start paying rent soon for all the bit boxes, old books, WDs, armies I dont play or work on ATM, terrain and random junk that I have left at my parents house haha!

The boyz
19-05-2008, 10:59
I got rid of my proper bitz boxes along time ago, when I took a break from the hobby. From what I can remember, my bitz boxes at the time did contain alot of 40k Space Ork and IG stuff and some Empire bitz and pieces.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
19-05-2008, 17:35
I've long since started flogging all my old stuff off to buy new, so my bitz box is shrinking all the time.

I wonder how many of these bitz boxes are a result of staff discount?

At least some of mine did, but worryingly not the majority. Which means I spent less during my time as a staffer, even including discount, than I have when not...

Oh my...

So, do Bitz Websites buy Bitz off you? I could buy a new car if I sent my odds and sods off.

19-05-2008, 17:45
I'm in a 40K club, and we regularly get together with our Bitz Boxes to "swap". Generally folks will let you take anything they don't have specific plans for. I find it's a great way to a) get rid of excess stuff and b) get weird nonsense that seems unusable, but can be built into terrain details, etc.

19-05-2008, 20:42
Plenty of dwarf front halves. Why do GW insist on a ration of 5 to 7 back to fronts instead of 6 to 6?

Trying to make more back halves with greenstuff now...

OOOh! And dwarves shields. Lot's. Each box comes with over 40!

That annoys me so much. All these parts I paid for but cannot use. At least I have no idea what to do with them.

My bitz boxes mainly contain spare plastic parts from seven armies. There are loads of unbuilt models, too, but I don't consider them bitz per se as I plan on using the majority of those in my armies.
While going through my boxes lately I came across a bunch of stuff I had forgotten about, though. Some Dwarf Brewers from the '80s, 2nd Ed. Blood Bowl Elves, two 5th Ed. Slanns (I know I bought one as a coach for a Blood Bowl team, the second I have no idea), Dark Elves from the '80s, some Catachans and loads more.

I remember when GW released their Tool Kit and it came with those two pitiful, tiny plastic containers labelled "bitz" I actually laughed out loud.

19-05-2008, 20:51
I don't really have a bitz box. Just wood and plastic crates filled with mostly plastics, mainly still on the sprue, some of it bagged into ziplocks (sad man that I am). Scarier are the unued kits lying around still in boxes....

19-05-2008, 21:21
Yeah i would say that quite a bit of my stash came from staff discount. I tended to order an army when i was bored (Thinking if quick colour schemes etc). Needless to say the armies never got painted and ended up in the dreaded 'mound' of toys lol.
I am slowly working my way through some of these now though.

Cap'n Facebeard
20-05-2008, 02:23
I am currently making a Nurgle daemon army out of my bits box and green stuff. One thing I always seem to have is skulls, so many skulls. I'm like the Khorne of the miniatures world.

20-05-2008, 04:39
I found a Mordian command squad which I can't ever remember buying, an armorcast warhound titan, enough marines to do a squad or two, various bobs from a crapload of armies and a full slanneesh warrior army using the old minis that came with the Battlemasters set.

Edit: And an old school Keeper of Secrets and Great Unclean One. I never realized how many random chaos things I have.

20-05-2008, 06:06
I'm afraid to go near the heap, it may fall on me.

Flying Toaster
20-05-2008, 13:38
I have a bits drawer so when im bored of my current army I look into my bits drawer, get out some bits and create a strange warhammer hybrid. I come up with unique models every time! Cant be arsed to paint em though!

22-05-2008, 05:22
http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w308/ogre_99_99/Updated%20lair/th_DSC025862.jpg (http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w308/ogre_99_99/Updated%20lair/DSC025862.jpg)

I call mine the Closet of Lost Hope...

later ogre

24-05-2008, 03:39
If you really want to know... :eek:

And this is just my stuff to sell/trade!!!! (I own about 8 3000pts+ 40k army)

Warhammer 40k NEW BOXES:

Dark Eldar Raider 1
Vostroyan command squad 1
SM Razor back 2
SM Rhino 3
Wave Serpent 1
Shining Spear x3 4
Vyper 2
Chaos termi lord 1
Space Marine Assault Squad 4
Cadian shock troop box 1

Warhammer 40k blisters :

Broodlord 1
SM Terminator Librarian 1
SM Jump Pack Chaplain 1
Grey Knight Terminator Psycanon 1
Grey Knight Terminator Incinerator 1
Grey Knight Terminator Brother Stern 1
Sister of Battle Saint Celestine 1
Sister of Battle Canoness 1
Sister of Battle Special Weap. (flamer/st.bolter) 1
Inquisitor power armour (power sword/Bolter, 2 différents) 2
Eversor Assassin 1
Imperial Guard Cadian Sniper (2 models) 1

Azrael dark Angel Master NEW BANNER 1
Eziekel Dark Angel librarian NEW BANNER 1
Sister of Battle Imagifier (2 diff models) 2
Sister of Battle Multi Melta 2
Sister of Battle Haevy Flamer 2
Sister of Battle Special Weapons (flamer et st.bolter) 2

Promo Figs blisters:

Marco Columbo 1
Chaos lord 1
Wood elf Hero 1
Chaos Sorcerer 1
White Dwarf XXX 1977-2007 30th anniversary 1
Valten the exalted 1
Games day 2007 Ork and Gobo 1
Invisible frodo 1

Forge World Kits:

Vindicator conv. Kit 1
Grey knight Dreadnought Sarcophage 1
Whirldwind conv. Kit 1
Damocles Rhino conv. Kit 1
Chaos Dreadnought Close combat left arm 1
Chaos Dreadnought Missile Laucher arm 1
40k Purity Seal kit 2
Ravenwing Symbol 1
Khorn Chaos Symbol 1
Dark Angel Icon 1
Deathwing Terminator Shoulder Pad 1


40k Vehicule Damage Dice Tin 1
Battle Gear Imperial Eagle Aquila PIN (GW Bulldog UK) 1
Battle Gear ORC HEAD (GW Bulldog UK) 1
Hot Wire Tool 1
Tree bag (2 gros, 4 petits) 1
Warhammer Fantasy Hedges (6x) 1
White Dwarf magasine Canadien no.15 à 20 0
Beastmen Bray Shamen blister 1
Codex Space Marine FRANCAIS 0

40k useD

SM Assault Terminator NEW (4 Claw, 1 hammer) 5
Eldar Falcon 1
Sm Apothecary 2
OOP metal terminatorS 29
SM Termi Chaplain OOP 1
SM Termi Librarian OOP 1
SM Emperors champion 1
Chaos Marine metal various models OOP 22
Grey Knight OOP avec Spear 1
Grey Knight OOP avec Spear 1
Grey Knight OOP 4
1991 IMPERIAL Psyker 3
Kharn the Betrayer 1
Chaos Sorcerer 1
Striking scorpions WITH Exarch 5
Vypers 1
Vypers 2
Vypers 7
40k limited ed. Dice set 1
Vehicule Dam dice set 1
Tomb Spider necron 1
Cadian Stormtrooper plasma gunner 0
Chaos Cypher 1

Savage Ork Mounted on Boar 5
Savage Ork Shamen 3
Fantasy Savage Ork 2
Runtheard Character 1
Runtheard with claw hand 1
Warphead 1
Warphead 2
Orc Shaman with staff 1
Orc Shaman and Warrior 1985 plomb 2
Savage orc bits... (4Metal boar head+shaman head) 1

Adeptus Arbites OOP(3shotgun 1grenade 3 bolter 1flamer) 7
OOP Ogryn 1er ed. 1
Calidus assassin 1


Fantasy Skullpass GOBO TENT 1
Razor back 2
Rhino SM 6
Defiler 1
Plastic Jungle Tree kit 2
Tactical marine NEW 5
Berserkers x8 1
Berserkers x12 1
Land Speeder 1
SM Commander 2
SM Comm. Squad 2
SM Devastator NEW 3
Chaos Termi Lord NEW 1
Cadian Shock Troop (20) 1
Land Speeder avec assault Cannon 2
Catachan Heavy Weap team x3 1
Cadian Heavy Weap team x3 1
Catachan x15 1
Chaos Space marine x8(ed. 2001) 1
SM Bikes x5 2
Eldar guardian x10 1
Eldar Shinning Spear 16
Guards Heavy Weapon Sprue NEW 1
Necron Warrior (avec Decalque) 14

Metal NEW:

Venerable dread 1
Sisters of Battle Squad (10) 2
Nurgle Demon Prince 1
OOP Tzeench Horror 8
Eldar Warlock (3 diff. Models) 3
Eldar Farseer avec Spear OOP 1
Wraith Guards 20
Chaplain Xavier 2
Body White Scars 7
Cortez 1
Nurgle Plague Bearer OOP 14
Nurglings 27
Eldar Shuriken Canon bits for Bike or Vyper 8
Eldar StarCanon 4
Eldar Brite Lance 4
Chaos Furies 30
Lord of change 0
Screamers of Tzench< 10
Flamers of Tzeench 8
Flamer of tzeench OOP (bird head) 4
Nightbringer necron 1
Necron Heavy Destroyer WEAPON CONVERSION KIT 3
Guard ratskins snipers 5
Necrunda Pyromaniac 1
Demonhunter Demonhost (2 diff. Models) 0
StormTrooper (1 plasma, 1 flamer) 0
Chaplain Grimaldus avec Backpack 1
Chaos Thousand sons Sorcerer< 1
commisar Gaunt 1
Imperial Psyker NEW 3
Chaos Star (4½ inches diametre) 6
Chaos Skull Wall 1x2¼inches 10
Grey Knight Terminators Captain Stern 1
Grey Knight Terminators kit (5 models, 1 incinerator) 5
Night lord commander avec Fist, Sword et combi flamer 1
Grey Knight OOP avec Force Sword 2
Grey Knight OOP avec Spear 2
Leman Russ Demolisher Metal conv. Kit 1
Leman Russ Demolisher Metal conv. Kit OOP 1
Chaos Metal shoulder pad (diff models) 12
Chaos Terminators OOP(Autocanons, claw, fist...) 5
SM Librarian Termi OOP 1989 force axe 1
Marneus Calgar power armour 1
Tigurius OOP 1
Shrike commander RavenGuard 1
Emperors champion 1
Mephiston Blood Angel 1
Catachan Power fist 1
Chaplain NEW (2 models différents) 2
Sm Librarian OOP (5 diff. Models) 5
Sm Chaplain OOP (2 diff. Models) 2
SM Apothecary OOP 1
Sm Scout Heavy Bolter OOP 1
Ratskins Necromunda Nouveaux et OOP 49

24-05-2008, 05:52
I can't actually make much out of mine as I tend to build everything as soon as I get it, I guess that makes me a freak?

I've loads of torsos, arms, weapons, doors for tanks, smoke launchers and other vehicle and person bling but no legs or big sections of anything left. Still fills half a dozen screw boxes mind you.

24-05-2008, 08:23
I call mine the Closet of Lost Hope...
Priceless. :D

24-05-2008, 08:31
I have an Immolator in mine...

A few months ago, there was also an almost complete Galrauch kit, which I turned into a Zombie.

24-05-2008, 08:51
I actually have a good idea of what my bits box, or as I like to call it the basement, has in it. Because it was getting dangerous to descend into it, I made an inventory of my stuff. Now I just update that before depositing anything into the depths. Even some of the actual bits are recorded in this fashion.

Stuff I had no particular interest in having but wound up having anyway includes:

Hundreds of single-pose plastics. Including 250+ Saurus and Skinks and about half that in Orks and Gretchin.
Dozens of mistreated, barely salvageable Catachans and Cadians
40+ Chaos familiars
Couple of Palanquin and Juggernaut riders
Old Great Unclean One and Lord of Change parts
Old Hive Tyrant and Tyranid Warrior parts
Some tank commanders and tank kit
Tombstones and 'arcane architecture' bits
6 old Cold Ones
Epic Tyranids and two Eldar Vampire Raiders
Two extra of old Ghazghkull, Makari and Zogrod
Four extra each of old Yarrick and Kyrinov
Seven extra Assassins
Ten extra Necromunda Bounty Hunters
A full extra set of Last Chancers
Two dozen old multi-part Chaos Warriors.
6 Seraphim jump packs
A dozen Gorkamorka Mutie riders and their equipment
An Inquisitor Slick Devlan without a head

Warboss Antoni
24-05-2008, 17:27
The only complete model I could build from my BB now is a Old SM Termie Chaplian. Without the back banner, which is snapped off in the box.

And I have maybe half an inch of transfers, and about 300 sets of ork arms.

Any donations =P?

24-05-2008, 18:56
I have a whole Dark eldar army in my bitz box. I got about 30 warriors, Talos, 3 raiders,5 jetbikes, Lord + incubi.

25-05-2008, 07:38
Having just moved - as in days ago - I am more than a ware of what is in my bitz box... four huge crates that are still in my car, along with all the figure cases amd my real bitz box (where I put the unusd sprues)

So far found an empire cannon I have started, unfinished Ork buggies, and loads of lizardmen.

I am so depressed, all that money, all that time! And I still have to find space in my new house!

25-05-2008, 07:55
Mine is mostly left overs from when I played fantasy. I also have tons of vehicle and chaos acessories I got in trades. I also have a proper bitz box especially made for my still in the shrink wrap marines army. This basically contains tons of the "skull" chaos helmets and all sorts of Imperial bling.